Wednesday February 2, 2011

(I just realize my picture days Day three, please ignore that… this is day 4 )

Maybe you’ve been enjoying the projects I’ve come up with so far but your thinking, “These are fun April, but I don’t sew.  At all.  Not even on accident”.  So if sewing sounds as foreign to you, as training for a marathon sounds to me… this is the project for you.

Here is the list of supplies you will need:

1.  An assortment of clay pots
2.  Card stock
3.  An Exacto Knife (or razor blade)
4.  White craft paint and a wet rag
5.  Blue painters tape (extra wide)
6.  One spray can of Chalk Board paint

The day I made these pots my sister-in-law Jessica, came over the help and keep me company.  I had all the supplies lined up and everything planned out in my head.  I won’t bore you, or confuse you with the details of how badly my plan turned you to be… 

Let’s just say the first one turned out like this~

It was a good thing Jessica was there because in no time flat she had come up with a much better way to make the flower pots.

Here’s what she came up with~

Start by tracing your shapes onto the card stock.  Ovals, rectangles, circles… what ever you like.  Keep in mind that the shape needs to fit onto whatever size pot you are working with.

Jessica was also my hand model for the day, because she has lovely hands that are so much more pleasant to look than my bony, claw hands.

Then we cut the shape out of the card stock with the Exacto Knife.

This is what our stencils looked like.

Next we white washed the pots.  I took a little bit of white craft paint, squeezed it in a bowl, and watered it down until it was easy to spread on the pot.

I dipped my wet rag in the paint and wiped it onto the pot.  I had to move quickly and keep smoothing it out to get the finish I wanted.  While the pots dried we went back to our stencils. (my bony talons made it into a few of the pictures)

We placed strips of the blue tape over the stencil and then cut the shape out of the tape using the Exacto Knife.

It looks like this.

Carefully and slowly I pulled the tape back and centered the shape onto the pot.

We taped all around the front of the pot to protect the rest of it from the spray paint.  I used my finger nails to really press down the edges of the tape so the edges of the chalk board would be nice and crisp.

After we prepped all the pots we sprayed the shapes with the chalk board paint.  I found it was best to do 2 or 3 light coats of paint.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of the spray paint I used but it’s Rust-oleum  brand and I got it at Home Depot for $4.95.

We waited for the paint to dry and then peeled off the tape.

Pot them with your favorite spring flowers and write a little Valentine’s message on the chalk board.

I must confess I really love the way these turned out!  Not only would they make great Valentine’s Day gifts but they would be perfect for Mother’s Day too. 

Other variations I thought of:
~ instead of white washing them you could wash them with turquoise, green, or gray paint.
~ getting 3 or 5 of the small pots, planting herbs in them and writing the name of the herbs on the chalk  board.  Wouldn’t you just love to have a set of those sitting in your kitchen window?!  In fact I think I’m going to have to do that for myself

Thanks again for sticking with me!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday February 2, 2011

  1. MartinTreehouse

    I came here through a rec and had to rec it for more of my friends! This is such a sweet idea and I may just be starting to feel the beginning of inspiration in the dead of this cold winter…  


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