Good times

As an adult, I think it’s easy for me to forget how exciting and impacting simple childhood traditions can be.  But when I stop and reach way back to my own childhood memories I remember.  I remember watching my mom carefully cut the top off of a bright orange pumpkin.  I remember reaching in feeling the cool slim squish through my fingers.  It was all so new and amazing!  Watching my mom rinse and roast those pumpkin seeds in the oven.  Being delighted at the sight of my jack-o-lantern siting on the porch with a cheery candle glowing inside.

We are right there with our own children.  In that perfect stage of memory making.  So at the beginning of the week the old newspapers got spread over the kitchen table, sharpies, big spoons and carving knives were rounded up and we got to pumpkin carving.

Her pumpkin carving hat.

They all drew their own faces and I helped cut them out.  I love the way they turned out!  Pumpkins with lopsided grins and mismatched eyes are the best.

Our kiddos go to AWANAS every Wednesday night.  Because Halloween landed on Wednesday this year the AWANA leaders got together and made a special night for the kids.  Fun games and face painting and the kids were asked to dress up like their favorite animal.  My boys do not dress up.  Ever.  Not super heroes or cowboys… nothing.  It’s just too embarrassing to dress up.  People might look at you and even worse they might comment on what you’re wearing.  Oh the horror!

But now… I have one that will :)   She loves dressing up.  She decided to be a butterfly.

I can’t even tell you how much she loved her fuzzy antenna.  She bounced, and fluttered around the house.  What she lacks in gracefulness she makes up for in enthusiasm.

Yeah.  She was pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

Somehow it’s already November.  The leaves are finally changing color.  Rain has washed away the harvest dust, there’s even some snow up in the mountains, or so I’m told.

I hope you are enjoying all the little traditions of the season!    ~April

21 thoughts on “Good times

  1. Richgem

    Those pumpkins ARE the best kinds! I love the crookedness! Your Butterfly is the cutest in the Land! My kids also went to Awana on Wednesday nights. It was a good foundation and I enjoyed being a leader/listener!

  2. down_onthefarm

    seriously she is so way cute. how does she sparkle mischief in those eyes AND look so angelic at the same time? i can even SEE her dancing the way her shoulder is kinda pulled up in the one pic—love it! my two older boys were like yours. dress up? never. no way. they’d die first. same reasons ^^^.  but then i had sarah… she loves girl dress up stuff. and then jacob came along…and now we have cowboy gear. knight stuff. and superhero capes too.

    so good seeing you here april!!!

  3. redladybug18

    Pumpkin carving hats look good to me :)

    I like how you cut the pumpkins just like they drew them :)   too cute!!  ….oh and so is your butterfly!  Looks like she might just flutter away in all her cuteness :)

  4. ABAHM

    Oh she is an adorable butterfly!  So funny about the boys.  David used to go everywhere in his Indian costume I made him.  His brothers where HS age and played soccer and a teem mate asked, “why is your brother dressed as an Indian?” Another team mate answered for them…”duh, he is 8 years old!”  So apparently for some boys dressing up is natural. 

    Love the pumpkins.  I remember all the special things my mom would do for holidays, often having something special for one of the meals, and table settings.  Made childhood so special!

  5. AngelAsh_86

    Aww! Your kids are all so cute! I loved your daughter in her butterfly costume; that was adorable! :) And I also loved the crooked smiles and eyes on the pumpkins! Too cute!

  6. mytoesareblue

    i love the pumpkin carving hat and your dear daughter’s outfit. I also love the eyes and offset mouths of the pumpkins. so adorable. glad that they had a great time at Awana! When i was young we had an awana program and it was so much fun to be a part of.

  7. grace_to_be

    your kids are the cutest and you are just the sweetest mom! i think i’d like to be your kid. ;) )

    love e.’s little butterfly costume! she’s a doll.

    and i like your new header too. 

    happy new week ahead. xo

  8. lifeisadance

    how is it that i seem to miss your posts until way later??
    what a precious one this was!
    i laughed at the pumpkin carving hat… the humor of what is important to a little girl. :)
    what dear memories you are making with your children. such a wonderful reminder to be intentional about those memory making things. to create sweet moments rather than just hope they happen.

    your little e is just adorable! her delight just shines through the pictures. :)


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