Thursday July 28, 2011

I feel a little reluctant to do a post that is only about me, just because blogging in general can tend to be egocentric, but every now and again it’s fun to be a little silly.

I’m in the process of growing my hair out so it’s been on my mind lately.  Just for the fun of it I was scrolling through my old pictures, looking at past hairstyles.  It was pretty funny.  I thought you might get a kick out of it too.

Here it is:  a photo time line of all  most of my hairstyles over the last 10 years (the cute, the strange, and all the awkward grow-outs)

I grew my hair out for my wedding.  It was the longest it had ever been; about to the middle of my back.

About a year later I started cutting it shorter and shorter and then finally made the jump to this very short, textured hair cut.

We moved to Tucson and for the longest time I didn’t have a hair stylist.

I call this one “the year of the mullet”. 
In my defense… you know what, never mind… there’s no excuse for a mullet (ever).

Living in Tucson I found a great hair dresser who gave me this fun pixie cut.  I love this hair style.  I would still have my hair like this if I could find someone who could do exactly what Susanna did.

We moved back home and I vainly tried to find a stylist that could replicate my pixie cut, but I only ended up with weird boxy, “grandma-ish” hair cuts.  I was burning through the stylists, and finally came to the conclusion that it would be more practical to chose another style.

I had Jude and was a little heavier than normal so I started to grow my hair out.

{me with my brother, and Gideon when he was a baby}

After Gideon I took off all the baby weight and chopped my hair again.

For the last 4 years it’s been pretty much the same.  I usually do a “just-below-the-ear” textured hair cut.  I like my hair styled softly.  I don’t like severe angles of dramatic color… I’m kind of boring that way.

And this is me as of today.  I know it doesn’t really look that long but for me… this is long.

I’m getting a little older and I decided a long hair style would be a nice change.  Something that was versatile, and feminine.  It’s just long enough now that I can pull it back into a pony tail.  It’s a really pathetic, teeny tiny, pony tail but hey… it counts!

I can’t wait to be able to try some of these styles~
{images via Grosgrain }

Now, if I can just resist the urge to cut it all off again!
If you get the urge to humiliate yourself a bit, I’d love to see your hair history!

24 thoughts on “Thursday July 28, 2011

  1. Cestovatelka

    I had bad hair, I am NOT embarrassing myself lol. I liked your styles and your most recent photo is nice! And you’re really pretty :)

    Since my hair is about mid-back, maybe I can try those hairstyles pictured at the end! :)

    Fun post!

  2. bethro78

    Many of these are very very cute!! Except the mullet and your comment on that made me laugh out loud.

    I was trying to grow my hair out too but I caved two weeks ago and had it cut again.

    For someone who basically has the same hair style, your husband kind of looks like a different man in every picture. lol

  3. inanorchard

    @bethro78 - Ha! That’s funny.  All the men in the photos are my husband except the one of me with the scarf around my head… that’s my brother.

    I like your hair short, it really suits you!

  4. WakeUpLaughing

    I wish I could say I’m inspired to do a hairdos post, but I do not ever want to revisit the crazy 80′s hair I had back in the day! lol! I loved your post though. I wish I could wear my hair in a short pixie, but I’ve tried it and it just doesn’t work for me. I loved all the styles (well, except the mullet! haha!) and hope when you do grow it out you share all they ways you style it.

  5. YouToMe

    you really pull off short hair awesomely. i had short hair in high school and for a year as a kid, but could not pull it off as well.

     i am sure you will look great with long hair too. what a fun post! cool! =)

  6. onehappymomma

    I do love your hair.  All of the styles work great on you.  I’m liking the longer look you’ve got going on right now.  The long hair styles you posted look like so much fun to try.  It’s fun being a girl because we get to experiment so much more with our hair than most guys can!

