Tuesday February 5, 2008

Today he woke up from nap while I was trying to finish the last of my ironing.  I was also trying to watch the last few minutes of Pride and Prejudice, so he flopped down on the couch and started watching.

It was really amusing to watch him try to make sense of a movie that was completely out of his frame of reference.  As Darcy walked across the field towards Elizabeth he says,

“Him’s going to see his mommy.”


He nodded his head and thought about that for a few seconds.  Then with a slight frown on his face he says,

“Mommy?  Who’s playing the piano?”

After years of watching movies I have come to accept certain absurdities as normal occurrences.   Of course there is dramatic piano music playing as a man strides across a field… why wouldn’t there be?

But he wanted to know where the piano was, who was playing it, and why they were playing it in a field?  All perfectly reasonable questions, and I really didn’t have any reasonable answers.  So I said what I find myself saying a lot these days,

“I don’t know.”

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