Wednesday October 27, 2010

The rain came this past weekend and gave the valley a much needed washing.  The harvest dust hung so heavy in the air and the orchards looked tired and brown.  But now a cold breeze is blowing around my window, turning our noses red and twisting Eliza’s curls around her pink cheeks.  The sky is bright blue again, fresh green grass is growing in the orchards, and the leaves are starting to show their colors.

Little changes are happening around our little place.  Painting, tilling, building…  so exciting to see progress.

Getting ready to plant grass and fruit trees in the front.

All of them squeezed into the cab of the tractor.  Eliza did not want to be left out.

Me, throwing my boots on to run out and take pictures

The fresh coat of paint on the house looks amazing; almost miraculous in fact.  I will post some “before & after” pictures soon. 

.:Happy Fall:.

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