  7. turningreen

    I have my hair in your short pixie style right now! (Except my hair is curly, so it’s a curly pixie.)  I had a similar style about 15 yrs ago but then grew it out to various lengths and layers up until this past January when I saw a photo in Real Simple that inspired me…..and I chopped it all off!  I absolutely love it, mostly because of all the fun clips and flowers I wear in the front.  Your hair has changed a lot through the years!  All cute styles, minus the mullet of course. ;)

  8. ToLiveLoved

    You have great hair! I know that wasn’t the point of this post but still! You have great hair!
    I have tried on more than one occasion to get a cute short cut and it NEVER works out for me. I once made the mistake of telling a stylist that, “my hair grows out really fast, so do whatever you want.” Note to self: NEVER do that.
    Hope you’ve had a great week!

  9. fruitloops115

    you look so cute with every look, seriously! i think the brown turtleneck pic is my favorite. you cute thang you. 
    tee-hee i’m glad you clarified that the one man in the pic of you w/ the headband is your brother,cuz i thought your hubs had some seeeerious weight gain @ one point in his life not sayin’ your brother is heavy, nothing like that.
    I have long hair. Well, mid-back. Thin too. I wear it up mostly so it’s kinda what it is. But I am SO. bored. with how I put it up . All those cute pics you show of things you could do with long hair. Well, i prly couldn’t with mine. Is just so thin and boring. I really am longing for a differant more fun way to wear it up, of course, a style that can be done in 5 min too From here I am going to go peruse the twisted sister a little more. Maybe I will get some inspiration. I really am not good with hair. Having a daughter is a stretch, but still it’s easier to do stuff with her hair then it is with mine.   I just got hightlights though, for the first time, and they’re kinda fun.  And that is all you prly care to know about my hair.  in a word. blah. that’s what I should have said.

  10. Richgem

    You are the Cutiest Pitutiest and I think you could definately have fun with the longer styles! I kinda laughed when you mentioned being able to get your hair into the teeny tiny pony tail…I think those are some of the best! My 3 yr. old Grandgirl was so proud when she could do her own “peenytail”. Anyway, I say go for the long style with just a few lighter streaks to bring out your eye color. And you lived in Tucson!? I live in AZ!

  11. bamsniko22407

    This was a great post!  And I have some pretty funky hair history with some outrageous styles that are just hilarious to look back at.  Let me collect all the pictures to one place and scan in a few others and I’ll post a hair history blog as soon as I can, too! 

    BTW, I LOVE your hair as it is now.  It’s my favorite!

  12. sewscrapsing

    fun fun fun =) Thanks for sharing.  Your mullet comment had me laughing out loud. the photolist of my hair would not give much in the way of change, b/c our sky high “poofs” were a thing of the 90′s  Thankfully! =0  any mine didn’t even require ratting.  My challenge now is the early gray that I refuse to color.  I decided the other day maybe I’ll call them wisdom highlights.  I mean, God chose our hair color, right? Doesn’t he know what he’s doing? 

  13. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    you are sooooo pretty April…and your hair! any way, ANY.WAY you cut it, you look great! you have such gorgeous eyes and your hair framed around your face really makes them pop. can’t wait to see what you do with it once it grows out to where you want it…and, those pics of hairstyles you posted! quite inspirational! since my hair is up 98% of the time, i get quite bored with it, but some of those styles would be fun to try for me…thanks for the inspiration and the glimpse of YOU friend!!!
    happy weekending…
    gonna message you later…

  14. DiaryOfaPastorsWife

    What a fun idea for a post!!! I wish I had enough photos to do this also but I’m afraid I am at a loss there. I am in the process of growing mine out also so thanks for sharing the longer hair ideas and “how-to’s” I think I might try some of those………It is definitely agreed that you look FABULOUS in every single style you sport! I especially like the one with you makin’ coffee and the one below that one….and the one above the coffee one…oh and the last one too….hehe…..indecisive am I or what?! 

  15. appalolly

    I did do some sort of post maybe a half or 3/4 of a year ago about me through the years…so you could see my hairstyles on there. (not much to see though)  I am too lazy to go back through my blogs to find it…but if you want to hunt for it, go ahead.

