In the Kitchen

In my kitchen~

* There is a small girl pushing her pink grocery cart and singing “I’m a little teapot short and stout…”

*Fall strawberries.  There is something so perfect about fall strawberries.  The last of summer sweetness right before the long cold spell.  Smaller than their summer cousins… bite sized… an unexpected treat.

* Fresh bread, now that our heat wave has finally relented.

*Cookies, chocolate chip of course.  A nice stack of crispy, golden cookies and the last pan that got forgotten and burned (happens a little too frequently).

*Piles of dirty dishes.

* Creamy sausage, kale and potato soup (recipe from The Pioneer Woman)

And my new favorite recipe, Creamy Avocado Yogurt Dip.  It is delightful.  I love guacamole but this dip is even better, smooth, creamy, tangy, with a little bit of heat.  Get yourself a bag of pita chips and you are set. 

This post inspired by Soulemama who has a lovely kitchen.

19 thoughts on “In the Kitchen

  1. purpleamethyst76

    You have a lovely kitchen!

    Very nice pictures….all so clean and inspiring, even the “dirty dishes in the sink” one!

    I made a homemade yellow cake w/homemade chocolate buttercream icing yesterday. 

  2. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    and, now i’m hungry. 
    i love this type of post April….actually, any post from you i love, but this type where you show little pieces of your life and what is going on…these pictures just speak of love to me. loving your family by working with your hands to nurture their bodies.
    happy week to you!

  3. redladybug18

    I absolutely love this post!!!  Makes me want to get in the kitchen and start baking right now even though it’s almost 10pm :)   I love baking and haven’t done much of it since I’ve been so busy.  I can’t wait to get back into it.  I love me some fresh bread!  I don’t know how people live without liking to bake and cook.
    Your strawberries still come in those little pint plastic things?  They’re so cute and I miss that ours don’t come like that any more.  I remember growing up doing crafts with those and weaving yarn through them. 

    That avocado dip sounds really yummy too!

  4. Richgem

    Something in common…I have those jars and that mixer and love them. What I do wish I had; the strawberries, and oh, that SOUP!!! We have a mess in our same as yours sink and neither of us feels like cleaning it up. I made a pot of pintos and toward the end of their boiling yumminess, I added a third cup of quinoa. Then I mashed them in the same pan (olive oil for fat), added cheese and filled some cook your own flour tortillas. We are stuffed. And the kitchen fairy hasn’t arrived!

  5. oneblessedwoman

    This post blessed my heart. Your kitchen looks so cozy, yummy and inviting. That soup looks delicious, as well as the bread and cookies. And the dip sounds like a must have. I was seriously thinking of making bead today, actually I should say attempting to make bread, I am trying so hard to master that art. And my 2 school kids want to help me make choc chip cookies after school. Must be that time of the year:).

  6. Want2FitIn2Fat2Fit

    The food all looks SO good ! I know what you mean about fresh bread….my dad has been making his fresh sourdough bread from a starter he’s been taking care of (feeding,mixing, etc) everyday for about 2 months,now. The smell of warm bread feels the house…I love it =)

  7. inanorchard

    @Richgem - The kitchen fairy has not visited my kitchen yet either!  I might have to do something about those dishes myself :)   Your bean and quinoa tacos sound great!  Do you like cooking with quinoa?  I’ve pinned a lot of recipes but I haven’t really used any yet.

    @oneblessedwoman - Thank you!  I agree that Fall and winter really are the best times to cook and bake.  After a long summer of trying to avoid heating up the house I’m really ready to get out my stock pot and bread pans :)

    @Want2FitIn2Fat2Fit - Yum!!  Fresh sourdough bread!  That sounds heavenly.  I had a sourdough starter a few years back but I killed it before I really started getting good flavored bread.  You make me want to try it again :)   Thanks for stopping by and saying “hi”!

  8. lifeisadance

    Okay, so now that you’ve got a wonderful smorgasboard, I want to come over!! Not that I didn’t already before, but this makes me want to come all the more! :) There is something about Autumn that makes me want to be in the kitchen more than any other season… Why, I’m not sure, but I welcome that desire. :)

  9. Richgem

    I have cooked with quinoa a  few times, mainly just throwing it in with the beans. I did cook up a batch and mixed in some chicken, if I remember correctly. (air-head day) It does have a sort of vegetabaly taste, so a meat and stock is good to add. I also enjoy the texture, plus knowing it’s a healthy filler.  Well, the kitchen fairy never showed up, but between my efforts and hubby’s efforts, it’s now clean and ready to be messed up again!


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