Friday December 2, 2011

The sewing room has been a happening place this last month as well~

I call it a sewing room but it’s so much more than that.  I could call it a studio but that sounds so official  and I’m not sure I could say it with a straight face.  It’s more like my “doing things room”, but that doesn’t seem like a practical name either.  My Grandma Joy used to call room a playroom; that seems like a good name..

I finally finished the crocheted edge on Eliza’s pillow!  It only took… what, three months?

I should have had Justin take pictures of me crocheting.  It’s supposed to be relaxing but the way I crochet feels more like a workout.  I’m usually twisted and contorted; my lips pressed so tight they could crack a walnut.  Right now breathing and crocheting at the same time is all I can manage.  Despite all that, I really enjoyed making this pillow and I’m already planning my next project.

I also made Elia a jumper using this Fig Tree & Co pattern

{image source}

This is the Polka Dots + Summer pattern~

This photo really doesn’t do the color of the fabric justice.  It’s a lovely tomato red, mixed with a bright mossy green, brown, and vintage pink.  She’s already gotten lots of use out of it and I’m anxious to make another.  I put a brown shirt under it with polka dot leggings, and a little sweater… I love it!

I made her the 3/4 size, thinking that she would wear it in the summer but it fits her right now.  It seems like the sizes run a little small.

I have several Fig Tree & Co patterns for Eliza and I think they are delightful!

{image source}
I also have this Little Picasso Play smock.  It’s supposed to be a smock or art apron but I think it would make a fantastic pinafore style dress.  It’s next on my ever-growing “To Sew list”.

Some Christmas-y things are starting to happen in the sewing room as well.  I think the Christmas boxes are going to get dusted off and brought into the house this weekend.

I’m getting excited about Holidays!  Christmas with little one’s in the house… what a gift :)   Have a lovely weekend friends…


14 thoughts on “Friday December 2, 2011

  1. Iloveaholiday

    It’s so good to have you back!  Everything looks gorgeous! Guess what??  I got myself a sewing machine! I took it over to my friend’s today and she walked me through it and gave me some material to practice on. I’m so excited! Maybe one day I’ll get brave enough to share some pics online, but it might be awhile!  Have a great weekend!

  2. pettybunch

    I love the little jumper!  Every time I look at your pins/flowers, I think, “I’d love to make those!” But I know it probably won’t happen!  Crafting is daunting to me right now!!

  3. bamsniko22407

    I’d love to see the full picture of the pillows, and even on the whole bed!  I hope you’ll share!

    And I LOVE that jumper-dress!!!!  And I’m already scheming up ways to replicate all your gorgeous flowers!!!  Tutorial, please? 

    Merry Christmas!!!!!  Have fun decorating together!

  4. grace_to_be

    i kept trying to comment on this yesterday but i was on my phone and it was eating the comments or something.. :/

    anyway. always love seeing what’s happening in the playroom/sewing room/studio!! those little dresses are adorable. i was thinking the other day about how reese needs clothes and thought of what you told me once a long time ago about sewing not being that hard and how i could do it.. how you really didn’t think you could do it, but you tried, and then it all went from there. and i suddenly felt all inspired to find a sewing machine! i mentioned it to shayne and he was all for it. so we’ll see! i do have some secret fears about sewing my fingers together.. but i’ll cross that bridge when i get to it! ;)

    are those spray painted leaves?? loving..

  5. turningreen

    Just browsed through a bunch of our posts and now feel so calm and peaceful.  I just love your blog – always such beautiful pictures and cheerful stuff.  Hope you are well!


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