    My favorites are the fairly recent ones (one where you are standing beside a cowboy boot — and oh, my, that dress you are wearing is ADORABLE and then the one right below that) and I also know what you mean about the difference in that pixie cut (much cuter) than when you had a different stylish try to do it.

    My hair is an ever changing saga and right now I am growing it out a little bit again. But I also like bold colors and funky stuff and when i turned 30 I died my hair auburn and now I am blonde. My real color is just a dirty brown.

    Anyway, fun post! 

  16. down_onthefarm

    this is so fun! and wow! i agree with ^^^ and want to chime in too…you are so pretty and i love your hair! especially the short textured cut.

    have fun growing hair, veggies and kids these last days of summer!

  17. redladybug18

    over the years I haven’t done a lot to my hair.  I’m not a big stylist and neither do I like to spend a lot of time on it.  It’s never been shorter than shoulder length, like EVER.  It grows up in the back so if I cut it shorter than that it sticks out.   So I grow my thick hair out with a few trims here and there until it reaches my elbows and that’s when it gets too hot to keep in the Texas heat and off it goes back to shoulder length.  It takes about 3 years to grow it all out….so I guess you can tell how old my picture is of me on here since that was taken when it was shoulder length and now it’s almost down to my elbows.  You can see a more recent picture of what it’s more like on a good day when I’ve curled it, on my website… even that one was taken 8 months ago.  (that’s the problem with being a photographer…you never get pictures of yourself :)

  18. totallycherished

    I’ve been a work in progress with trying to grow my hair out too.
    The problem is….it grows e.x.t.r.e.m.e.l.y. slow!
    I worry that it looks like a mullet because the back tends to grow faster than the sides.
    And like you said….there’s no excuse for a mullet….EVER!
    But, it’s the idea of being able to do fun stuff with it that keeps me going cause I really would take the time to do fun things with it.

    You look great with short hair.
    You really do.
    I think my favorite is the picture you have most recently.
    Happy growing!

  19. lifeisadance

    Oh, what a fun post!! And I must say, you are just adorable in every single picture, regardless of whether or not you liked your hair at that moment! Your face and your EYES are just soo gorgeous! That pixie haircut is really cute on you, but my favorite picture was the one of you by the huge cowboy boot! ADORABLE!! You are such a great dresser too, that really contributes to your overall cuteness and beauty. :)

    And I LOVED all those pictures of ideas with long hair. Mine is below the shoulders, and I enjoy trying various styles, although I generally do the same thing just for time’s sake. But I’m definitely going to try those ideas! Sooo pretty!

    And are you one of those people that are bothered with comments waaaayyy after the post?? Because I haven’t been online much since the middle of last week, and today is my catchup day, and I really wanted to comment even though it’s long past. :) )

  20. ABAHM

    I came back to see that link and realized last time I just went merrily off to look at long hair ideas and never commented!  You do look so cute in all the pictures, you have a cute style. My DIL hair is about your length and she somehow rolled it on the sides and pinned it, it looked like a ballerina hairstyle, and like she had long hair.  She is pretty clever.
    I have had long hair all my adult life.  Very straight, but I did have a couple crazy hairdos back in the 80′s …permed curls, and then long bangs that look silly in a lot of pics Summer time I wear my hair up a lot in a roll in back or braided over one shoulder.  I should try a few more adventurous styles!

  21. wj3km

    Love the newest hair style on you!  Would love to keep mine that same length as yours is now, but hubby wants me to grow it out long – grows way too s-l-o-w, so I’m not very patient.  I had a curly perm with long hair which turned my hair red back in high school.  Went short a few times after I had kids, then let it grow very long till 2008.  I made the mistake of going to the mall to get a cut and the stylist chopped my hair right below my ears :(  it’s taken almost 3 yrs. to grow to the top of my shoulders.  Never will I go to any mall for a haircut again.  


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