Monday February 7, 2011

You would think that after working on Valentine’s day projects for the better part of a month, that I would be tapped out.  But no, we’re still going strong, havin’ a ball!  Besides, I just had to try Rachel’s Valentine’s boxes.

We emptied our matchboxes (and incidentally I will not have to put “matches” on my shopping list for a good while).

They went to town with these little boxes.  Eliza mostly ate glue… and I think probably a few stickers as well.

Gideon was in heaven.  He loves little things. He loves little candies, and putting little things inside of little boxes.  I could just see his little heart going pitter-patter

Then again, my heart’s kind of going pitter-patter too.

And lastly, just for fun… a few shots of “Super Baby”.  Justin had gotten her ready for bed the night before and decided to save me some laundry by leaving her in her leggings and, what do you call those?… bloomers?  underwear covers?  I don’t know.  Anyway, she looked like some sort of tiny Caped Crusader, running around my kitchen, ready to rid the world of injustice… right after a good nap.

16 thoughts on “Monday February 7, 2011

  1. appalolly

    Those little boxes are just TOO cute! My kiddos would love to do that project. And then for a month or three we would have little boxes all around the house!

  2. princesspamf

    I have a great craft that will use up those matches…You burn the ends and rub off the char stuff. Then with a cardboard cross as your base, you fill it in with the burned matchsticks, making a pattern with the burned ends. Very nice. I did it first the summer after 3rd grade at Mountain View Bible Camp in the Appalachian Mountains of southwest Virginia. We did them in Bible School at DB once or twice…I’ll have to work on one (in my spare moments-ha) and show you. Kids about have to be 8 or older to be able to have the dexterity of placing the matches. So…hold on to those matches!!
    Love the boxes…have enjoyed all the crafts…planing to ,make some of the towels to wrap wedding gifts in. Oh, and you could do Christmas prints for Christmas wrapping! Useful and pretty-a great combo!
    Love your creativity and energy! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  3. inanorchard

    @princesspamf - Thanks for the craft idea for the matches.  I’ll hold onto them!  I really like your idea for wrapping the present IN the towel!  Those white cotton towels are certainly big enough to use as a wrapping.  Love it!  Thanks Pam :)

  4. manuelmusings

    The matches reminded me of last week when I took a big box of matches out of the highest cupboard.  The boys were SO excited and desperately wanted to light them.  I don’t think we’ve really used matches around our house or for camping since the advent of lighters so they feel like they have missed out.

  5. grace_to_be

    haha! love it~ i always think of how great it would be if we could keep that “kid confidence” through our adult years. able to rock the underwear covers and leggings with such comfort and ease! :)   she’s a little doll baby that one~

    the boxes are adorable.. but i was mostly eye balling that sweet little mailbox. where’d you find that at?   

  6. inanorchard

    @grace2be - I got the mailboxes at Target in the dollar section.  They came in red, pink, and white.  My son, Jude has a small kindergarten class (9 students) so I bought one for each classmate.  I love having an excuse to buy tiny mailboxes :)

  7. Donna7

    Those boxes are so sweet! The only thing I wondered is don’t they smell of sulfur or whatever a matches smell like? I just thought they would but I guess not eh? LOL

    I also love your little super babies outfit. So adorable!

    And yes those little mailboxes are amazing. I wish we had Target stores here in Canada. I ws told Target has bought out our Zellers stores here or is about to so maybe my dream will come true! :)

  8. Donna7

    @inanorchard - Ah maybe the waterproof ones would be best then. Thanks for letting me know. I am really hoping we will get a Target store here. Growing up I lived not too far from the border so use to go into the States and shop at Target! I always found things that were a great buy! :)

  9. ABAHM

    All the little boxes look so cute all lined up.  I am a sucker for little faces with a look of concentration on them. 
    Great caped crusader ….super baby!


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