I was reading an article this evening entitled, “10 Ways to Love a New Mom”.  It jogged my memory back to the days when my babies were just days and weeks old.  And I remembered how my Dad would just hold my babies.  He would hold them and walk with them.  With an infinite amount of patience and calmness… he would just walk with them.  Anytime I would stop in to see my mom and dad, he’d greet me at the door, give me a kiss on the cheek and say, “Here babe, let me take her.” and off they would go.  He would walk through the house, and with the tenderest voice you can imagine a grown man using… he would talk to them. 

“Do you see this?” he would tell my 3 week-old son, “This is a light switch.  Look I can turn it on and I can turn it off!”

“And this is a picture of you mama when she was just a little girl.  Yes!  That’s right!  Your mama used to be little girl too, ” he would say as he lifted them closer to see the frame on the wall. 

Of course the babies were always such intent little listeners, taking in every word that Grandpa said.  Fussy babies were no match for Grandpa’s slow steady walking and quiet voice.  It was such a relief to know that they were safe and happy, and I could just unwind and have an adult conversation with my mom.  I know he loved being with them but I also know he was doing it for me too.

Thanks Dad!  I can’t wait to see you walking through the house, quietly talking to this next little one.

26 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. pettybunch

    I could just hear it, because my Daddy was the same way.  He would take the babies and talk and talk to them. AFTER he removed their blankets, shoes, and socks, because he never understood why we had to “tie ‘em up like that!”  Your Dad sounds like a gentle man like my Daddy was! You are indeed blessed!

  2. lifeisadance

    That is precious, just precious! And especially so because it’s your father, a man, and men typically aren’t the one that offer to hold a baby, much less love on them well. Wow. I absolutely love it!

  3. ABAHM

    That is the sweetest account.  How very precious.  Your Dad is the best. My hubby is so sweet with babies too, it melts my heart and makes me love him more.

  4. purpleamethyst76

    I had read this back when you first posted it (on my phone, too hard to leave comments) and had forgotten you were pregnant ’til I got to the last line…oh my heart!!! SUCH a sweet post, my friend.  The picture is darling.

  5. holeinyoursoul

    This reminds me of my Dad so much. He is so at home with his grandchildren, he gets to their level without patronising them and encourages them so much. In a way he is much more relaxed around them than my Mum is, although she’s great with them, too.

    It’s moving to watch him be so naturally at ease in their company.


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