Wednesday July 13, 2011

This week’s Show & Tell is all about little details~
{Giveaway is now closed} I’ll announce the winner Friday, July 15th ~ Thanks!

Lately, I’ve picked up some small gifts at the store.  A little trinket that might remind me of a person I love.  I wanted to personalize the gifts a bit, so I got out my favorite fabric scraps, all my assorted trims, and labels and went to work.  And what I mean when I say “work” is, “doing something that makes me completely happy and content”.  What I came up with was a set of handmade, personalized gift bags.

I used a 3 x 5 card to cut out two pieces of material.  You could make the sack any size you like, I used the 3×5 because it was simple. I cut the fabric with my pinking sheers so I wouldn’t have to hem the top edge.  Then it was right sides together, stitch around the edge, clip the corners and turn inside out.  Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

I added trim, monogrammed labels, and anything that caught my eye.  Can you tell I had a ball with these little things?  I thought they would make great party favor bags for a birthday party, or a little something extra you could tie onto the top of a larger gift.  The perfect size for small hair clips, lip balm, candy, or a small toy.

Just place the small item in the sack, tie with a ribbon or twin, and you have the perfect little personalized gift.

I also made up a some gift card holders~

I made a simple pocket style card holder.

Added a few extra touches.

and I made this version with the fold-over button flap. Aren’t tiny buttons spiffy?

I made a dozen of these little bags, and could have easily made a dozen more, they were so breezy and fun.    Some of them I tied with ribbons, while others I simple stuck a safety pin through the top.

I’m really in love with these!  In fact now that I think about it, a stack of little bags would make a nice gift all by themselves.

All right you talked me into it.  While these little bags are insanely simple to make (and I think you should give it a try yourself),  you might not have access to all the little trimmings and trappings I have managed to accumulate so…

For one lucky reader, a small selection of this, that and the other thing.

In the gift set there are: (4) small gift sacks, (1) gift card holder, (1) Necklace {as seen in the photo}, and (1) mustard colored folded rose pin {the very one from last weeks tutorial}, and a small bundle of silk ribbon for tying up sacks.  I will also include the Starbucks card if you wish… it has 0 dollars and 0 cents on it.

I’m going to mix things up a bit this time.  If you would like to be entered into the drawing, leave me a comment that begins with; “The sweetest little gift I ever got was…” and tell me about that gift.  Past winners are welcome to leave a comment, but I won’t be including your names in the drawing, that way we can spread the fun around a little more :)   I’m going to keep this giveaway short and sweet by leaving it open for 24 hours.  The randomly selected winner will be announced at the end of the week.

One last Show & Tell item~

What the creative process looks like at my house:

Thanks for showing up for another Show & Tell Wednesday and giving me an excuse to stay creative :)
~April a.k.a “Grape Ape”

If anyone is interested in a more in depth tutorial I will gladly oblige.

53 thoughts on “Wednesday July 13, 2011

  1. RunningBrooke

    The sweetest little gift I ever got was…a black and white toile votive candle holder.  It was a gift from my mom to cheer me up when I was going through a tough time.  

  2. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    you’re too much!! another giveaway?! very generous of you April!
    the sweetest little gift i ever got was: a note and picture from my father on the day he left me in Canada by my lonesome for 2 years. the picture is of  me as a newborn and him holding me, and the note with it was words of love and confidence and Scripture, all of which i hold very, very dear to my heart. i cannot look at that picture or read that note without bawling like a baby…

  3. Elizabethmarie_1

    Love these little holders! Since I just won the last contest…I will Not be entering this time. (even though I would love to win! I won’t be stingy!)

    I am blessed. I have gotten many sweet gifts and I can’t decide which one to mention here. I have an extrememly thoughtful husband and I come from a family who has the love language of gift giving!

    One of the sweetest gifts is a reoccuring one. Once a month, on a particular day (you can guess which day!) my husband shows up with some sort of chocolate for me.  He has done this for the past 15 years. The funny thing is, I usually don’t think about it or remember until he gives it to me. It’s just a small little something, a bag of m&m’s, an almond joy, sometimes he gets all fancy and gets a chocolate covered strawberry….
    I think it’s sweet. (Literally! lol =)

    Happy Wednesday to you.

  4. purpleamethyst76

    The sweetest little gift I ever got was 11 years ago. My friend Joanna (mymeanderings) sent me an all homemade scrapbook full of quotes, pictures, thoughts, ideas, made especially for me.  I cried as I looked at it and I will cherish it forever.

    I have no hope of winning your giveaway but all the things are so lovely I just couldn’t resist throwing my name in the hat!  xoxo 

    Have a great day, dear April!

