This is a post idea I shamelessly stole from my sister-in-law

This is how every summer Sunday afternoon should be spent

This is what happens when I get bored

This is what a sick little girl looks like

This is another project crossed off the to-do list

This is a long overdo project for my nephew

This is the cutest golf cart ever

This is the basket that was taken in the golf cart for a picnic down the lane.

This is what it looked like when it came back

This is my best friend, and when I’m with her I feel happy and young and carefree

This is one of my favorite things about summertime

This is what I told them, “Golf carts are not for horsing around!”  When I know that’s pretty much exactly what they are for ;)

This is a happy sight.

This is a happy momma who doesn’t have to make supper tonight.

And this is the end

26 thoughts on “This

  1. Richgem

       THIS post is adorable! I love the photos, especially the one of you and your best friend! Do you get to eat any of the corn growing right next to you? I’d be dying if I couldn’t eat any of it. That’d be like living above a bakery and not getting to eat any of the goodies.      

  2. baileyandme

    i remember you talking about your friend and all the good things you had to say about her. i loved hearing it. i think her name was stephanie? good memory, jeanette!
    i love the “eliza bunting”….
    and yes, i can t-t-t-t-estify that after-picnic coolers are so gross. the other day i took my kids and a friend’s kids to the park– and almost gagged when i had to unpack all the ‘hot from the day’ food at the end of the day.
    anyway- said all that to say- i feel ya.
    have a super week, friendy. :)

  3. Elizabethmarie_1

    I Loved this post! I miss everyone on here…I keep posting, but barely chat! Soon market season will be over and then I’ll “socialize” more. =)  April, you are so beautiful. I love your hair and your pretty polka dot shirt in your best friend picture.

    The kids on the golf cart are adorable. Fun picnic basket.
    Hope little Eliza is feeling better.

    Happy new week to you!

  4. pettybunch

    @inanorchard - Yes, she is due to have little Chloe Grace around October 11th!!  We are planning (Lord willing!) to go up to be with her for the whole month (she’s in Michigan, we’re in Texas), and we cannot wait!  I have 2 granddaughters and a grandson now living here in Texas, which is so much fun!  That’s one reason I love your sewing so much – your little girl is about the same age as my oldest granddaughter.

  5. lifeisadance

    and i love THIS! it just seems a lovely soaking of the last days of summertime.
    the best friend picture is so pretty, and it speaks volumes ~ true friendships like that are so priceless!
    you are so gorgeous in that picture ~ i love the carefree, happy expressions you both have on it!
    happy picnic lunch, and you sound like a fun mom, teasing around with your kiddos. :)
    the bunting in Eliza’s room is so cute! love the variation on the triangle.
    happy monday, sweet friend!

  6. fruitloops115

    another fan of this post always a highligth to see an April post. i had to laugh at the fruit all cut up pretty. I’m not sure if that’s what I’d resort to, should boredom set it Fun seeing a pic of your best friend, you guys look so fun

  7. wj3km

    Yes, lovely pics of summer :)  I should take more time to cut up veggies and fruit in such cute, fun shapes – maybe they would chose to eat more on their own rather than being coaxed… or bribed ;)

    You are beautiful – looks like you have a faithful, loyal n fun friend!  Love the navy blue.

  8. grace_to_be

    what a sweet, fun post.

    you look beautiful in your polka dotted blouse~ love it!
    and the ones is w/ the keys.. just the cutest!old skeleton keys are something i’ve recently gotten into..just using around the house for decoration and my kate made a necklace from one!funny how much keys have changed, eh? :)
    have a super day.miss you. xo


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