Monday March 16, 2009

I am still very pregnant.  She officially has one more day to vacate and still be on good terms with the landlord!  We were getting ready for a trip to the hospital several times this weekend, only to have the contractions stop.

The boys and I are just home this morning and I am surprisingly content to just be at home with them.  We won’t have very many more days like this one.

On Tuesday we did make a trip to Memorial Hospital, only it was to the ER to put stitches in my oldest son’s upper lip.  The boys were playing happily on the back porch and I had just walked up to the screen door to check on them.  As I look out, I see my son open our outdoor cabinet doors and lean back with all his weight.  I see the whole thing tip over on top of him as I’m rushing to get to him.  I pull him out of the rubble and see that his upper lip is split wide open.

Three hours, three stitches, and one milk shake later we are back at home showing off the stitches to Dad.

The stitches were supposed to come out 5 days after they were put in, which would require a Sunday trip back to the ER to get them taken out.  After consulting our family doctor we decided to go with the home-removal route. 

That’s all the news from our house.  Hopefully the next time I post I will be introducing everyone to my daughter!

6 thoughts on “Monday March 16, 2009

  1. JessiLeighB

    Soon… Very soon!  She cannot possibly wait to much longer to meet her Auntie Jess.  Sorry if Cora sent off a “false alarm” vibe to her… I will talk to her sternly about it.


    Hey, I didn’t hear the shout till the next day…….someone was slipping……oh well, congratulations on your new baby girl…….I can hardly wait to see her…….and to the dear mother, “Happy Birthday”!!!  Can you believe I was just one year older than you when I had my 3rd child?  Hard to imagine the swift passing of time, so enjoy every little moment with your precious little ones!  


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