  5. Iloveaholiday

    The sweetest little gift I ever got was when my son was born. He was little~6lbs9ozs but today he’s about 320 lbs and 6’2″.  He is still a precious gift to me.   You are so sweet to give away your pretty bags. 

  6. smilesbymiles

    The sweetest little gift I ever got was the time I stayed at my friend’s house.  I walked into the room where we were going to stay and saw a Lindt truffle on our pillows ……… and a tiny handmade package of mini marshmallows on Liam’s (two years old) pillow because she knew he had food intolerances to everything else and loved marshmallows.  I honestly got tears in my eyes at her thoughtfulness because he is almost *always* left out of anything fun and special whenever we go somewhere.

  7. WakeUpLaughing

    They are so cute and look so easy, even I may be able to make them!

    The sweetest little gift I ever got was when I went onto my Netflix acct and saw that my daughter had added The Velveteen Rabbit. It touched my heart because she knows how much I love the book.

  8. MissAlli82

    The sweetest little gift I’ve ever received……came in the middle of Pinecrest Lake when my husband asked me to wake up with him every morning for the rest of my life!

    I said yes.

  9. natover

    The sweetest little gift I ever got was when I came home from a women’s mtg & there was a plate of Chocolate covered strawberries on the counter Just For Me! My husband MADE them for me because he knows how much I like them.

  10. bamsniko22407

    The sweetest little gift I ever received was a note left on the table when I got home from work one evening a couple years ago.  My now-husband-then-boyfriend had left me a short and sweet note letting me know he left me a treat in the kitchen, a little joke, and reminded me he loved me.  The note is still in my ‘box of memories’ in the bedroom and he had made me brownies since those are my favorite ‘junk’ food after a long and stressful day at work.

    And even if I don’t win, I have GOT to get my sewing machine out and running.  These are a GREAT idea!  You are just too creative and I’m so grateful that you share these adorable ideas with us all!  Now if only I could find that box of scrap fabric I know is around here somewhere…

  11. YouToMe

    The sweetest little gift I ever got is so hard to narrow down bc just now that I think of it I have been blessed quite a bit! I will narrow it down to four things that stand out most: a deer/dear poem/letter from a homeless man; my daughter has made me many sweet things; one of which was a small plaque with deer with a bible verse to be still– another was a felt fortune cookie with candy inside, a bracelet, poems,
    and recently made me a purse! — (i love it! I carry it wherever I go); my friend mark sent me a care package with awesome movies, Mac and cheese, hot cocoa and funny note; my friend Barbara sent me a lovely note with a cd of beautiful songs she had compiled together for me :)

    I like all your sacks but especially like the pink pear one, the yellow edging card holder, the animal themed one for Ben.
    So cool! I like your work station too. So very nifty! :)

  12. CaliRosie

    The sweetest little gift I ever received was …. a birthday card made by one of my younger siblings with 21 pennies taped on the inside of the card for my 21st birthday. So sweet. :)

  13. opheliamber

    So many sweet gifts and I only get to pick one!   

    When my husband and I were dating he went to San Fransisco one day.  That evening he showed up on my door with a beautiful, fragrant, HUGE Gardenia that he bought at a flower vendor on the streets of San Fransisco.  He said that he was thinking about me all day and when he saw the most beautiful flower that smelled delicious he knew he had to get it for me. 

  14. seedsower

    So sweet,these tiny bags!
    The sweetest little gift I ever got was my first niece when I was 14,my life was miserable beyond what I can express and she was the first pleasure that I had that was mine to capture every chance I hadshe lived close by and I babysat her in the summer.

  15. ABAHM

    You are so dear to do giveaways.  Cute, cute ideas.

    The sweetest little gift I ever received was all the cute little bundles of flowers from my boys when they were small…short stems and all.  The vase of a chubby hand is the best!

  16. ehrinn_l

    the sweetest little gift i ever got was from a 7 year old girl… she knew that i loved collecting cherries from visiting our house with her family… my kitchen is full of them, a ‘la mary englebreit. the next time she was out yard saling with her grandmother, she found a frosted bowl… with a cherry pattern pressed into the glass. she promptly purchased it out of her own money, took it home, wrapped it up, and come over and proudly presented it to me. while the bowl is beautiful, the fact that she paid attention to what others valued speaks volumes to the wonderful woman she is bound to grow up to be.

    i <3 reading your blog!! so inspiring and creative. i’m glad that i “discovered” you.

  17. totallycherished

    One of the sweetest gifts I’ve been given was when a friend showed up at the front door on my birthday with a decorative display of cupcakes and balloons.  I think it meant so much because as women we’re always busy making sure our families feel special for their birthdays, and in the midst, there are times when we get a little skipped over on our special day.

    p.s. Your creativity amazes me.

