Wednesday August 13, 2008

Why do fathers think that “getting wet” is pretty much the same as, “taking a bath”? I ask this because I think my husband is a really reasonable guy who is normally very concerned with hygiene and sanitation, but sometimes his thinking baffles me a bit.

Last night the guys went out in the backyard to play for a while.  When I heard the slider door open; I looked up from the paper and saw two wet, naked boys standing in my kitchen.  “Hey guys.  What’s going on?”,I asked.  Daddy explained that the boys had been helping him fix the sprinklers and had gotten a bit wet.

“That’s o.k” I said, “they needed to take a bath tonight anyway.”

“Hon, they got pretty wet out there.  Do they really need a bath?”

I looked at the boys.  They were indeed wet.  Clean… not so much so.  I could see blades of grass and flecks of dirt all up and down their legs.

Needless to say; they got a bath last night.  As unnecessary as Dad thought it was!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday August 13, 2008

  1. celebration_of_life

     It won’t be long and the sweaty boy smell will need bathed away even if there isn’t any grass and dirt to be seen!!! And I have been known to hose them down after them getting all wet in the backyard and callin’ it good:) But I do agree wet doesn’t equal clean…


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