Hi there.  Does it feel like I announced I was pregnant and then dropped off the face of the earth?  I guess that’s sort of how it happened.  I’ve written this post out in my head many times and always struggled to know how much to say about the last 2 months.  On one hand, this is the place were I write about our lives and record our memories, on the other hand I hate dwelling on the negative.  I think that some stories are best told with a little distance.  Not so much that you only remember them with fond rose-colored glasses but enough to gain some perspective.  So I think I will save any pregnancy stories I have for another day. 

Here are just a smattering of pictures I managed to take during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  I hope you can bear with me, this will probably seem a little disjointed :)

Christmas decorations were a little sparse this year but we did manage to have a beautiful, tall, and lovingly decorated tree.

We are starting to establish some Christmas traditions that the children look forward to every year, and one of them is making paper snowflakes for our windows.

My mom made snowflakes with us when we were children.  My mom was an amazing woman who just knew how to do so many interesting things.  Her brain was (and still is) a treasure-house of creative wonderment!  Making candles, pressing flowers, brewing root beer,… I spent my childhood marveling at what she would come up with next.

I see the same wonderment on my children’s faces when I do things with them.

We must have made 3 dozen snowflakes but each and every time they unfolded one they would gasp in amazement!

We made Christmas cookies and I tried not to cringe too much when they piled candy and sprinkles on each cookie.  How many times did I tell them not to lick the frosting knife?!!  I planned on giving some of the cookies to the neighbors but decided that might not be wise ;)

Our Christmas picture to put in our Christmas photo album.

This was the one we ended up using

And here are some of the outtakes…

G being goofy in each one and E giving us her best cheesy smile

J was trying to be patient but quickly loosing interest in this photographic circus.

And he’s done…

A picture of my entire family.  My brother and sister-in-law, mom and dad, and all 9 (make that 10) grandchildren.

Her room is one of the coldest in the house.  Every night I go in and make sure she is all tucked in.  One morning I came in to rouse her for breakfast and all I saw where the soles of her little feet. 

Someone had his birthday over the holidays!

Mr. G turned six and we celebrated by having a movie and popcorn night at our house.  G is currently fascinated with the Disney movie Cars 2 so we watched that, opened presents, and sang “Happy Birthday”.

He’s such a happy guy.  So easy to please.  He was just delighted with every little part of his party celebration.  He is a good example to me.

Last but not least, I have these hanging on my fridge.  It’s been a long time since I had sonogram pictures on my fridge. 

It makes me happy.  It helps me to remember that there’s a child on the way and there’s a good reason I feel the way I do :)   Hopefully we will be finding out the baby’s gender soon.  The children have their hopes set on a little girl… we shall see!

22 thoughts on “Hi

  1. armnatmom

    I enjoy viewing life through your eyes. Memorable indeed. Christmas photos and  funny takes, were as precious as the one you ended up using. Best wishes on your new arrival!


    HI April. Your brought back many happy memories of our child rearing days—kids make Christmas so much fun.

    Also, they are so curious and excited to learn things.

    Loved your photos and narrative.



  3. bamsniko22407

    Congrats again on your pregnancy!!!  We find out gender of our baby on Weds and I’m itching to find out!!!!

    Looks like a lovely past 2 months and I look forward to seeing more from you!

  4. redladybug18

    I’ve been missing you, glad to see you around again! 
    What a cute christmas picture and on the family picture I can’t believe you got all 9 kids to look at the camera at the same time!
    Happy Birthday to G!
    Hope you and the baby are doing well :)

  5. jennieanne84

    so glad to hear from you again. i admire your mommy skills. even during your pregnancy, you do SO well! your kids are cute….we like making snowflakes here too! have yourself a nice relaxing weekend..

  6. fruitloops115

    welll hello old friend! So good to see an April post again!  don’t apologize for dissappearing. I tend to do that after the baby is here.  At any rate, do we get the treat of seeing baby bump pics at any time? Also, are you finding out the gender or no? oh right, you just said, we will soon find out the gender. never mind me. 

