Friday July 11, 2008

The title really says it all.

I hesitated to post about the incident because of it’s gross and juvenile nature, but it reminded me of how much I take for granted (such as: a turd-free laundry room), and how bizarre and surreal my life has become.

The case began at approximately 7:30 this morning when I strolled up to my washer and discovered the “evidence” with my bare foot.  It took me a full minute to wrap my brain around what had just happened.  Once I recovered I launched into my investigation.

Let me just note that we no indoor pets except for one lone goldfish.  He had a watertight alibi so I let him go, but warned him not to be taking any trips out of the country anytime soon.

Through a process of elimination I narrowed my list of suspects to a certain three-year-old who has a record of committing similar crimes (although nothing so heinous as this).

As I interrogated him he just stared at me with those big bewildered blue eyes.  I could tell he was playing dumb, but I didn’t have the concrete evidence I needed to place him at the scene of the crime.  I was forced to let him go and file the case under “unsolved mysteries”.  It becomes just one more incident in a long list of things I never thought I’d do, experience, or say; along with, “Don’t put those pot holders on your bare bottom.”, “Stop hitting your cousin with that frying pan!”, and “Don’t pick your brother’s nose!”.

Have a great weekend.  We are off to Marine World tomorrow!

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