The Story of two little girls

They are cousins, born only days apart in the month of March.  It was only natural that we would expect them to be close, but in those early days it seemed a little doubtful.

Huge crocodile tears were what we most often got when we put them together.

Sometimes they managed to fain indifference

“Hey Cora, does this bumbo make rear look fat?”

But before long the two little girls who could hardly stand to be near each other became…

… completely inseparable.

They turned four this month.  We don’t always do combined parties but this seemed like a good year to do one.  Their very first all-girl party.  We asked them what kind of party they wanted and we got a one word response… PINK!  Very well then…

On a beautiful spring day we set the party table up on Jessica’s back lawn.  Seven little friends would be there soon with their party frocks on.  We planned a small art project, a luncheon filled with girly-pink foods and of course; pink birthday cake.

The two birthday girls waiting anxiously for their guests to arrive.

We put the party favor baskets down the length of the table.  In my head this seemed like the perfect solution but in reality it was a constant source of temptation and confusion for the girls :)   Fortunately everyone went home with their favor baskets in tact… mostly.

We started the party off with a craft project.  I found a free Birthday Crown printable on the internet. Jessica and I bought lots of fun paper flowers and glitter to decorate them with.

The grandmas stayed to help with the party.  You never know how art projects are going to go when you have a lot of little ones to help, but it went fantastic!  Jessica came up with the brilliant idea to use small bowls of glue and q-tips for application and that made all the difference in the world!  The girls carefully decorated their crowns and we left them to dry in the sun as we finished the party.

Next was the party lunch.  Lots of berries, pink milk, pink yogurt and heart shaped sandwiches.

(for the record, once the girls ate all the berries off the skewers they used them to sword fight)

They were pretty excited and I’m not sure a lot of eating actually happened, but at least we attempted to feed them.

Here they all are with their party crowns. 

I just love the way they turned out!  They all looked so darling with their party dresses and hats!

This is just a shot of the little hair clips I made to put in their party favor bags.  Right now you can buy these little crocheted flowers at Michaels.  A package of 12 only cost $2.00!  I think I need to go back and get a bunch more!

So many lovely presents to open!

And what Birthday would be complete without cake and candles!

Happy Birthday sweet girls!!  Looking forward to many more celebrations together!

17 thoughts on “The Story of two little girls

  1. Richgem

    It’s great that the adorable little birthday cousins get along so well now! What a cute party and so funny that they did the sword fighting with the toothpicks! I’ll have to go to Michael’s and pick up some of those little flowers for my grandgirlies! I can imagine you must’ve been a teeny bit tired after that party!

  2. ABAHM

    Such a cute party.  I have used q-tips and glue before with our homeschool crafts, because all the glue caps were glued shut.  It actually is a great way to keep the glue from getting out of hand!  Love those little crocheted flowers…and making them into clips! 

  3. willeywonderings

    girlie, pink, parties are just so fun! i sort of miss being able to do those sort of parties….. like using my ideas etc… without them thinking it isn’t quite cool anymore  :)

  4. down_onthefarm

    oh what a darling little girl party! so fun. and so pretty. happy birthday to both.

    the sword fight? almost as cool as your food. i have a girly girl who would do that. :)

  5. lifeisadance

    What a fun fun party! I think it is so special when moms make such special parties for their children! E looks like she was just SO pleased! And you went so far out…. I would have loved to be a little girl at that party!!  :)


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