All Things Baby Girl

This little post is entirely dedicated to all things baby girl.  I’m finally getting around to snapping a few pictures of the things I’ve been making for her and I decided to just post them all at once.

Last month Miss E helped me drag all her old baby clothes from the shed into the house, so we could sort and wash anything that this new little one might be able to use.  Fortunately, there were lots of sweet little things that could be handed down to baby sister.  E was enthralled and happily helped me make room in their dresser for the baby’s clothes.  I wish I had taken a picture of E standing on her tippy-toes, chin resting on the edge of the drawer, looking fondly at all the little things that will belong to an already most beloved little sister.

Now this beautiful piece of workmanship I had nothing to do with.  This is the baby quilt that my mom pieced and quilted for the baby.  Isn’t it wonderful?!  There are over 50 different pieces of fabric in this quilt that my mom pulled from her fabric stash, a few from my stash, and added a dozen or so new pieces of fabric just for good measure.

I am so delighted with how it turned out!  I gave her very little instruction but somehow she managed to make something even lovelier than I had envisioned.

I made the baby a few new dresses (hand-me-downs are fun but a girl needs a few things of her own)

One again I used Rae’s free Itty Bitty pattern.  I love that pattern!  I’ve probably made close to 10 of these dressed because they are so simple!

I didn’t make this dress.  I bought it at Old Navy and added the flower applique to the bodice.

I like the contrast of the navy stripes with the feminine floral.

This is a little glimpse at her hospital bag.  Just an assortment of things I have made and collected for her stay at the hospital and for her homecoming.

This is her “coming home onesie”.  I know it’s kind of silly, but I like to have something special for the babies to wear when they come home.  This is nothing fancy but it’s fun and comfortable, and I know it will fit her right away.

In her diaper bag I also have a few sets of tiny socks and a couple burp cloths.

I also made this little zipper pouch for keeping pacifiers from floating around in the bottom of the diaper bag.

I used the Little Cutie Pouch tutorial from Noodlehead (sorry I’m being lazy this time and not including links!).  It was a fun project that went together in about 20 minutes.

And of course the bag that holds them all together.  For her diaper bag I used an old favorite pattern, Amy Butler’s Swing Bag pattern.  It’s so simple and it really is the perfect size, not too big, not too little and easy to get into.

And lastly just a few onesies and headbands I put together for her.  It’s summertime and I know this little one is going to practically live in onesies or if I’m honest probably just a diaper :)

Both of these onesies are hand-me-downs that I added the cotton knit rosettes to.   It was a fun and easy way to bring life to something that was looking a little worn.

We are as ready as we are ever going to be and the doctor tells me that baby girl is doing great and can come anytime.  So now we wait…. but if there is one thing I have learned over the years, it’s that babies feel little obligation were due dates are concerned :)

Oh, and off the subject of baby girls for a moment; I’m in the process of setting up a new blog with WordPress.  I have been blogging on Xanga for 6 years now but it’s time for a change.  I hope to be able to keep in contact with you all, and I will be sure to post a link to my new website as soon as it’s up and going!

Thanks my friends,  April


17 thoughts on “All Things Baby Girl

  1. baileyandme

    aw… baby wolfe will be the hippest baby in town. i love all the fun onesies, because yes, that is what summer babies live in, here in the summer too. how cool to make one that says “home”. 
    did you learn to sew from your mom? that quilt is awesome and looks like it would have taken months to sew. wow…. what a treasure. :)
    can’t wait to hear the big news (and most of all to hear the name…)

  2. fruitloops115

    LOVE lovelovelove. I can tell by all the lovelylovely little details that this little girl is SO loved and anticipated. You made little miss so many pretty little things. I am in awe (as always) of your creativity. I will miss this inanorchard spot, but I’m sure your new blog will be just as charming.
    Also, i really really wish there’d be a way to come see that new baby when she arrives…sigh.

  3. bamsniko22407

    I just love everything!!!  How fun!  Congrats on the little girl!  I love the headbands and those are what I had in mind to make….  I love your use of color!

    The quilt is by far amazing!!!!!  I LOVE it!  I can’t believe she made it!  I could only ever dream of making something so amazing.

    I hope all goes well with labor and delivery and I look forward to following you on your new blog.  I just started a new one over at Blogger, since that is where it seems the majority of folks are going.  I would love to have you join us!

  4. H0LDfast

    why does that little ‘home’ onesie make me almost cry ?.?.?. i don’t know either : ) it’s beautiful.
    why also does it feel like a million years since i left a comment on your blog?
    wordpress, huh ….
    we need to get together.

  5. down_onthefarm

    i’ve been thinking of you lots
    and these last few days, hours maybe,
    till your precious little person in your arms!!!
    HIS gentleness to your being as He finishes her all up for you.

    that quilt is just gorgeous. the colors are so fun and fresh.
    and all of the pretty girl things…breathtaking.
    i am so happy and excited for you and your family!

  6. purpleamethyst76

    Oh April, it’s so very good to see a post from you.  I was thinking of you and wondering if the new baby had arrived yet.  Praying for a beautiful delivery!  All the things you’ve prepared for her are just lovely.  And the quilt!!!is stunning!!!  Blessings to you.

  7. pettybunch

    So very good to see you here – I’ve missed you!  I hadn’t heard you were having a girl, but was so excited to hear little E will have a baby sister! And the clothes are so adorable!! We always had a special coming-home-from-the-hospital outfit, too. So sweet!

    I will be sad to lose you to WordPress, but I’ve heard that Xanga is making changes, anyway. Going a WordPress direction, I think.  I don’t know what I’ll do – we’ll have to see!

    Praying for a great delivery! Blessings to you all!

  8. FourBlackSheep

    I have not been on xanga for a while, since I mostly keep up via Facebook. How EXCITING to be expecting a baby girl!!!! Having two girlies of my own, I know how wonderful ‘sisters; are You look absolutely stunning, and all of your sewing crafts I am in awe of! You are incredible. Here is to a ‘butter birth’ (what we call a quick and smooth delivery in midwifery). Many many hugs and blessings your way ~


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