Monday February 14, 2011

It has been a week of celebrating~

Jude’s first school Valentine’s Day party.  I was volunteering that day and I felt like an excited 5-year-old all over again!  Heart “mail boxes” hung on the wall stuffed full of cards, candies, and trinkets.

Mrs. Boone even managed to teach reading, language and math that day… even with a very distracted class.

They ended the day with cupcake decorating and a small party on the playground.

Saturday night Grandpa and Grandma W. watched the children so Justin and I could go out for Valentine’s Day.  Justin offered to take me to a movie and dinner downtown.  He threw out a variety of suggestions, until I bashfully admitted I fancied a trip to Ikea for shopping and meatballs.  So that’s what we did!  Hung out, laughed, shopped, and ate our fill of Swedish meatballs.  We made it through the whole store with only a small cart full, but as we walked up to the checkout I said “Hey, let’s take a look at the ‘as is’ section.”  There’s almost never anything good in the “as is” section but not this time.  This time we scored!

Justin spotted this table.  I’ve been looking for a new kitchen table.  I wanted it to be simple.  No fussy finishes that have to be pampered, no ornate carvings that will only end up housing gooey crud… just simple and tough.  I think this fits the bill nicely.

My Valentine’s day flowers!  I could get use to having a massive bouquet sitting on my kitchen table.

We found some lamps to help brighten our dimly lit living room.

We also found a new bed frame for our room.  I didn’t take a picture because the bed was so heaped with laundry you could hardly see the new frame

And today Grandma W. hosted a Valentine’s Day lunch.

The tables were set beautifully!

She made strawberry playdough and set up a play area out in the garage.

The meal was delicious and the boys were impressed with the heart-shaped sandwiches and jello.

After lunch they all ran outside to play with their mini pinwheels. 

Grandpa got a warm reception when he came home for lunch

Remember the lovely table setting in the previous picture?  This is what it looked like when they children were done with lunch

It’s been a great Valentine’s Day!  We are home tonight enjoying a warm fire, each other’s company and brownie Sundaes… yum.

Oh, just a little side note:  two of my favorite sewing blogs (madebyrae and made) are teaming up to do their annual “Celebrate the Boy Month”.  They put together a full month of awesome projects and tutorials for boys.  I love it!  If you have boys running around your house… you should stop by and check it out!

12 thoughts on “Monday February 14, 2011

  1. Esther_lynn

    great “bargain” hunting. And the Valentines Day looks perfect. Your kids will long remember those times. Hubby and I celebrated Saturday night too. Today was family night. =)

  2. redladybug18

    Love the new table.  Plain and simple is always good in the long run with little ones ;)
    looks like such a fun time.  My mom had a little party for my nephews and they loved it but I think it was the food they most enjoyed :)

  3. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    i Love it! what a fun night; shopping together with your hubs! T & i really enjoy nights like that too…and what fun things you bought! love the table! and, the table that is holding the new lamp too;)!

    you’ve really had some fun family times together; you are blessed!!

    thanks for the heads up on the month long boys thing; Made is a fav sewing blog for me too, but i’ve not been by in a while. i shall have to fix that because we do have a boy ’round here that could use some new ideas for banishing the ‘i don’t know what to dooooooo!’ thing that seems common!!

    happy day sweet friend!!

  4. lifeisadance

    Oh, it looks like a fun weekend!! For your children, yes, but also that date you got in there. :) Always a highlight of any weekend when that happens! And Ikea?? Too fun! Especially when you find yourself some good bargains. :) It’s just so fun to bring home a few new purchases and add them to the Nest. :)


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