Saturday February 2, 2008

Life has once again returned to “normal”.  But for one day and one night we enjoyed being newlyweds again.

We left Thursday afternoon, checked into our hotel, got dinner, and then did a little shopping. 

We had tickets for the Josh Turner/ George Strait concert.  I like George Strait but we mostly went to see Josh Turner.  Despite the fact, that the woman who sat next to me had a stomach that spilled into my cup holder, I had a fun night.  I can’t recall the last time I saw that many cowboy hats in one place!  Watching the teenagers in front of me made me realize how old I’ve become.  It was a three (almost four) hour concert, and they didn’t sit down once.   They  were on their feet dancing and screaming the whole time.  My entire body tensed up several times as I watched them lean way over the rail, in order to shout and wave at people below them.  I’m such a mom!

The next morning we had coffee and cookies, and then walked to the Capitol Building, and then to Old town Sacramento.  Our last stop was Ikea for lunch and a few purchases. 

When he turned the car towards home I was ready to see my guys.  They had such a good time at Grandma and Grandpa’s they hardly seemed to miss us!

The hotel we stayed at

We took some pictures on the grounds of the Capitol Building


I saw this sign on the side of a truck

One of the happy faces we came home to

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