Apples and October baseball

We have been enjoying all the activities autumn has to offer… only in 100 degree heat.  I’ve stopped checking the 10-day forecast because it’s breaking my heart.

Our school field trip was scheduled for the first of October and the optimistic part of my brain was hoping for crisp, sweater-wearing, proper fall weather.  No such luck.  Regardless, a great time was had by all!

The Cover Apple Ranch is a small but lovely little place tucked into the foothills of the Sierras.

It boasts a small locomotive train, a duck pond, an assortment of farm animals, 7 varieties of apples, a small pumpkin patch, a gift shop, and a play area.  In other words, the perfect place for children.

One of the new calves.  Such a sweet face!

The trees were full of apples.

The children were treated to a pie-making demonstration.  Everyone at the ranch was so friendly, they really worked hard to make it interesting for the kiddos.

After a tour of the ranch the kids were treated to fresh apple juice and cookies.  I didn’t get any pictures of J because we were separated into groups and he was in the 2nd grade group while I hung out with the kindergarteners.

I can’t get over how cute those apple cups are.  I wanted to steal them from the other children.  I didn’t.


Our favorite baseball team is going to the playoffs!  So, we took the kids to see the A’s play the Rangers.  They put on a good show!  They even scored a home run.  We all cheered and hollered until our voices were hoarse.


The second we plopped down she said, “When are they going to bring us our hotdogs?!”

It was a great night but a late one… we didn’t get the kids to bed until after midnight.


And since I like pictures of eggs and flowers I leave you with this…

Happy fall my friends! 

10 thoughts on “Apples and October baseball

  1. Richgem

    Happy Fall to YOU!  I love this post. I’ve missed your posting/blogging. I feel your pain with the warm temps. We’ve been up into the high 80s, which is pretty warm when the sun is SO penetrating in our mile-high town. Next week it’ll drop. Like crazy, supposedly.  Those apple cups are adorable! Your family is adorable! 

  2. wj3km

    Where do you all live??? to be so warm still – we had to turn the furnace on two weeks ago :(  with 50′s during the day – thankfully it’s been comfortably nice this week, but very cold again by this weekend with lows in the 30′s -uugghh.  The leaves here are beautiful right now though, but falling fast with the wind.

    We cheer for the Rangers!!  Got to see them this summer too, but they lost to the Indians.  Our kids really getting to see baseball games in a stadium – we often get to see wonderful fireworks afterwards which, yes, makes getting home way past midnight.
    Hope it cools off for you soon and make it feel more like Fall. :)  

  3. ABAHM

    aww, yes, we have had those kind of field trips, all ready for Fall and Apples and then a super hot day It is always fun though.  I like all the, apples, animals, pumpkins!    It has been in the 90′s here, and so hot.  Last night it cooled off a bit and was so welcome.

    The baseball looks fun.  You all are so cute.  Love the hot dog comment. 

    I like eggs and flowers too.  very cheery!

  4. purpleamethyst76

    Beautiful photos, April.  Oh how I love egg and flower pictures, too!

    I had to laugh when your daughter sat right down and wondered where the hotdogs were.  LOL

    I am hoping that I can go apple picking with Rich and the kids this weekend.  Happy Fall, friend!

  5. bamsniko22407

    Looks like a great time!  I love the calf!!  I have a soft spot for cows… not sure where that comes from… lol

    I Love the flowers in your pitcher!  So soft and such a great shade of purple!!!


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