  18. mlt10202002

    one of the sweetest gifts i was ever given was when i was gone for 10 days visiting my family marc installed lights underneath the cabinets in the kitchen. my kitchen is tiny and depressing. we got home in the middle of the night, but he made me wait in the car until he could go in and turn them on. it was too sweet.

  19. down_onthefarm

    the first thing that popped into my head after i thought…that april girl. so generous and clever.
    was…a strainer. yes. you read that right. a strainer. that was one of the sweetest little gifts ever.
    it had to do with who and why. and how cared for i felt because of it.

  20. lifeisadance

    You are so amazing! I LOVE those little bags! What a darling ideas to make your own out of cute fabric! The embellishments you added are precious – your creativity never runs dry! :) And great idea to use a pinking shears – hemming those tiny little edges would be time consuming, plus, the pinking looks cute!

    The sweetest gifts I get are cups of Starbucks coffee, which my husband brings home every once in a while, out of the blue, for me. I like flowers, but flowers seem so “expected”, and I once told him that I would rather get Starbucks drinks every once in a while than flowers, and he believes me! It makes my day when he walks in the house at the end of the day anyway, but when he walks in the house with a cup of STARBUCKS in his hand, well, I’m super happy. ;)

  21. ohveryoung

    The sweetest little gift I ever got was any thing my dad has ever gotten me for Valentine’s Day.  Ever since I was little, he has always given me a small stuffed animal themed for the holiday.  Even now, he still does it.  I’m too old for stuffed animals, but it’s our tradition.  And a tradition that I hope we continue until he is no longer able.

  22. TConway

    The sweetest little gift I ever got (at least this year!) was from a student.  He gave me a loaf of bread and some peach jam that HE had made, to thank me for giving him a ride to an event.  It was so thoughtful, AND delicious!

    These little bags are so cute AND functional, April – what a lovely idea!  Now I feel as though I have an excuse to begin my own little collection of “this, that, and the other things!”

  23. Carsonsmom2

    The sweetest little gift I ever got was from a xanga friend whom I’ve never met in person…a bottle of Philosophy’s gingerbread man body wash.  It came at a particularly hard time in my life and was extra special!

    P.S. Adorable bags. :)

  24. appalolly

    One of the sweetest little gifts I ever got…hmm…I would have to say a card in the mail.  Random card. From a friend.  Those kind of things mean a lot to me.

    And what is with the “Grape Ape” thing?? Please…do tell!

  25. aliyagator

    The sweetest little gift I ever got was a little sisters book that my sister gave me right before my wedding.  It is a line drawing book and she went through and colored parts of it in and drew in and wrote in thing to make it a very personal account of the stories we created growing up.

  26. liz324

    One of sweetest little gifts I ever got was when my 5 year old daughter came home with a card and colored picture after I got my wisdom teeth out.  I know my mom helped her with it, but I’m sure she went along with it whole heartedly.  The picture now is stuck to our bedroom wall with tape. (That’s her style of putting things up on the wall.)

  27. holysmoke4

    The sweetest little gift I ever got was a gift certificate for a house cleaning service. My husband gave it to me for Mother’s Day this year because I was due with baby #4 just a week after that and he knows how having a dirty house stresses me out when I can’t get to cleaning after a baby is born. It was so thoughtful that I cried.

    I just love your creativity! I really want to start sewing and have my mom’s old machine but there are so many other things to do that I never get started. I’m hoping that this fall when baby #4 is older and there isn’t much to be done outside (we live on a farm) that I will be able to start sewing. I know that when I start, I’ll be addicted, lol!

  28. inanorchard

    @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown - I really wasn’t planning on doing a giveaway, but when I finished taking the pictures for the post and I looked down at the little pile of stuff sitting on my desk I thought, “Some one should have these.”

    Is it silly that I got teary eyed just reading about your sweetest gift?  I want you to tell me a story, that one that starts like this… “When my father left me in Canada by my lonesome for 2 years…”  we just need a good old fashioned face to face talk :)

  29. hubina1

    wow!  you have awesome skills!  I’ve just recently gotten into crafting – “just recently” as in, it’s all in my head still.. and of course, many of those visions won’t come out like my brain thinks they will.. but that’s what makes them more unique.. I’m quite sure no one will be able to make what I’ll end up coming out with.

    the sweetest gift I got was my new Singer sewing machine.  I got it for Christmas last year from my boyfriend, and unfortunately I haven’t been able to make anything at all yet.  You see, I’ve never used a sewing machine before (ever!) so it keeps jamming, and disappointing me time and time again.. but I’m determined to not let it defeat me.  all my crafting ideas WILL involve my sewing machine somehow. 

