Monday December 12, 2011

Yes I’m at it again.  I buy fabric (which is the fun part) with every intention of making something useful out of it, and instead it sits on a shelf in my sewing room.  I’m trying to remedy that bad habit.


So here’s the break down on the skirt~

The pattern:  Free skirt tutorial found here (don’t you love free?)

Skill level : beginner

The fabric: Moda’s Rooftop Garden purchased on Etsy

Time it took to make the skirt: 5 hours

Time it took to make the skirt minus the 734 interruptions: 1 hour

Little girl wearing the skirt:
I made her too (okay I had a little help)

Total cost for making the skirt: $9.25 

Notes I’m making for future reference:  Don’t use the 1.5 inch elastic.  Stick with the 1 inch elastic, the 1.5 elastic is too bulky.  Make the waist smaller.  Don’t double the width of the skirt, double the width and then take off about 4 or 5 inches.  The length is perfect.

What Eliza looks like in my head


17 thoughts on “Monday December 12, 2011

  1. Richgem

    Girl, if you continue to put anymore creative cuteness on here, my head will split! just kiddin’!!!! I adore this skirt, and your Eliza is a doll, whether she’s wearing it with the not-matching shirt or the matching ones! And her hair is sweet whether it’s combed with a flower or falling into her eyes. And those BOOTS! I hope you have an almost matching pair, but only if Liz (Elizabethmarie) approves! ( 8

  2. H0LDfast

    i love this post. most times i skim over your crafty ones …. well i mostly just enjoy the pictures ’cause we know how un crafty i am : )
    she oozes darling.
    fun to see you tonight – you totally rock cute scarfs, by the way.

  3. seekinHISwisdom

    Such a cute skirt, fabric choice is adorable. I used to sew all my own dress’ because I had too. Once I quit (by choice) I stuck my sewing machine in storage for 5 years, or more. You and your posts have inspired me to drag it out once again and try some new things. But first, I have to dust it off and get it up to par. ;)

    Your daughter is soooo cute. Reality or dreams. :)

  4. YouToMe

    Oh my goodness how precious!

    I love her sweet angelic little face too what a sweetheart! But I love the details too. Right down to the cute little boots and tights!

  5. baileyandme

    this is just awesome. i LOVE the last 2 pictures and the captions. can. so. relate. i am pretty sure we have neighbors that see us dressed for church- that would never recognize us at walmart or in the front yard, as the same people. you have inspired me. i wanna make one of these tooooooooo. 


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