Thursday October 21, 2010

I realize that when I say “I love fall.”, it’s like saying,

“Pizza is yummy.” or,

“The Beatles are cool.” or,

“Oxygen is good.”.

I mean; who doesn’t like Fall?  Fall means flannel p.j.s, apple butter on your toast, soup on the stove, sweaters back in the drawer, James Taylor on the MP3 player, and field trips to the Pumpkin Patch.

Grandpa came with us.  We are really liking having a “temporarily unemployed Grandpa” around

Farmer John breaking a pumpkin open with his bare hands… wow.

Milking the cow.   That night at dinner I said to Jude, “Hey Bud!  Tell Daddy about milking the cow!!”

He didn’t even look up from his super, he just said, “It wasn’t a real cow Mom.”

I know that…

Don’t you love this face?  I love this face.

Can you see how flushed their cheeks are?  It was hot that day.  Sweat rollin’ down your back, boy-I-could-use-a-cold-soda-right-about-now, kind of day!

<Insert awkward transition here>

I have a dream…

A dream that someday I will get out of the shower and not hear screaming.

That my shower will not be interrupted by someone opening the shower door to ask me for a drink of water.  Or to hand me a Go-gurt package to open (true story).

That one day I will be able to enjoy my shower without thinking that the phone is ringing or wondering what that loud thump was.  You have to have a dream.

Alright.  Here is were I warn you that the rest of this post is sewing/fabric related.  So if your not interested please feel free to jump ship.  I promise I won’t be offended; in fact I won’t even know that you did.

I’m working on some quilt blocks.  It’s called a “Wonky Log Cabin”.  Fun! Don’t you think?

My goal is to make a block a day and hopefully in a month-ish, I will have enough to make a quilt for my bed.

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at quilting, it doesn’t get much easier than a Wonky Log Cabin.  I found a free tutorial online that had great instructions for making one.

I also got to go to the Pacific International Quilt Festival with my Mom last Saturday.  What a great day that was!  First, I got to just hang out with my Mom, which is always a fun treat, and we got our fill of quilts, fabric, buttons, and patterns.

I picked up these beautiful jade green antique flower buttons.

A bundle of vintage millinery flowers.  I love the pop of yellow in the center. 

.:A summer dress for Eliza:.

A whole stack of beautiful flannels.

My big splurge… a half a yard of Heather Ross’ “Far, Far, Away” linen.  They don’t sell any Heather Ross locally so I was really excited to find some.  I have a hard time using fabric I really love because I tuck it away to use for something special… but nothing ever seems special enough.

.: A purse for me:.

I’m hoping to do another sewing post soon.  I’ve been working on some projects for myself and I thought I would share what I’ve been up to the last month in a half.

Wow.  That was a long post.  Thanks for stickin’ with me!

4 thoughts on “Thursday October 21, 2010

  1. H0LDfast

    i take showers at night …. when you can run the tank out of hot water & the kids are sleeping sweetly
    i’m perfectly jealous of your quilt.  perfectly.
    our kids must be related … that look on eliza’s face in the 2nd picture … i’ve seen it somewhere …[on molly]
    thanks again for this morning – i won’t be offended if you never wear the polish, honest : ) sorry to take some off the top!
    and that upcoming post – lets get together … i don’t have any plans saturday ???
    i have no idea who heather ross is – you sound so official to say she can’t be bought locally.
    you are crazy talented.

  2. inanorchard

    @H0LDfast - Showers at night… your a genius.  I loved the magazine, I’m going to paint my toes black and you don’t have to waste your Sat. taking pictures of me, seriously!  But if that works best for you I’m game!   Also, I loved having the kids today… especially Regan… what a love!

  3. manuelmusings

    Your dream can come true if you take showers at night — maybe you’ll only have Justin come asking for help locating a tool and he probably isn’t prone to screaming. 

    “Wonky Log Cabin” is a perfect name.  When I saw the first picture I was wondering if you were having trouble sewing stright!  Happy Quilting.


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