  7. down_onthefarm

    Hi!  i have so missed you around here april! but it’s so okay not to be when you can’t. i can’t help but think of my own pregnancies that did not go easy for me. and my spirits were so weary when i couldn’t remember ever feeling well ever. while i wish that you weren’t so sick…i am very excited about the reason. :) you are growing a baby and doing a great job.

    you must be related to your mom! ;) she sounds wonderful and creative and engaged and clever and all that you wrote is who i know you to be.

  8. grace_to_be

    yay!!!! an april post!!!! 

    love all your pictures..they’re just so precious and real.i look at them and feel a minute like i’m right there. the shots of the kids are adorable. that little E just gets my heart every time! she’s a sweetie. 
    can’t wait to see that tiny form in those sonogram’s in your arms!so excited for you friend. 

  9. clearlyhis

    lovely pictures. and congratulations!! somehow I missed the earlier announcement that it sounds like you made. =)  So happy for you and hoping you’ll get to feeling better real soon!!

  10. twofus_1

    Hey, very big congratulations!!!!!!  So, if you’re close to Gender Discovery Day, then hopefully you’re feeling pretty well by now…have you been sick?  I hope to see baby bump pictures.  I started following you recently enough that I haven’t seen you pregant, so I need to be able to visualize it. :)  

    I thought of you the other day.  I was cooking and healthily snacking on carrots and hummus.  I handed Paxton another cracker when. boom. out of nowhere came the notion to dip a cracker into hummus.  Oh, my.  That was just wrong.  How good it was?  Wrong.  And I’m pretty sure I have you to blame for the idea. :)   (in a tiny voice: but thank you)

  11. lifeisadance

     It is wonderful to see a post from you again!! :) But you have all the reason in the world to take a break -  growing a baby is a far better thing than blogging anyday! :)
    How neat to do special traditions with your kids! And the look on your son’s face when he opened his snowflake – priceless!! The snowflakes looked so pretty on the door too. Such a great idea!
    You are amazing – doing fun projects, baking cookies, when you’re not feeling well. That was such a challenge for me when I was pregnant… Just keeping everyone FED was a huge undertaking!! :)
    Love to you!

  12. smilesbymiles

    Oh, I love seeing a post from you again!!  I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how you are doing.  I know quiet and not feeling well isn’t always synonomous, but it made me think you may be really sick with your pregnancy and I hoped it wasn’t true and if it was, that you would have strength to hold on.  Your little ones are just as cute or cuter as they were when you disappeared!  I love the pictures of them doing snowflakes and Christmas cookies.  Knife licking?  Good luck with that.  I can’t keep the checkers out of Liam’s mouth. :)   Hope you have a happy weekend!  And I’m seconding everyone else … I hope we get to see some baby bump pictures!

  13. Iloveaholiday

    I loved all your photos. And happy to hear about your new little one on the way!!  Christmas is for children, isn’t it? We don’t have any little ones around but maybe one day Grands will be a part of our family.  I can dream anyway!  I especially love the photo of the little feet peeking out from the covers! SO cute!

  14. seekinHISwisdom

    Everyone needs a blogging break (and others!) now and than. :) ) Baby is the perfect reason. I too disappeared for awhile and have little desire to blog currently.

    You are keeping busy I see, sometimes that can make those less than feeling perfect days go by faster….I am hoping and praying for better days ahead for you!

  15. pettybunch

    I was so delighted to see a post from you today. It has been a long time since I was pregnant, and there wasn’t such a thing as a blog back then, so I don’t know how I’d have done keeping up with it. What I see, though, is that I can’t manage to keep up with mine right now, not pregnant, no kids at home, no illness, not even a full time job!!! So while I miss seeing your posts, don’t let it worry you that you’ve taken timeout for adjustments!!

    As others have said, I love your pics. Your children are so adorable, and I love how you do things with them.

    I hope you are feeling better. Blessings to ya!!


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