I don’t know what heaven is going to be like, but if I were to hazard a guess I would say it might look something like this:
Me sitting next to a lake with my oldest and dearest friend.
I reach into a bag and hand her two pretzels.
She generously coats them in Nutella and hands one back.
She reads the good bits from the newspaper.
I make sure to point out the rotund man wearing a Speedo.
Nutella is applied to two more pretzels.
And so on and so forth for all of eternity…


We squeezed in one last summer getaway with our friends.  It’s off season at Pinecrest lake which means that cabin and boat rentals are discounted but the weather is still very pleasant.  We rented a cabin for the whole week, and we made the most of our time.  Lots of swimming, boating, hiking and eating.

The first day we rented a party boat and took everyone out for a tour of the lake and some fishing.

Our kids are used to boating on Grandpa W.’s boat but the mountain lake proved to be much colder than they were used to :)

This is our friends’ youngest child.  He LOVED the boat!  I loved his yellow hat :)  

There was lots of fishing but no bites the entire week.  We saw loads of people pulling in 4 to 5 lake trout in one sitting but we never caught one.  Attention span might have been a factor.

I like his impish little grin…

Steph had to keep one hand on her little guy the entire time!  Gravity is a concept that is completely lost on him :)

Most of the children slept together downstairs but the younger two slept upstairs with the adults.  E has gotten too big for her little porta-crib so she ended up sharing a bed with us.  Inevitably we would spend the night hanging off the edge of the bed while she spread out between us.

Mornings were slow.

Yummy breakfast.  Lounging around reading books, doing homework.  There was no TV or internet access and none of our cell phones worked.  Twice during the week the guys headed to the local inn to check emails and the news but other than that we were completely cutoff.

There is a beautiful path that skirts around the perimeter of the lake, so one day we packed lunches and went for a hike.  We guessed it was about a 3 mile hike, we found out later it was closer to 4.  The kids were real troopers!  The littlest two spent a lot of time perched on their dads’ shoulders.

Just one of the many beautiful homes around the lake.

E hiked a huge portion of the lake but towards the end she was getting pretty tired.  It was slow going.  She wanted to stop and look at every little thing :)

The last several days I even took a break from taking pictures.  It was so nice to just slow down.  I managed to finish two books, do a little crocheting and put together a puzzle I brought.

In other completely unrelated and random news:

I’ve decided that I love the high powered vacuum at the car wash.  They are just!  I vacuumed every square inch of the car, all three of the children, and almost offered to vacuum out the car next to me. 

I bought some Starburst candies from the Halloween section at Target.  They’re the miniature kind that come with two per package.  Whenever I open one and there’s two reds I always get this little thrill, but when there’s two yellows I feel kind of ripped off. 

Aren’t you glad to know that?

18 thoughts on “Pinecrest

  1. appalolly

    Your vacation looks SO wonderful! Loved your description of heaven…nutella and all!  And yes, I am glad to know that you don’t like the yellow Starbursts. I feel like that is important information!

  2. ABAHM

    I enjoyed “going along” on your vacation week.  You are right…a slice of heaven…including a friend.  BTW, I will eat the yellow and you can have the red Starbursts, so yes, important to know
    The pic of E in the center of bed made me cry.  Our David used to hog the bed, in eons past.  Say a prayer for him, yes?  My mama heart is hurting today to see his big legs strong and able again.

  3. fruitloops115

    whenever you mention your friend Steph, I won’t lie, I feel a twinge of envy that she gets to be with you IRL and be your bestie 
    Your vacation looks….Amazing. just amazing. I ‘m jealous about it too, Such gorgeous scenery that we have none of in this part of the world. We have pretty, but not gorgeous, not lakes and mountains such as those.
    And now that your kids are properly vacuumed I hope you treat yourself to yet another red candy bar. I totally get that. the red candy. I love them too.

  4. pettybunch

    What a beautiful place! I love the scenery, but I would be cold, I can already tell!  The pic of E in y’alls bed is so poignantly sweet!

    I love car wash vacuums, too. I wish I had one in my house! Think of the stuff I could suck up – it boggles the imagination!! 

    My favorite Starburst are the Reds, then yellow. DO NOT give me an ORANGE!! EEEWWWWWWW!

  5. aliyagator

    I will eat your yellow starbursts.  But uh.. I still want my red ones.  ha.  I used to be like the commenter above who doesn’t like orange ones.  I HATED orange flavored candy until last time I was pregnant and now I like them.  They are still not my favorite.  But I don’t avoid them and sometimes I even eat them first or last.

    A week unconnected sounds just marvelous. 

  6. lifeisadance

    What an absolutely lovely vacation! Not only with family, but with your best friend! It sounds like you two have a really special friendship. That is SO special! I have a few friends like that too, and they are absolutely *priceless*!!
    Some of the scenery out there is so amazing I can hardly believe it’s this side of heaven. :) For real, you are LU-CKY! :)

  7. grace_to_be!! and what a gorgeous spot~ i think you DID find a slice of heaven. the house you took a picture of is amazing..and to think so many ppl just build those as “cottages” not even year long homes. can you imagine?must be nice. :) )

    i wish you were closer – i’d drive ya right down to the local car wash and let your little heart sing by vacuuming my van. though it might cure you forever of your love.. there’s so much dirt in there, i’m surprised we’re not growing things by now. :/

    i hear ya on the red starburst. i feel that way about most candies. gotta be RED!! i used to buy a roll of lifesavers and eat all the red ones and give the rest to my little brothers!! :) )

    miss you my friend. xo


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