Thursday July 24, 2008

I didn’t get the memo, but apparently it was “wear silly things on your head day” at our house yesterday.

The cutting garden was mostly a success.  Going out a couple times a week and picking a bucket full of flowers has been fun.  All of the seeds came up and grew beautifully, but not all of the flowers proved to be good cutting flowers.

The mixed packet of specialty cosmos turned out to be one of my favorites.  The shell, variegated, and double ruffled cosmos are beautiful and they last 4 to 5 days in a vase.

The sunflowers have been gorgeous this summer.  I am definitely planting the variety package of cutting sunflowers again!  They grew to be over 12 ft. tall, they produced hundreds of flowers, and they lasted the better part of a week in a vase (if you changed the water regularly). 

The zinnias did very well but I don’t think I’ll plant the smaller variety again.  The big ones are just so much more impressive.  The only seed packet I was really disappointed in was the “cutting garden” variety packet.  The daisies, poppies, and other flowers looked great in the garden but they didn’t last an hour in a vase.  I have so many plans for next year’s garden.  Hopefully I can get on the ball early and plant sweet peas!  I’m also envisioning rows of dahlias!

My husband has made B-B-Q pizza several times the last few months.  He puts the pizza stone on the B-B-Q, rolls out the dough, puts on the toppings and then slides it onto the stone.  It only takes about 7 min. to bake, and it tastes so good!  He makes the dough the night before, and I’m responsible for the toppings.  The one in the picture has small roasted potatoes, bacon crumbles, and roasted garlic.  For the cheese I used aged white cheddar, and a little mozzarella.

Random question: When did loving someone come to mean, “making sure they are always happy and never feel bad about themselves.”?

6 thoughts on “Thursday July 24, 2008

  1. RunningBrooke

    Your flower garden sounds beautiful!  If you have success with the dahlias, I want to know your secret! 

    By the way, thanks for your nice comments recently!  ;)

  2. celebration_of_life

    BBQ pizza sounds wonderful…maybe we should skip the tomatoes and opt for sunflowers next year…they are so beautiful:) Don’t think I could get the head gardener to give up his salsa…Have a great day!

  3. schizophrenic_discourse

    The pizza was excellent! As to your random question, (inspired by nothing_to_say) probably about the time that happiness came to trump everything else — faithfulness, responsibility, honesty, etc.  All of my other answers are waaay to geeky for Xanga!

  4. inanorchard

    Don’t worry.  My Zanga page is an official “geek sanctuary”.  I would never flatter myself enough to claim full geek status, but I do like to occasionally dabble in geekery.  Please continue!

  5. H0LDfast

    next time really you should keep up – i’d love to see something silly on your head : )

    we could trade . . . flowers for zucchini ??

    when i saw the diaper on the changing table last night i realized that i didn’t even send a bag for the boys !!!  thank you for being responsible when i am so not.

    love you lots & lots

  6. PolkaDotAlot

    The flowers are beautiful…We have been BBQing Freshetta pizza (from the grocery ) on our grill to keep the heat out of the house…but I must say yours looks delicious!


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