Wednesday July 20, 2011

Or at least I am trying to keep up!  With all the kids at home this summer my productivity level has dropped… really it’s almost nonexistent.  The sewing room has been oh-so quiet.  The house is more cluttered than I like, and my toenails are not painted a pretty, flirty color right now.  Do you ever feel like one of those cartoon characters who’s legs are moving so fast that they’re just a blur… but they aren’t actually going anywhere?  That’s how I feel.

Swimming lessons are keeping us on the go this week~

The boys are doing great!  Last year, swimming lessons were traumatic for all of us.  The boys spent the better part of two weeks screaming, clinging to the side of the pool, and begging not to go back. 

This year we are taking lessons from a new teacher (who also happened to be Jude’s Awana teacher) and things are going so much better.  The combination of the boys being a year older and knowing exactly what to expect this time, helped a lot!

I’m really proud of this guy.  The first day I literally had to pry his hands off the ladder, but by the end of the first lesson he was floating around with a smile on his face.

This is still his favorite place to be… safe on the pool step.

And this little girl… she was begging to get in the water.  Technically Marcia doesn’t offer lessons to children under the age of three but yesterday she said, “April, why don’t you bring Eliza in her swim suit tomorrow and she can get in with me at the end of the lesson.”  Eliza took to the water like a little fish.  She was grinning, kicking her legs, blowing bubbles in the water.  Suddenly she turned to Marcia and said “Let go of me now please.”  I’m torn between feeling so proud and feeling a little nervous about my fearless girl!


After my last post, many of you asked me were I purchased my material.  I buy most of my specialty fabric on Etsy.  The particular seller I bought my last fabric bundles from is called, Fresh Modern Fabric.  Alice is the shop owner and I love her selection of fabric!  Her shipping was amazingly fast.  She sells mostly high quality, designer cotton and her prices are very competitive.  Designer cotton tends to be a little on the pricey side but she sells them in fat quarter amounts and half yard amounts.

These were some of her other fabric bundles that I loved ~

Love this Heather Ross fabric!
{all images are courtesy of Fresh Modern Fabric}

After I did my post on Susanna’s Bridal shower, most of you wanted to know about the “fabulous green dress” worn by the beautiful Amanda.  I called Amanda to find out about it, but I’m afraid I don’t have good news.  The dress is an Anthropologie dress she bought about 4 years ago.  The brand is Maeve and you might be able to find it on Ebay.

But if you like vintage inspired, green dresses (or vintage inspired dressed of any kind) there are some other options~

Ruche had these lovely green dresses

{both images via Ruche}

Some other wonderful sites are ModclothShabby Apple, Boden, and of course Anthropologie.


And for @appalolly who wanted to know about the nickname “Grape Ape”.

When I was a small girl my Grandmother (my dad’s mom) called me Grape Ape.  I remember coming home from her house one day and saying to my Dad, “Daddy, I don’t like it when Grandma calls me Grape Ape.”  My Dad said, “Well, the next time Grandma calls you that, just tell her that I said she can’t call you that anymore.”
The very next time I saw her she called me Grape Ape, and I informed her very seriously and earnestly that MY dad said she wasn’t allowed to call me that anymore.  She looked at me for a long time and then said, “Well you can tell you father that I gave birth to him, and I’ll call you whatever I want.”  It was then I leaned that there is a hierarchy in life, and my dad wasn’t necessarily at the top of it. That when push comes to shove, nothing trumps the woman who gave birth to you.  Needless to say she never stopped calling me Grape Ape.

Sorry no Show & Tell Wednesday this week but I hope to be back next Wednesday to show you what I made out of all that beautiful fabric!

19 thoughts on “Wednesday July 20, 2011

  1. H0LDfast

    that sounds very ‘grandma brown’  ish : )
    i called you a bunch of times today, lots in the morning then in the afternoon when i figured you’d be home for naps … till i remembered swim lessons.
    we need to talk!!!
    yes, i think i missed 2 calls from you.
    eliza is darling in the water, did she really let her go?
    2 more days of vbs for us – the problem with being in town every morning is i’m drawn to starbucks too much … and target and ….

    we could drool over all of amanda’s clothing, couldn’t we? i would have guessed anthro for the dress – the girl has style.
    i’m going to try you again in the morning ….
    and points for me – i’m the first comment : )

  2. Elizabethmarie_1

    Summer is fun but can get busy if you don’t watch it!  Your little ones in the pool look so cute.
    LOVE that green dress, and all of the links you put up. They are all some of my favorites. Ruche always has such cute, cute clothes, so does Shabby Apple, and Anthro….Love that store too!!!

    Happy Thursday to you.

  3. smilesbymiles

    Oh, I love the pool pictures!  I think summer should consist of nothing but swimming and popsicles and every minute engaged otherwise feels kind of like robbery. :)

  4. TrentTribe

    Love the pool pics!  I feel like summer is slipping quickly away.  Especially, when the school supplies start showing up in the seasonal aisles at the store.  We must squeeze every last drop of fun out of summer!  :)   Way to go Eliza the fearless!  (Don’t take your eyes off her for a second, mom!) 

