Pinafores and such

Elsie Marley is a sewing blogger who hosts an annual Kids Clothes Week Challenge (KCWC).  Those who participate, spend the week making one kids’ clothing item each day for seven days.  Their creations are shared on their blogs, Flicker, Pinterest, and some are featured on Elsie’s blog.  Half way through the week I was so delighted and inspired by all the kids clothes being made that I had to jump in myself (unofficially).

It started with a simple play pinafore.

I rifled through my fabric and patterns and came up with this Echino print I bought on sale last year and an out of print Simplicity pattern.

I found these simple wooden buttons in my old button stash

and added a vintage looking tag to the back flap.

But I couldn’t stop there.  The pinafore had gone so smoothly but it was a little on the small side.  I made another, but this time I re-traced the pattern and added some inches to the length.

This time I used a natural colored linen blend.  You can see from the pattern piece how ridiculously simple this pinafore is to make.  Just one pattern piece, and two button holes.

I made my own fabric design by stamping butterflies across the length of the fabric.

I used fabric paint and a cheap brush to apply the paint to the stamps.  It was a little time consuming but I really like the way it turned out!

As I was cutting out the pattern I realized I had made the neckline a little too big and I worried that it would fall off E’s shoulders.  I compensated by adding four pin tucks to the neckline.  I’ve never made pin tucks before so they aren’t perfect but they got the job done.  It’s a fun way to dress up a plain tee and jeans.

I also finished another Summer and Polka Dots dress for E.

I kept is simple with a small floral calico and a solid chambray for the main body of the dress.  The chambray hangs so nice and has a subtle texture to it that I like.

I added some small hand made “house” tags for a little extra embellishment.

I was finally able to use one of the vintage jade flower buttons I bought at the quilt show a few years ago!

I have this stack of material on sitting next to the sewing machine.  I have plans for a double layered circle skirt for the girl.  I also promised the boys I would make flannel pjs again for them this winter.  The nights are getting cold and they love to snuggle up in flannel pjs!

If you get a chance you should check out Elsie Marley’s blog.  There is also a KCWC Pinterest board that you can find here.  And if you still haven’t gotten your fill of amazing kids clothes you can check out the KCWC Flicker pool.

Have a great week ~April

25 thoughts on “Pinafores and such

  1. lifeisadance

    The butterfly is my favorite – so genius, to create your own design! Wow. And E is absolutely beautiful. She has her mother’s gorgeous eyes!

    I have this little wish, all of a sudden, to live nearby you, and to throw inspirational sewing parties together. Let’s invite Shannon, and Thelma, and Jenny, and others, and just let our imaginations roll. :)

  2. fruitloops115

    Love it Love it! The whole KCWC is SO inspiring to me too. Not that I broke out in sewing or anything.  I just LOVE all the little touches you add, the embelishments and all. They really Make the outfits special.
    @lifeisadance - So FUNNY you should say that, I was JUST thinking as I read this post, Oh how FUN it would be to get together with some of these creative seamstresses and just SEW and create the day away! Let’s do it   Shannon and I did one time the other winter, and it was quite fun.

  3. Elizabethmarie_1

    Oh April I LOVE what you did. I am so jealous that you can just whip out gorgeous children’s clothing! It would take me years to finish something like that, it would look like a two year old concocted it and by the time I was done the fabric would be out of style! Oh how I love those little pinafores, they are so super cute. and I really like the black and white butterflies!

    Happy Weekend to you… this late-by-me-early-for-you-hour. ;)
    I so should be sleeping. I have to get up for church in the morning.

  4. frathousecook

    I am going to go look at some of the others but I can’t imagine they look better than yours.

    You really have a great style sense.  thank you for sharing,  I have stamps and may just try some these ideas.

  5. frathousecook

    @inanorchard -  Oh,  I don’t have to buy any stamps.  I used to stamp a lot of cards and still have the stamps, they are hanging in my craft room on 4 by 4 foot shelf thingie.

    I did go look at the flickr group pictures, well, some of them.  There are some very far out creations there yours are the cutest and cleverest of any.  
    you should come use some of my stamps!

  6. baileyandme

    oh, WOW! this is just the coolest post ever. i love to be inspired to sew- and you always do that so well for me! i love your style, the neatness and little finishing touches. that butterfly dress= so cool!
    keep these posts coming– and thanks for linking to ms. marley awhile back- i really like her blog now…
    and i agree dreaming over stashed fabric and notions is SO FUN.

  7. Trendymeg

    Oh my goodness! Breath taking! I am in love with all of it! Any way you can make dresses in my size? ;) WOW! This is exactly the reason that I need to have a baby girl someday. I love making girl clothes. You have inspired me! Maybe it’s time for me to face my fears and make some boys clothes! (I am still convinced that girls clothes are still much cuter!) Thanks for sharing these beautiful pieces with all of us!

  8. inanorchard

    @Trendymeg - Hey Meagan!  You know, I don’t do a ton of sewing for my boys :(   They’re picky about what they will wear and won’t wear.  I hate to put a lot of work into something only to have it sit in the closet.  E will wear anything I make!  Dana (from Made) has that boys pants tutorial and free pattern, that would look so cute on your little guy!!

  9. seekinHISwisdom

    so enjoyed this post, even though I do no sewing myself. well I used to, even made my own dress’…all of them. but I never enjoyed it. I can see you do enjoy it and you do a super neat job, it makes me all the more aware that those sewing projects sitting in totes around here that will never happen. Maybe I should hand over my fabric and pricey sewing machine……;)

    The butterfly is my favorite as well!

  10. Alyssa

    I LOVE everything you made! and Love your fabric choices. Those pinafores are adorable. I saw a few posts over that you’re expecting…congratulations! Glad to find your blog.


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