Saturday February 19, 2011

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved embroidery.  Both my mom and my grandma did needlework.  I loved watching them make neat little stitches along the lines they had sketched on the fabric.  I would sit and arrange the thread; red, orange, yellow, green, blue…

When I was young; Mom let me trace my own pictures and taught me a basic back stitch.  I would sit and stitch to my heart’s content.  Over the years my skills have not advanced much.  I’ve learned a handful of other basic stitches and they have served me well.  Lately, I’ve been exploring some of the embroidery blogs on Blogspot and wishing I was more adept, but a hobby that involves sitting down for long lengths of time with needles and scissors, is not compatible with small children in the house.  Someday…

However, for the last few months I have been working on these~

Jude loves drawing and I am smitten with his pictures.  I have saved a lot of them in a folder but I wanted to take a few of my favorites and embroider them onto cloth.  I chose a selection of drawings that wouldn’t tax my embroidery skills to much :)

When I am finished with them all, I’m going to frame them and group them together on a wall in the house.

This one is particularly special to me.  It was the first picture Jude drew by himself.  Not just random scribbling with one color, but he took his time and drew little men in all different colors all over the page.  I had the picture hanging up on his bedroom wall but it was already getting a bit tattered and faded.  That’s when I came up with a more permanent solution for the picture.  As you can see I’m only half finished with this one.

I start by making a photocopy of the picture and I darken the color.  Then I tape it to the window and then  tape the material over the paper.  I lightly trace the drawing onto the fabric with a pencil.

This is the latest one I am working on.  It was Tuesday after breakfast when Jude pulled out his paper and pencils and wrote out his entire alphabet.  I fell in love with all the loopy letters.  Some capitalized, some lower case.  I wanted to capture that perfectly imperfect alphabet forever.  I can’t wait to see it all done!

The storm clouds have been rolling over the valley all week long.  I am trying to take advantage of being indoors by cleaning out, and organizing closets.  It is such a slow, tedious process but I am determined to rid our house of clutter! 

One of those rainy mornings Grandpa came over to play.  Work has been slow for my Dad for the better part of a year now.  Unemployment has it’s drawbacks… specifically the “not getting a paycheck” part, but it also has it’s advantages too.  Like the undying adoration of a little girl who lights up every time she sees her Grandpa’s car coming down the lane!  He has been able to spend so much time with the children this past year and I am so thankful that.

They read all the of the library books.  “Weed one more Gampa!”, she would say.

They put every puzzle in the house together.

I would walk by the door and see my Dad sprawled out on the floor playing with cars and Little People.  He stayed all the way through lunch and shared sandwiches, yogurt and pretzels with them.  These are the memories that are building strong foundations.

She played so hard  I found her passed out in the middle of her room

Amidst all of the other projects I have going I’m also in the middle of making church totes for the children.  I’ll try to post pictures of them when they’re finished!

Have a happy weekend!  Our weekend is extra long, so hopefully we can find something fun to do before it is over.

16 thoughts on “Saturday February 19, 2011

  1. Elizabethmarie_1

    I loved seeing your embroidery.
    How special that your Dad gets to spend time with your children. Yes, special memories they will have! =)
    I too am in the midst of decluttering…the end of winter has a way of making us in a cleaning mood, doesn’t it?My living room is covered in bags to take to Goodwill.
    It is a wonderful feeling to be rid of unwanted “stuff”!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. opheliamber

    I love the pictures of your dad with the kids.  We live in such a different generation than what we grew up with. Working Grandparents are such a new concept.  I treasure all those times with my own and hope that the Lord provides times like that for my kids.

  3. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    these embroidery masterpieces are utterly priceless! i love this idea! what an awesome way to preserve precious memories!

    your little ones are very blessed to have a grandpa close by who can come and spend those days with them. what a great thing for ALL parties involved!

    a long weekend sounds lovely…ours isn’t long  after all since we are having a snow make-up day on Monday instead of a holiday. oh well…

    always a pleasure to stop by here April!
    happy weekending!

  4. TrentTribe

    What a great idea!  The framed handiwork will be beautiful!  I love it!  I’ve started a quilt recently.  Your project has me thinking that this would also make beautiful quilt squares. 

  5. lifeisadance

    This is just precious! That alphabet embroidery is just too darling… I shall have to remember that for when my daughter begins writing the alphabet. I enjoy embroidery so much myself, but have never incorporated kid stuff into it. Love this!

    And how special to have grandparents activitely involved in your children’s lives! I wish for that one day! :)

  6. twofus_1

    Do you know of a good tutorial for embroidery?  I know it’s simple and I used to do it. Somehow I can’t get the stitches done well anymore.


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