Tuesday February 26, 2008

Tonight, as I was getting ready for dinner, he was sitting up at the counter surveying the snacks I had bought at Wal-Mart today.  He was particularly excited about the two big boxes of Runts and Hot Tamales I had bought to bring to Tahoe.

As he is shaking them in his hands he said (I kid you not), “Momma, me’s like the Big Rumps and the Hot Mollies!  Are we’s going to take them’s to Hahoe?”

We all had a good laugh, but I was thinking, I don’t think we would be so jovial, if in 16 years from now he is asking to bring “Big Rumps”, and “Hot Mollies”, with us to Tahoe!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday February 26, 2008


    Chuckle of the Day!!!  Thanks for sharing….I, too, love the orchard pictures on your heading. Spring….looks, smells & feels delightful!!!  I LOVE it!!!  Have a grand time in Tahoe!


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