Thursday February 3, 2011

A special guest post from~  Rachel, of- foreveranoatneygirl

Rachel is one of my favorite Xanga bloggers.  I love the easy and sincere way she communicates her thoughts.  I have smiled and laughed at her many adventures in motherhood, been inspired by the hospitality her extends to those around her, delighted with her sewing and decorating projects, and admired her strength of character which is easily mistaken for sweetness. 

And when I cooked up this crazy idea for a week of Valentine’s Day projects, I immediately thought of Rachel.  Who in turn, put together this excellent Valentine’s Day project to do with your children.  I LOVE it!  I’ve already got my list of supplies together so the boys and I can make them next week.

Now, I will turn it over to Rachel

So, when I was thinking about what my children would give for their little
Valentines to their friends, I wanted something new.  Something original.
Something cute.  Something we could make ourselves.  Something they would be
excited about the prospect of doing.

One day in some blog surfing, I came across a site, and instantly knew this
was going to be what we would make. (that said, this is not my original
idea, just one i borrowed and made ‘us’)

The supply list is quite simple:

matchboxes, paper, crayons/markers/ stickers if you want, string, glue,
scissors/paper cutter, and some holiday colored candies.

Empty the contents of the matchboxes.

Cut paper strips the width of the boxes, and about 6-8″ in length.

You can use colored paper, scrapbook paper, or just plain white paper.  We
used a variety of both plain paper and scrapbook papers.  The kids loved
making little designs, writing little messages, and coercing mommy into
drawing a few pictures and hearts for them to adorn.  They used some
stickers on some of them….

After the papers are decorated/colored to your liking, glue them onto the
outside of the matchboxes, and let them dry.

After the boxes are dry, fill them with your candy of choice.

Tie them up with string, and TA-DA!!

Cute little Valentine’s Day boxes for your little ones to share with their


8 thoughts on “Thursday February 3, 2011

  1. down_onthefarm

    these are great rachel! and thanks april @inaorchard for hostessing!  i look forward to learning to know you better and i have to say you described rachel perfectly. every word.

  2. lifeisadance

    Great job, Rachel! These are so darling! Love how the kids are involved in the project-making too!

    And yes, Rachel is sweetness itself, along with realness and beauty!

    I’m happy for the introduction to your lovely site!


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