This is what baking looks like at our house.

This is their favorite part.

This is what our living room looked like for the better part of a week.  Sheets to protect the couch, bowls for getting sick in, hand sanitizer, Gatorade and tissues on the coffee table.

This is the little town we made when I decided that, sick or not, the TV had to be turned off!!

This is how we like to spend Friday afternoons.

This is the adorable vintage play ironing board and iron set I found for her at an antique store.  She happily ironed, folded and re-ironed, and re-folded her blankets all day.  I know she’s never seen her own mother so enthusiastically ironing ;)

This is how he ate his cereal this morning

This is the month our baby is due

Yes, I am happily pregnant with baby number four!

39 thoughts on “This

  1. baileyandme

    HUGE happy congrats! :)
    laila was soo fascinated with the picture of eliza and the ironing board, she said wistfully, “i want to have one like that!” 
    i am also so impressed with how you let your kids paint on fridays. i admit, i really hate getting that mess out. it’s so mean of me. :(
    i also noticed your very cool real egg container. i have never seen anything like that.

  2. oneblessedwoman

    Congratulations, that is exciting news. And I too was admiring the egg carton and the ironing board. I AM NOT jealous of the sheet and “sick” bowl. Hope you are feeling ok. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. ABAHM

    YAY!  So happy for you all.  Excited to see the “sewing nesting” too. 
    Hope all feel better soon.  A sweet time of life in your household.  Love the little town with tape roads, I will have to remember that!  The ironing maiden is so cute.  Yup, we try not to iron around here, but do so only as needed.   Miss my sweet MIL who said it was her favorite indoor sport and used to ask for ironing when she visited.

  4. MrTrololo

    So cute! The baking reminds me when I was a child I used to help my mom make the cookies, apple crumble and pudding, chocolate dreams and other stuffs looking back it’s hard to believe I did all that being that young lol

  5. fruitloops115

    can’t believe I forgot to comment here. I always love these posts by you, and what a great ending this one has. I am very excited for you. CANNOT wait to see pics of the dear child. Are you finding out the gender, and will you be sharing it?

  6. pettybunch

    When I saw that first pic and the caption, I thought how tidy cooking looks at your house!  I am the messiest cook in the world, and baking only looks like that before I open ANYTHING!

    I love to iron! I used to take in ironing for a little extra money. Not many folks care much for the “ironed look” nowadays.  I just wish I had a space that my board could just stay out for use, and that my closets were large enough that I could iron all at once so things would be ready when I need them!

    That last piece is such precious news!! Congratulations!  My Dannye Reigh is a June baby – it’s a great month!

  7. down_onthefarm

    congratulations april!!! i am so excited about your new little person. it’s your first baby since we’ve crossed paths…we’re doing a pregnancy together!  yes. i know how corny and weird that sounds. my enthusiasm is making it hard to think of a better way to say how precious it is when my friends are growing and having babies.

    THIS is a fun post. and the neatest news!

  8. singingrachel

    i loved your THIS story… your mothering skills always challenge me. 

    i love what cindy said about friends growing babies and its exactly how i feel.  sooo excited for this new life in you and i wish you a healthy and speedy 9 months.

  9. lifeisadance

    Ooooh, what a delightful post!! I love how you capture every day moments! Just so neat!
    And CONGRATULATIONS! on the new little life! Oh, babies are just one of the most exciting things ever!!
    I do hope you feel better soon…

  10. Richgem

    My mouth just dropped open! Wait. Let me put my eyeballs back in. There. YAY!!! I am excited for you! Another little one to cradle in your arms! You seem to be quite a wonderful mommy. I love THIS post!

  11. zanyzeal

    Congrats   I was like reading along and I was like what?!  Hee hee… The adorable baby pictures and such excitement are going to give me that baby itch if I am not careful.  Good thing I have a niece/nephew on the way… and we find out on the 30th which it will be hopefully. 

    Sorry for the sickness, but loved your little town.  How fun!  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!


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