15 thoughts on “Wednesday July 16, 2008

  1. Shaniqua777

    WOW!!! Are you kidding?? Thats awesome! :) Maybe this time you and Jess with be in the delivery room at the same time!! ;) ~ How funny!

    CONGRATS to you guys!! Exciting times! You make #35 on my list!!! lol Fun! Tis the season for babies.

  2. inanorchard

    I’m feeling just fine!  A little tired, but not at all sick.  Considering I’m only 5 weeks along the morning sickness could still be coming, but I am hopeful that this pregnancy will be as easy as the last.

  3. sewscrapsing

    Hi April,

    Been crazy busy and haven’t lurked for quite some time.  Congrats on baby #3.  The grow up sooo fast!  G is only 2-3 mo. older than S. but I’m not ready to think about that quite yet.  Of course we have A.M coming next spring.  CA has another set of twins.  What is the deal?  Thomas Miller.  Justin knows him.  They have a baby that will be 18-19 mo. old.  God does know what we can handle!  Tell Justin I said a big congrats.  I know he is a great dad.  David and Holly are going to be down for 2 weeks here shortly.  Maybe I could get you both over here.  He is going to team teach with Dan C. during the days.  Blessings on your day and I pray that the morning sickness stays away. 

    Love,  BC


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