Saturday July 16, 2011

 It is amazing to me how time shapes and changes our relationships with people.  At one time Susanna was a little girl who ran around church with all the other little girls. Then she was a freshman in the English/writing class I taught.  Now she is a grown woman, a friend, my peer, an honorary family member.  A few years ago Susanna started bringing Erik (her fiance) around.  I will admit, at first I was suspicious.  Surely he could not be good enough for our Susanna (I’m teasing, mostly).  But the more we all got to know him the more clear it became that he was not only good enough for her… he was perfectly suited for her.

Last night my Mother-in-law and I had the privilege of throwing Susanna a bridal shower.  It was hosted in my mother-in-law’s back yard in the evening.  The weather couldn’t have been nicer!

We decided to do a casual, fun vintage inspired party. 

Susanna and her dear sweet mom.  Both of them looking lovely in blue with their red flowers :)

Friends and family began to arrive.  Everyone chatted and sipped cherry cider punch.

Mom had the brilliant idea to make the menu a little retro too.  We made all kinds of fun “kitschy” finger foods… deviled ham and chicken salad finger sandwiches, celery and peanut butter, relish trays…

…AND a watermelon basket with melon balls!  I’m so in love with that basket…

Several of the girls who helped with the shower brought an assortment of homemade “tea sized” cookies.  We had ginger snaps, snicker doodles, lemon bars, and chocolate raspberry cookies (they were SO good, I think I might have eaten three of each throughout the night!). 

Close up shots of the sandwiches

These are the wonderful hard working ladies that made the shower go off without a hitch.  Thanks girls for all your help!

Susanna with her mom (to her left) and her future sister-in-law and mother-in-law (to her right)

I know this probably makes me old but I love going to showers.  I love sitting around with women I haven’t seen in a while and talking about babies, recipes, and who is dating who (or is it whom?).

She got so many fun gifts!

Me, parked by the food table… typical.

I am really looking forward to their wedding at the end of the summer, and seeing what the Lord has in store for this amazing couple.

Congratulations Erik and Susanna!

16 thoughts on “Saturday July 16, 2011

  1. SpazzyMommy

    im reading this on my phone and apparently xanga doesnt support my browser cuz I get exactly half of each pic. lol. so…if it appears that im stalking you its cuz im gonna log back on and get the whole story!! :)

  2. SheilaPeer

    This is so refreshing and unique. The shape of the pictures with the rounded corners and the vintage fabrics all make this look like it took place some time ago. The fountain is beautiful. Congratulations to Susanna and her fiance’. With family and friends that are so caring, they already have the support they need for a wonderful future.

  3. onehappymomma

    OOoooo….I swoon!  This is MY type of party.  LOVE, love, love all of it.  You must give my regards to the woman in the fantastic solid green dress.  And maybe, if you could pull some strings you can find out where she found such a treasure???

  4. Iloveaholiday

    All of the photos are wonderful. I love the first one especially. Looks like everyone had a grand time. Showers are so much fun. Living in the south, we know how to throw down with a shower too! LOL  Congrats to the happy couple!

  5. babyspiess

    WOW!!  Well done on such a neat theme! It looks like something out of a magazine!!  SO SO impressed!!  Do you want to come and design my next party?

    And of course, congrats to the happy couple!!

  6. mytoesareblue

    ohhh i love the style of all this stuff. i totally hear you on the feeling of not knowing if someone is good enough for that person that you saw grow up before your eyes ;) looks like her and her future groom were properly celebrated. i like good gatherings with women where you can hear their stories and such. sounds like so much fun.

  7. lifeisadance

    What a beautiful party! I’m sure you made the bride-to-be feel so honored and special!
    And I couldn’t help but look for the lady in the teal knee-length dress in each picture!! It looks like Shabby Apple or Ruche or somewhere awesome! I LOVE that dress!!

  8. purpleamethyst76

    This was way better than any ol’ Country Living magazine article!  Beautiful, all throughout, and so inspiring.

    I have to share this: When I first read this I stared at that picture of the tea container w/the forks thinking, “why did they plant grass in a tea container?  Wait, the grass looks like it is plastic?  What in the world?”  I then  realized that they were forks!  LOL

    And I’m lovin’ onehappymomma’s comment.  Yes, where did the dress come from?!  See, just like a real magazine.   You need a “resources” page at the end.  LOL


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