Friday February 25, 2011

{like the clever title}

Yes my Midwest, East Coast friends… spring has arrived in sunny California.  The almond blossoms are out in full force, the wild flowers are blooming, bulbs are sprouting and the hill sides are oh-so green!  Don’t worry though, we’ll get what’s coming to us come October.  You will all be enjoying the beautiful fall colors, and crisp cool weather, while we are still sweltering in a parched, brown valley.

Justin had Monday off so we went for a picnic and a hike in the foothills.  Knights Ferry is a small historic town located not far from were we live.  It has a beautiful picnic area next to a river.  On the river is the remains of an old mill as well as the longest covered bridge in Northern California.

We went with Grandma and Grandpa W.

I know someday I will look at this photo and think “Look how little he was!”, but now I just look at it and think how grown up he is looking.

The Sierra Nevada Foothills are stunning this time of year.

This is what is left of the old mill.

Inside the Knights Ferry covered bridge.

We took a small hike along side the river.  The boys had so much fun scampering over the boulders. 

Eliza girl kept up so well.  Justin and I only needed to carry her a couple of times when the path got rough. The rest of the time she was trotting right behind her brothers.  It was a beautiful day and the kids slept hard that night

Speaking of spring~

Tee Ball fever has hit our house hard!!  Justin and I took turns fielding ground balls until the sun went down the other evening.  Jude’s shiny orange bat, and box of fresh balls have been his constant companions this week… and he hasn’t even started practice yet!  I can’t imagine what he’s going to be like then

Justin is bringing home take ‘n’ bake so my weekend is looking very promising!!

11 thoughts on “Friday February 25, 2011

  1. celebration_of_life

    Those tree roots around the rock are amazing! Looks like a wonderful way to start the week:)
    Have a great weekend…it’s pizza here too!
    Baseball fever has hit here as well and maybe we’ll see you around the ball fields when practices start…

  2. Elizabethmarie_1

    Oh yes, I am jealous of your warm weather right now….I am longing for spring. It’s going to be a long while still.
    However, I do love the midwest in October! =)
    Beautiful photos, looks like such a fun day.  And you are right, you will look back and think he is small.  I remember thinking my boys were big, and now looking back at pictures, they were so small.  I wish I could keep them from growing! I love life so much with them right now!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. mytoesareblue

    i didn’t know that almonds had blooms. is it a pretty scent? how do almonds grow? seriously, i’ve not really thought about it.

    sounds glorious. right now we still have snow…but with the lovely sun shining so often we can tell that spring is trying to make itself known…and the groundhogs both said that it would be an early spring so we’ll see…i think they just want to get back to sleep and away from all the hoopla.

    love that picture of the rock with the roots around it….such a totally amazing reminder of the miracle of God’s creation. love how joyful the kids look exploring all those great places…and yay for your little miss for keeping up. i’m sure she was proud of herself for keeping up with the boys, even though i’m sure they were all sleeping well that night~

  4. onehappymomma

    For a time we lived in CA, in Roseville.  We would drive up to Auburn all the time and enjoy the American River and the foothills.  It was my favorite place to be.  I love the pictures you captured here.  The bridge and it’s reflection in the water, the roots wrapped around the tree, it’s all very beautiful!

  5. lifeisadance

    Beautiful beautiful pictures! What a lovely area you live by! The tree roots around the huge boulder is an incredble picture!! I see award- winning ribbons already hung beside it. :)

    And spring has come to the Deep South as well! Doors wide open, barefeet, and budding trees and flowers. I think I could live in this season all year. ;)

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

  6. ABAHM

    I sure enjoyed those almond blooms on our recent trip!  I have never been to Knights Ferry though.  Love the roots of the tree wrapped around the rock, and the big covered bridge! So fun to go on such outings with the kids.  I am missing little ones, so looking forward to a grand baby next month!

  7. redladybug18

    Several of those pictures I just love!  The one of the brick wall with the shadow of the tree…I would have never thought of getting that shot b/c of the tree “messing it up”, but I love it.   I loved several of the bridge ones too and that one of the tree on the rock is amazing! 
    yeah, spring is starting to break out here as well.  It’s a bit timid though since it’s 3 weeks early.  I’m looking forward to everything new and green :)   I hope we don’t get another freeze and the trees lose all their leaves though…this Texas weather can be crazy…not even the trees know when spring is coming.  One year we actually got 2 inches of snow one easter!.


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