Sunday July 17, 2011

We are falling happily into the rhythm of summer.  Sleeping in late, dirty toes, flip-flop tan lines, push-up pops, staying up a little too late…

Jude is settling down a bit.  He’s been a little lost without the structure of school in his life, but I think he’s finally getting the hang of summer vacation.

We’ve been eating good… real good {I’ve also been ignoring the scale. thank heavens for flowing summer dresses}.

Last Saturday Justin made THE BEST carnitas tacos.  He’s been experimenting in the kitchen quite a bit lately and I am enjoying every second of it.

I also got a fun package in the mail.  A whole stack of beautiful fabrics just waiting to become something lovely and useful.

Lots of babies being born this summer, and I like to be able to send something small and homemade to my friends with newborns.

The view from my sewing table

The tomatoes are getting red (and orange)!  It’s been a cool summer so the tomatoes are coming on a little late.

I also got a pretty new purple skirt!  It’s great for carrying tomatoes in from the garden.

Speaking of the garden… it is bursting at the seams!  I have beans and corn to harvest and freeze next week.  Not to mention several zucchinis  that are the size of small children.

Planted pumpkins this week.  I’m getting them in a little on the late side but hopefully we’ll have a decent crop of pumpkins this fall.

And this girl…

What ever am I going to do with this girl?
I think I’ll keep her.
Maybe smooch on her a bit.

41 thoughts on “Sunday July 17, 2011

  1. fruitloops115

    um. you can’t just post fabric like that without saying where you got it from.  The rest of us want to know. Just sayin’
    I hope we get to see what you make with it.
    I heart summer

  2. ToLiveLoved

    Precious kiddos. And the fabric is so pretty! I really wish I had some sewing skills. I made a few things as a teenager but didn’t stick with it. Ah well. Oh and another thing I wish I had the mind to do is a garden…..hmm…..I think maybe I should live in a house in the country. Would that motivate me to have a garden and sew??
    I love all your pictures every single time….glad to have “met”.
    Guess what’s on my tv??
    If you guessed Swamp People, you are right!

  3. ToLiveLoved

    Oh and YES. We too are in the wonderful swing of summer. I’m determined to not think about the fact that we only have three weeks of it left! School doesn’t start until the day it starts so I refuse to think about it until then. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. inanorchard

    @bamsniko22407 - Yes they are cotton.  I like using soft cottons or flannel when I’m making baby gifts :)   I usually get my fabric from Etsy.

    @fruitloops115 - The red, brown fabric set is Heather Moore- “Free Bird” collection, and the girl’s fabric is “Ugly Duckling” by Lizzy House.  I bought them from Fresh Modern Fabric on Etsy.  Aren’t they great?!

    @WakeUpLaughing - Ha!  There are days I would be tempted to ship her off to you :)   Kidding of course!  She’s a handful but so worth the work.

    @buddy71 - Hopefully she channels that energy and curiosity into something constructive instead of destructive :)

    @fourkidsonemom - I would share the recipe if I knew it but Justin made them from start to finish.  I’m trying to talk him into doing a guest post :)

    @song_of_praise - I’m planning on making lots of bibs and burp clothes, and maybe a some small zipper bags for carrying pacifiers and such!  It might be a future Show & Tell feature.  The carnita recipe was totally Justin’s but I’m going to try to get him to do a guest post :)

    @ToLiveLoved - I’m so glad we met too! We are loving our garden this year :)   You should borrow someone’s sewing machine and see if you like sewing now that you’re all grown up   I know what you mean about summer going too fast… I don’t even want to think about school starting again!  I’m going to have to check out “Swamp People”, if you like it it’s got to be entertaining!

  5. jamekablue

    Put a teaspoon of vanilla in that and a dollop of butter. Looks good enough to eat. Did she learn that from the Fat Ladies? :)

    Your fabric is beautiful. Following your blog reminds me of when I was a kid on the farm with my Mom cooking, sewing and canning all summer. It’s nice.

  6. mytoesareblue

    ohhh those carnita’s look intriguing. are they a spanish/mexican thing? i think that there is a reference to carne (meat) in it but i’ve not heard of them. it does look good. i know i’m probably missing out and shall have to look up a recipe. looks like some good stuff is happening in your kitchen over there. yay for beautiful new fabrics and fun things to do with them. and your daughter is sooo precious. goodness.

  7. georgene

    Precious picture of your sweet little girl! It looks like you’re having a fun summer. I’ve been MIA from Xanga. Life is full. I wanted to spend a few minutes and try to catch up. Give my love to your mama!

  8. f5ye_angel5

    You know what sorta ruined my summer? THe freakin back-to-school commercials. and it sucks because my school is one of those schools who gets out late and since i just graduated, my college starts way earlier

  9. YouToMe

    Sounds like my kind of life. Right now I caregive for my father, whose life is not as simple, but I do strive for that kind of life, using the tools been given.

    What a cutie with her bright sundress and joyful smile :)

    I really like the designs on that material.
    Look forward to seeing how you transform them. :)

    Your carnitas / tacos are making me hungry. Looks delish!

    Really enjoying your posts. Your shower pics were great too. I’m kind of behind catching up but enjoyed seeing the dishes and decorations, people you captured there. I bet your friends really cherish the homemade gifts :D

    I also liked what you said the sweetest gifts were you ever received. True!

  10. seedsower

    Smooch her one from me would ya,right on the cheek,she is a doll! Where did you order the fabric from? I really like it! I ake most new mothers who nurse Privacy covers (Hooter Hiders) or baby slings, and I make burp cloths,I LOVE FABRIC!