    you will be a *big* part of my inspiration.. seeing all the pictures of things you’ve made.. ideas for things that I can make.. =)

  30. inanorchard

    @hubina1 - You said your sewing machine keeps jamming?  It might be your bobbin that’s giving you trouble.  When I first started sewing, or whenever I use a different machine, the bobbing is always the trickiest thing to get used to.  Do you know anyone who is familiar with sewing machines that might be able to walk you through setting up your machine?  If not, there are a lot of useful video clips on youtube.   If you get the bobbin wound right and the machine threaded correctly and it still jams you, it might need to be looked at.

    I like your determination girl :)   You’ll need that!  Once you get the bugs worked out you’ll be making things that reflect your own personality and tastes, that’s what makes sewing so rewarding!  Let me know how things go with your machine… we can’t have you getting stuck before you even begin!

  31. Baseballchik138

    The sweetest little gift I ever got was a bowl painted as a baseball filled with candy from my best friend. My birthday is in December, and she brought me the present in October! Why I asked her? Because you’re my best friend, she responded! I loved that she didn’t need any other excuse to be such a sweetheart. 

  32. manuelmusings

    One of the sweetest little gifts I received was when I met Rudy and he found out that I liked to read, he bought me a whole series (12) books.  I had books given to me before but never a whole series.  This meant a lot coming from someone who did not read for pleasure and never went to a bookstore for himself.

  33. ThreeSilkStockings

    The sweetest little gift I have (recently) recieved was a card for Easter from two sisters in the youth group.  Their family is not wealthy and it was clearly a ‘dollar store’ item.  It had a little plastic bubble containing a chocolate praying hands (that I most definitely did not eat because it looked rather old! lol) but it just was so sweet and thoughtful.  God used me to help lead both of those young ladies to the Lord so I feel an extra kinship to them and I just love them to pieces!

  34. MattsMami

    The sweetest little gift I ever got is a folded up piece of paper, stuffed inside an envelope. On this paper my daughter had written her name, all by herself for the very first time. This is huge for her considering her vision is very limited.

  35. ToLiveLoved

    The sweetest little gift I ever got was a sticky note from my son, Jake. I think I posted a picture of it on a past blog. I had to go out of town and left early, before he was awake. I had packed his lunch and had it all ready for him to take to school because I knew he just about always hated the school’s lunch. I came home and found the sweetest note he had written. “Dear Mom,Thank you for making my lunch! I didn’t know what they were having. And thanks for the coke. Jake”

     It’s a note I still have an plan to keep for a very long time because it was so sincere. Nobody prodded him to say thanks. It was all his idea.

  36. inanorchard

    The giveaway in now closed.  Any comment appearing after this one will not be entered into the drawing.  Thank you for sharing your sweetest gifts!  I loved reading about them :)

  37. sewscrapsing

    A sweet little gift I recently recieved was a beautiful pen and lemon yellow zippered pen pouch.  So nice to find in my purse full of s-t-u-f-f.  Best of all, it came from an AUNT for Mother’s Day.  I’m not HER mother, but she loves to celebrate life and loves to give gifts.  Love you, A. Margaret =)  So kind of you to share, glad you got to enjoy some pure creativity. It does bring joy, because you are using the talents God gave you to make your world more beautiful, more bright. Blessings!

  38. twofus_1

    Bummer.  I’m too late for the giveaway.  The bags are darling.  Are the letters stamped onto the fabric?

    The sweetest little gift I ever got was 3 little chips from one of my first grade students in Belize.  I often got a sweet (candy), fruit, or bag of chips; but this one meant so much because sometimes she didn’t have anything for lunch besides for one bag of chips.

  39. quiet_hearts

    Aww…missed the giveaway.  But what a pleasure to read these stories.  I get so many sweet little gifts because I have six children who give them often.

    Maybe my truly sweetest gift isn’t so little.  My husband almost always makes breakfast and I love him for it.  A daily reminder to me of the gift HE is.

  40. mytoesareblue

    ohhhh, i LOVE the creative area you have all set up there. i am still holding on to my fabric cause i don’t want to mess anything up…however I got two fabrics that i love…so perhaps i’ll take a picture of them and ask you what you might be inspired to do with them…cause i don’t want to mess them up but i ADORE them. i was thinking of perhaps making a little ornament or something with the one cause its pretty fall//wintery…its a sage green with woods and a deer printed on it pretty tiny…but perhaps when you see it you might give me an idea. i shall perhaps do that as a post and see what people have to tell me about it. love you girl!!


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