  5. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    yes, summertime is the nicest of times, but i totally know what you mean about productivity being at a slump… or so it seems. i would have to say tho’ that the fighting and bickering of summertime is Definitely kicked up several notches and in fact may have multiplied, so i guess i could say that not all of summertime here is unproductive. 

    that story about your nick name…hmmm… too funny. but, somehow, i don’t think i would have been so gracious to let it slide for all these years. however, i do know about the hierarchy thing, and i am 100% of supportive of that.

    those dresses you posted pics of. oh, happy sigh. such summery beauty they are. love them both…and so many on other sights, but for crying out loud! the prices are a whole other story!!
    is that dress you talked about on your list of summer goals forthcoming?!?!?! hope so!!
    happy rest of the week to you April!

  6. appalolly

    Thanks for the explanation about the nickname, April.  I think that I will like the “Mother Hierarchy” thing when I am a Grandma, but wouldn’t like it so much now. I would rather be on the GIVING end of authority than the receiving! Ha, ha.

    Also, I wanted to tell you about a good friend of mine who has a fabric shop. I have no idea how her prices and selection compare to where you are currently buying your fabric, but I know she has great taste and why wouldn’t I want to put a plug in for my friend?   So, here is a link to her Etsy shop…you can check it out if you want to.

    We have a pool, so our kids have gotten used to the water year after year and finally now they are all just little fish. I love that!  And…I love being in the pool or laying out too. Kind of like Michelle said…everything about summer should be swimming and popsicles and anything else seems like robbery. I liked that!

  7. WildWomanOfTheWest

    The water looks wonderful. I’m really missing our pool, it would have been esp refreshing with this extreme heat and drought this year. But, with only one child here this summer, and she doesn’t care to swim, it just didn’t seem worth replacing…at the time. 

    Looking forward to what you create with your fabrics~ can you believe I have yet to take in my sewing machine to have rewired!.  I keep forgetting to throw it in the truck whenever we head to Shawnee.  Too busy to sew right now, but come winter, I am going to need it ready to go.

  8. lifeisadance

    Oh, all those pool pictures are so wonderful! I grew up with a pool and swam almost daily when I lived at home! Now I sit out in the kiddie pool with the girls and try to teach them to swim in 24″ of water. :) But hey, it’s water! And it helps with the cooling off factor! I think it’s neat when people take their children for swimming lessons… I know how to swim, but teaching? I try, but I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing!

    And those green dresses… Oh, what a sigh of longing! I absolutely love all those stores you listed. And have yet to buy one article of clothing from them. :) If I would have several hundred extra dollars at regular intervals, perhaps. But now when I painstakingly save up a bit a money, I think it should be applied to a new camera lens, or to fixing the broken video camera, or something…. something other than those darling little pieces of clothing!!

    I’d love to check out that etsy store… thanks for the recommendation! And I can’t wait to see what you do with that fabric! One thing I really like about you, April,  is that you are super creative and can turn out genius things that seem to take no effort at all, but your family is first. And you don’t knock yourself out having a Show & Tell if it just doesn’t work that week. And while I really like your Show & Tells,  I really really like that you are not consumed with your blog/goals/things, but that you take time for what’s most important! That really stuck out to me this week in particular!

    Have a happy Wednesday!

  9. mytoesareblue

    so funny thing. today as i headed home i was like man i’m not doing anything with my sewing…i bet you April has. and then you mention that you havent’ been working on much…goes to say about comparing myself to people eh?!?

    ohhhh i love that your littlest was the one that wanted to get out there and learn to swim. hope she loves the water…when i was little i wasn’t so fond of it…much like your littlest son which is sitting on the step! i’m okay with it but i still am not fond of swimming.i was sooo excited that you and hOldfast were going to chat on the phone…and then i remembered your family…but that’s super awesome also.

  10. plantinthewindow

    I pulled up the Ruche site and had my daughter look through it with me.  She likes the vintage patterns, but we can never find them around here.

    how would I know what size to order?  gah.  I’m such a guy.

  11. inanorchard

    @ofunlo - Can you sneak a peek at the tag on one of the dresses she owns?  That is always the tricky part about ordering online; getting the size right.  There are size charts for each site,  plus you can always send it back if it doesn’t fit right.

  12. plantinthewindow

    @inanorchard - she’s growing so fast.  she’s 15 1/2 years old and is almost 5’9″, and still growing, and thin as a rail.  she seldom wears dresses, so when she comments on how she likes these vintage styles, well, I’d like to surprise her.  you know.

  13. inanorchard

    @ofunlo - I hesitate to hazard a guess on her size without seeing her but, given the way you describe her I would order a small (which is a dress size 2-4), I think the medium would probably be too big.  The american beauty collard dress is darling, very youthful… I like it!  What sweet thing to surprise her with!


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