  11. christinasdavis

    Your life seems so story-tale like! I think I decided that as soon as I saw that you are having a cooler summer. Ahhhh What must that be like?! hahaha And those tacos look delicious. Cilantro makes me happy. And I now want to garden, sew, and cook. Now if I can find a blog that makes me want to do laundry and mop floors I will be set for the day!

  12. lifeisadance

    Oh, what a beautiful life! We are having a simple summer as well – not much traveling at all, just staying around home, lots of library trips, walks, and little things going on. And I love it! I think the simple life is the best kind of life. :)

  13. SpazzyMommy

    GOsh. It’s almost worth going through 9 months of pregnancy just to get a baby gift from you in one of those fabrics!!! You better be careful announcing stuff like that….because your friends fertility rates my increase by leaps and bounds!!! :) )))

  14. nurseynursey

    My pumpkins have trumpets but nothing that looks like a pumpkin yet. I’ve never grown them before so I don’t know what to expect. Your little pumpkins are very beautiful. Lucky lady. Love them up!

  15. plantinthewindow

    you have such a beautiful home, and home life.  happy kids.  healthy meals.  smiles.  it shows.

    I like the patterns of the fabric.  it would be neat to see how you use them.

    I just bought the Gilian Welch cd, but haven’t been able to listen to it, yet.  how do you like it?  she and her husband were interviewed on NPR today and they played some songs on the air.  it was quite a long interview.

    whenever I visit your site, I get a good feeling.  good vibes.  nice.


  16. celebration_of_life

    Okay…now I’m hungry:)

    And since I don’t think that I ever got around to commenting on Suzanna’s shower. It looks lovely and just her style! Hope it was a lovely evening…

    Have a fabulous week, friend~

  17. appalolly

    Fun summery pictures! I am LOVING summer too!

    And I am the only one who can’t figure out what your daughter is playing with in those last pictures? (I didn’t read other people’s comments)

    Your garden sounds wonderful but also sounds like a LOT of work! ;-(

  18. skittler335

    The fabrics are gah-orgeous! Love all the goodies from your garden. So glad that Jude is finding a rhythm to the summer…and that baby girl of yours? What a pretty little lady she is!

  19. inanorchard

    @windupherskirt - Thank you kindly :)

    @jamekablue - Oh yes, doesn’t it look so appetizing?  It looks like I’m letting her play in vomit.  I’m glad my blog reminds you of fond childhood memories… what a sweet thing to say :)

    @mytoesareblue - Carnitas are Mexican food.  We buy them all the time from the taco trucks down town but now that Justin makes them I’m not sure we will anymore!  It’s seasoned, slow cooked pork that is shredded then fried up in a skillet with a little lard.  They are served on two small corn tortillas with red or green sauce, a little cilantro, some red onion, and a squeeze of fresh lime.  It’s amazingly good!

    @f5ye_angel5 - I know!  What is with that?  I was in Target the other day and all the back to school stuff was on display.  I’m just not ready for that.  What are you studying?

    @estadquietos - Thank you my dear!  Our life is pleasantly simple right now but it isn’t always that way.  Life has a way of turning you around when you least expect it.  How blessed your Dad is to have you to take care of him!  I’m sure that isn’t always an easy sacrifice to make.

  20. inanorchard

    @seedsower - I will Beth!  I’ll give her a big smooch for you right on that messy yogurt face :)   I buy a lot of fabric on Etsy.  They have a ton of fabric sellers on Etsy with really unique prints and styles.  I have never made a hooter hider but I’ve always wanted to try.  Are the pretty simple?

    @christinasdavis - Ha!  When you find a blog that inspires you to do laundry and mopping let me know!  I could totally use some inspiration in that area :)   Our last two summers have been pretty tame.  Usually were are in the thick of 100 degree weather but so far we’ve barely gotten into the 90′s.  I’m enjoying it while it lasts :)

    @lifeisadance - Us too!  We usually plan at least one big trip in the summer but we didn’t this year.  It’s kind of nice.  I think with small children a slower paced summer is the way to go.  I can’t wait to hear about what you and the girls have been up to these past few weeks :)   {subtle hint *wink,wink*}

  21. inanorchard

    @ThePrince - The tacos were awesome!  I’m glad you liked the post… nothing special just everyday life!

    @colleen53 - Thank you so much!  It’s always fun to have new visitors :) Welcome!

    @nurseynursey - This is my first year for pumpkins too.  I’m anxious to see how they do.  We planted 5 different kinds. 

    I am pretty smitten with my “pumpkins”.  I sometimes forget how incredibly blessed I am… it’s good to pause and remember from time to time.  Thanks my dear for you sweet words :)

    @celebration_of_life - The shower was a lot of fun!  I was going to call you and see if you had any good recipes for fresh salsa?  The peppers and tomatoes are just about ripe.  Any suggestions?

    @appalolly - You hit the nail on the head Audrey… the garden is fun but a lot of work.  Fortunately it’s the kind of work I relish :)   And the stuff that Eliza is playing with is a mixture of yogurt, milk, lime juice, and pork all on top of a corn tortilla… yum!!

    @ofunlo - Well, I’m not so sure how we rate on the “healthy eating” scale.  Sunday nights supper consisted of popcorn and push-up pops   There were lots of smiles around the table!

  22. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    yep…the simple life IS the best. i love all that is going on in your world….the fabrics are sa-weet! and cannot wait to see what you come up with! and, that little Eliza…oh, she is too much!
    happy Tuesday faraway friend!


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