Wednesday December 7, 2011

Tonight is the annual Ladies Christmas dinner at church.  My contribution this year was decorating the tables and making party favors for the ladies to take home.

This is a little peek at what I came up with.  I decided to do a rustic but elegant “White Christmas” theme.  I wanted it to look clean and fresh with a woodland feel.  I used greenery, burlap, lace, twine, and berries.

This is the arrangement I made for the entry table.  On a whim I stuck some small white roses in with the pine and boxwood and I have to say I love the way this one turned out.

I love the contrast of the delicate white roses against the pine.

Yesterday I did a little mock table set up in my kitchen.  I had assembled all of the elements but I wasn’t entirely sure how they would look all put together.  I like to have a little time to tweak and adjust my setup.

This is the centerpiece that will go on each table.  I used white-washed terracotta pots to make rustic looking cake plates.  I chose a variety of greenery (pine, boxwood, bay,) and made a wreath around the plate. Then I nestled 6 white taper candles into each wreath, I think the soft ring of light will look so pretty on the tables. 

Each table has a burlap table cloth centered in the middle of the table.  I bought yards and yards of cheap cream lace to sew around the edges.

I wanted a little pop of red in the wreaths so I mixed in some miniature apples and pepper berries.

These are the little favor bags I made up and filled with chocolates.  I found this idea on Pinterest!  Isn’t is simple and sweet?  I hand stamped the tags, then used my sewing machine to add a green zig-zag stitch to the bottom of the tag.

I also did some larger arrangements for the serving tables.

The gift bags were simple but assembling 35 of them took a little time.  I got really good at making tiny knots and bows :)

This past weekend we spent our entire Saturday making the house look festive.  Christmas music, decorating the tree, snacking on popcorn and apples… pretty much the perfect way to spend a cold winter night.

And this year marks a first for our little family… Christmas lights on the house!  As we would drive around town the kids would excitedly point out any house with Christmas lights, so we made the trip to the hardware store and came home with 6 boxes of colored lights and light hooks.

I wandered out to take pictures of Justin stringing the lights and found all of my guys on the roof! 

The last two weeks have been not stop busyness.  Lots of activities and opportunities to serve.  It’s all been fun and rewarding, but I’ve decided to be much more stingy with my time in the up coming weeks.  I’m going to slow down and just enjoy the Christmas season with my little ones.  That’s my plan and I’m stickin’ to it!!  What are your plans for the holidays?

37 thoughts on “Wednesday December 7, 2011

  1. SpazzyMommy

    I wish I had one ounce of your enthusiasm and zeal!!! :)  The party looks beautiful. I’m sure the little gift bags will be well received and treasured!!! I love it. <3  You make me wish I was at your Christmas dinner!

  2. ABAHM

    I love your centerpieces!! I always think greenery and candles should be involved this time of year. The whitewash, burlap, and lace are icing, and so pretty with the pop of color. 
    I am in charge of Christmas crafts for our homeschool craft day and am trying to come up with some good craft ideas.  We had older kids of 9-14 so they are able to do more, but because of that it takes out some of the super easy cute crafts of the K age kids. The crafts have to be economical and doable in a short amount of time as we try to do several in the two hours we meet. Any good ideas…let me know.  We always do a gift bag so I am looking at that one!  So far we also have painting a picture (that was a hit last year) and a glitter swirl ornament.  I am in the list making stage and have lots of ideas I need to cement down

    Because of illness we have been laying low and have yet to decorate. Need to order a few things online still.  The next week or two has all the parties and such so I plan to go from one thing to the next, then really relax and wrap, bake etc the week before Christmas.  David has been laid up, but making homemade journals for the gals (sister in laws and cousins) on his list.  They are really professional…I am impressed! 

  3. clearlyhis

    love your decorations!  Just lovely and so creative…..  I know it takes a lot of time to do things like this, so I bless you for giving to your church ladies in this way!!  They will be so delighted and I’m sure will feel loved by your beautiful touches!!

  4. mlbncsga

    Great Job!!!!   I’m going to the towns candle light service in the square tonight and sing Christmas hymns…tomorrow night is the elementary schools Christmas program ( we still call it a Christmas program ) I don’t have kids there anymore but it’s always a great holiday mood booster….Your very smart to be stingy with your time….looking back I wish I had been! 

  5. fruitloops115

    Beautiful decorations! the white roses w/ pine reminds me of our wedding centerpieces. we got married on Jan. 1 and I had a friend make up Rose arrangements w/ pine and berries in a silver Julep cup for the guest tables, they were so pretty. I think they were one of my favorite elements of our very simple wedding
    Fun to see a glimpse of Christmas at your house

  6. WildWomanOfTheWest

    All of it is absolutely beautiful April, love the feel!

    The only outdoor decorating we will do, is the wagon.  Inside, I still have one more tree to decorate, I need to find a few branches from the pasture for the Native American tree, if I can find the energy to go traipsing around out there.  Send me some of yours?

  7. srheam

    Very nice!!  Love the centerpieces.  The idea for the cake plate made from terra cotta pots is awesome!!  Pine and roses…such a beautiful earthy-elegant combination!!

  8. lifeisadance

    So much beauty, as always! I loved the quick peek through your site as I have only a small amount of time. Looking forward to really catching up with your beautiful site again, hopefully soon! xoxo

  9. grace_to_be

    beautiful job, april~ i love the white roses in the mix too! tonight while putting around a bit more greenery inside i was thinking how God must have known when He made all these pretty things that we’d like to cut them and bring them in to look at and enjoy and it struck me, like it often does w/ creation, how much THOUGHT He put into every little thing He made~ so cool.

    i’m sure the ladies of your church felt special at all the time and effort put in to make everything look so nice.

    the pics of you all christmastizing your house are fun!
    i just absolutely LOVE everything about this time of year. :)

  10. inanorchard

    @Xbeautifully_broken_downX - I’m so pleased you liked the post :)   White washing the terracotta was simple.  I just took some white fabric paint, watered it down, and wiped it onto the pot with a small rag.  I kept dipping the rag in the paint and spreading it onto the pot until I was happy with the look.  It’s supposed to look a little rustic and imperfect!  You’ll have to let me know how your turns out

  11. AmericanJanet

    Your table decorations are lovely! What a perfect mix–lace and burlap. You really got it right! Bet there will be a bunch of us copying sometime soon. And I will also make tags just like the ones you put on your bags. A great wrap makes even simplest gift very special.

  12. inanorchard

    @Xbeautifully_broken_downX - The other thing I forgot to mention was, I used oasis for the greenery. I just ruffly cut the oasis in the shape of the terracotta plate, soaked it, set it in the bottom of the plate, and then poked the greenery and the candles down into it.  If you have any questions as you are doing it send me a message, I’d be glad to help :)

  13. ToLiveLoved

    This is our first year too of just a few lights on the house. The kids love it.

    I’m getting stingy too with my time. I just posted on another blog that I think December should be a month of hibernation! I’m saying no to things and plan to enjoy staying right here in my house with my little chickens doing whatever we want to. One more week of school then a nice couple week break.Love all your decorations….you got skilz, girl!

  14. inanorchard

    @AmericanJanet - I completely agree :)   I think the wrapping is half the fun of the presents.  I’m working on some fun little patchwork hearts right now.  I think I’m going to tie them onto all my gifts this year.  Hope you’re enjoying your Christmas season! 

  15. inanorchard

    @ToLiveLoved - Thank you my dear   Hibernating with little ones sounds perfect!  All the older women in my life assure me that there is nothing more special than Christmas time with little ones in the house.  They say is with such earnestness and longing in their voices that I can’t help but take it seriously…


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