Sunday March 30, 2008

It’s been a fun week.  I’ve been able to squeeze some fun little projects in between the “must-do” items.


This was my Buy-rite bargain of the week.  Only $8.99.  With a little sanding and a coat of paint it looks good as new.  I was thinking that if I wanted to engage in some sort of criminal activity, now would be a good time.  I think I sanded off %90 of my finger prints trying to sand that little chair.

Thanks to my brother (who we borrowed the tiller from) and my husband who muscled it through the dirt, my little garden patch is ready for planting.  I went to Orchard Supply Hardware and pick out the seeds and hopefully I can work on getting them planted in the next  few weeks.

Last but not least I tried a new recipe.  For my Birthday my husband got me an enamel dutch oven.  I had been wanting one for a while but they can be a bit expensive, so I usually just admired them from a distance. Since I now have my very own I am anxious to put it to good use.  I made beef stew and it turned out pretty good!  The broth had good flavor and the beef was very tender.  The recipe was called Tyler’s Ultimate Beef Stew, and I got it off of  I only made a few changes.  I had to add a little more flour to the stew to thicken it up a bit more, and I added a small can of V8 juice to help balance the red wine flavor.  Also, the recipe suggested putting the potatoes, carrots, and onions in only 35 min. before serving, but I put them in about 50 min. before serving.  There’s nothing worse than crunchy vegetables in a soup!

6 thoughts on “Sunday March 30, 2008

  1. Javagirl201

    Hey!  My husband tilled my garden area for me this weekend too!  I planted a few flower seeds and we got some partially grown plants too.  And herbs!  I can finally walk into the back yard without cringing from the ugliness.  The chair is very cute too!!


    I enjoyed sitting in front of you Sunday, you have such a beautiful voice (I already knew that, but I haven’t sat close to you lately).  Now don’t be embarrassed, that’s a compliment, a gift God gave you, so keep blessing others with your melodious song!  I also got to love on Li’l Gid after church.  I was impressed that he even seemed to enjoy it and snuggled back…what a sweetie!!!  Your flower garden will be beautiful!!    Happy Day!

  3. PolkaDotAlot

    The beef stew looks like it was delicious!  I’m trying a new pot roast recipe in my crockpot today…looks and smells promising…

    So is this just a flower garden or will you be planting anything else…just curious!  Sadly our little patch of stinson ct doesn’t allow a garden.  I will just have to enjoy watching yours…post your garden progress!


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