Tuesday March 31, 2009

Our new home

The view from our front door

The back of the property

The view looking west

I was still very pregnant when we put a bid on the house.

There’s  some work to be done before we can move in and help has already began to pour in.

Rex and Ali kicked off the renovations the other night.

For you Ali

We had a potluck dinner off the tailgates of the trucks…

… and the guys got started on the kitchen.

There is SO much to be done but we are blessed by friends and family who are all lending a helping hand.  Hopefully by the end of April we will be settled in.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday March 31, 2009


    Where abouts is all this open space?  Wow, you guys are on overload!!  Congrats on your new home!  Loved my quick little peek @ Eliza!!! 

  2. H0LDfast

    i think its not-so-cute that the day i do nOtHinG to my appearance is the day you take & post my picture and somehow the one i took of you is conveniently missing : )
    we’ll potluck anytime – just let us know.


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