Friday December 16, 2011

Disclaimer:  I shamelessly stole this idea from my friend Jenny 

All these photos come from my vast and every growing file of unused photos.  Be forewarned that this is a very fractured post (no.  I refuse to use the R word in this post. you have no idea what I’m referring to?  okay it starts with R, ends with “andom”. otherwise known as the most overused word in the blogging world). 

Like I was saying, my friend Jenny did a post using all of her un-posted photos over the last few months and I thought it sounded amusing.

Hello 1988.  Does the word “crimper” ring any bells?

Sunday afternoon nap~ preciousness

Sunday afternoon nap~ not-so-precious (not precious at all really)

Not very nice of mom to put the underwear in the top draw.  Sheesh… give a guy a break.

Aren’t family photos fun!!!! 
(when you’re reading that sentence in your head be sure to go heavy on the sarcastic tone)

Little toes

Open train car in the pouring down rain

The boys having a spin on the go cart.  The picture is a little blurry but if you look closely you can see the look of concern on Gideon’s face, and the death grip he has on the bar.

Have a great weekend!  ~April

PS~ please feel free to steal this idea from Jenny as well.

16 thoughts on “Friday December 16, 2011

  1. Roadkill_Spatula

    My sweet cat Percival looked just like the one in the last photo. He adopted me in 2002 when I lived in a trailer for a year (house rented out), then we lived back at my little house until I went on a long trip and my kids looked after him at their place. Thereafter he was theirs. He got his tail run over and had to have it amputated, and lived another year after that before he disappeared. It was probably the neighborhood bobcat that did him in.

    You have lovely kids. They look like they’re having a very happy childhood.

  2. ABAHM

    LOL, so fun.  I have all sorts of photos that we keep just for ourselves.  Especially the ones David takes of ME doing strange things…like surfing on the footstool. 

  3. rachi882

    Great pictures. :)  I am totally with you on the “R” word…every time I read it on Face Book, blogs, etc….I kinda do this (((cringe))).  I am seriously embarrassed for some people…
    The dress in the toes picture is just darling!

  4. inanorchard

    @plantinthewindow -  I’m rather partial to the kiddos myself ;)

    @Roadkill_Spatula - Percival is the perfect name for a cat!  Our Ryder is a sweet guy too, super mellow, loves kids.  Thank you for your kind comments, we certainly make our share of mistakes with the children but hopefully they always know how much we love them.

    @ABAHM - Jenny.  You simply MUST post  the picture of you surfing on the footstool!  I would pay good money to see that :)  

    @WakeUpLaughing - Yes is it was a much deserved nap :)   Not a lovely looking one, but well deserved all the same!

  5. appalolly

    Such a fun post, April. Hey, here is what I figure…imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so Jenny should feel happy you stole her idea. That is how I would feel, anyway!  That go-kart picture…my boys would LOVE to have a go-kart and we have talked about it for a while…just haven’t gotten one yet.  And the naked butt little boy…too cute!


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