Thursday October 13, 2011

One thing I love about going away is coming home.  Somehow the familiar ebb and flow of everyday life feels sweeter, pillows are softer, home looks homier.   I suppose that is what a rested body and mind will do for a person :)

Anyway, that’s what I’ve done for the last week, I’ve enjoyed just being home.  Three little bodies piled on me while I read bedtime stories.

Plus, fun things have been happening at home!  We have a new, spacious back porch…

…with lovely double doors leading out onto it.  I am picturing rocking chairs, hanging flower baskets, a red table and mix matches painted chairs for enjoying diner on the porch… yes it all looks lovely in my head :)

The weather as finally dipped down into the 70′s during the day.  The evenings are chilly.  Which means enjoying warm, slow-cooked meals, soups and homemade bread again!

My bread making assistants.  Gideon was determined to sit and watch the bread rise until it doubled.  He lasted about 3.5 minutes.

He wandered back in time to punch the dough down and help roll them into dinner rolls.

I also tried a new recipe for homemade cheese crackers.  I found the recipe on Pinterest.  I have been lured into the wonderful, addicting, time sucking, inspirational, black hole that is Pinterest.  If you’re interested you can find me here.

They turned out really well.  Very easy to make, just 5 ingredients, they were a big hit with the kids.  Next time I need to roll them out thinner though.

I took Eliza girl to get her hair cut for the first time.  I’ve been cutting it since she was a baby, but it’s gotten so much thicker and she’s gotten squirmier, so I thought it was time to bring in the professionals.

Can you see the look of apprehension written all over her face?

At first she didn’t even want to sit in the chair, but Liz brought out the bowl of suckers and suddenly Miss Eliza got very cooperative.  I wanted a simple A-line cut with some little bangs.  Simple and sweet, classic little girl style…

I really love the way it frames her little face!

And here they all are lined up ready for Awana Night… looking fresh-faced and darling!  This is the very first year they have all gone to Awanas.  The boys love it and Eliza loves it once she’s there   And Justin and I love having a weeknight to ourselves!

So that’s it.  All the big news from our little corner of the world!  See you again soon, April

20 thoughts on “Thursday October 13, 2011

  1. promisesunshine

    Super cute haircut.  I’ve loved both of my girls in that one.  (They no longer allow that sort of thing.)
    Your porch is fabulous and the kids look adorable sitting on (or near) it. 

  2. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    i know just what you mean about home being sweeter after you’ve been gone.
    there is no place i’d rather be than home.

    super cute Eliza girl would look fantastic with any hairstyle! same as her mom, i think. =)
    glad, always glad when i see you popping up here…
    happy thursday!

  3. SpazzyMommy

    Pinterest. A black hole from which nothing escapes. : /   And if you do manage to crawl out of the time-warp….FB or Xanga is right there with arms open wide welcoming its wayward prodigal child home . :)

    Love the pictures of your home life. <3

  4. fruitloops115

    loved your ‘home’ pictures. and that lovely back porch! what fun will be had there. I’m kinda in envy  And yes, slow cooked meals ,and homemade bread, here too. Love it. This winter I WILL perfect a whole wheat bread, yes I will.  And your little girl? Cu-yute!

  5. Lucy_or_Ethel

    What a nice post! Lovely children and your girl’s hair is adorable, love her shoes and those sox! Very sweet to get a peek into your world. Your porch is nice and sounds like you have a good plan to decorate it. I’ll look into your Pinterest site thank you.

  6. ToLiveLoved

    LOVE her haircut!! It reminds of one of the precious little girls off of The Little Rascals. LOVE it! It’s so vintage and so stinkin’ cute!
    Oh and the porch looks amazing… will love it!

  7. H0LDfast

    rex was all ‘i didn’t know they had a porch …’ & i said neither did i, welcome to blog world. we should actually get together, for reals & not just read about each other on a screen : )
    although it’s a very charming read ~

  8. MartinTreehouse

    One thing I love about going away is coming home.  Somehow the familiar ebb and flow of everyday life feels sweeter, pillows are softer, home looks homier.   I suppose that is what a rested body and mind will do for a person :)
    You said it!  I love love love Eliza’s haircut and her leggings… would you know I seen almost the exact leggings yesterday in a Japanese shop here? Leggings are huge here, and they are so cute.

  9. down_onthefarm

    what meg quoted ^^^ is one of the things here that i loved too! you said it just right for me. :)
    i’m thinking sugar and spice and everything nice as i look at eliza’s dear face…
    and then i see her little legs and shoes. gasp. :)

    the porch looks awesome. and i’m looking forward to what all you make happen right there. that loveliness in your head is sure to show up IRL. i just know it!

  10. cazmatazz

    I can picture you all hanging out on the porch already, it’s going to be great   Eliza’s socks are so cute! And now I’m crazy to try out that cracker recipe! 

  11. pettybunch

    We’ve been camping since last Wednesday evening, so I’m feeling what you said about HOME!  Although there are no little babies to pile onto me – oh, how I miss that!!

    I love your porch, and your precious little girly’s haircut – she’s a little doll! 

    My daughter-in-love recently discovered Pinterest, and showed it to me.  I’m afraid another Black Hole isn’t in my schedule right now – but I’m hoping one day to do a little pinning myself!

  12. buana

    First time visiting your blog.  I love your pictures and your children are so cute!  What a lovely getaway you and your husband had..such a beautiful place.  I look forward to getting to know you and reading your blog.  Blessings, Jill


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