First day of school.  I love it.  Everything about it.  From the pencil boxes and neatly packed lunches, to the beautifully decorated, perfectly organized classroom.  The first day of school is always a happy one.  No tears, just eager anticipation.

First-day-of-school-pictures, starting with J’s kindergarten year.

This year it was G’s turn, his moment, his time to proudly walk into school with a fresh scrubbed face, shiny new shoes, and a dinosaur backpack.

Mrs. Boone was there the moment G walked into the classroom.  She gave him a warm squeeze, told him how happy she was to see him and showed him were to put his things.

Mr. G’s desk, font and center :)

J was an old pro at the whole “back to school thing”.  He ran ahead of us and by the time we arrived at his classroom he had already put away his things and found his desk.

This is J’s classroom this year.  Isn’t it the sweetest?!  The 2nd grade class is going to be so cozy in this little one-room cabin.

These two are still as close as ever :)

My best friend’s youngest daughter also started kindergarten this year with G.  I’m so glad they will be together!

The second grade class with Mrs. Braley.  We are already loving J’s new teacher!

Mrs. Boone and the kindergarten class.

I was the school volunteer for the day so I was able to stay and peek in on G’s class. 

We finished the day in grand style with a trip the the frozen yogurt store with a bunch of the families from school.

Things I want to remember about G’s first day of school:

~ On our way out the door G jumped off the porch step and said, “First day of school… here I come!”.
~ The way J gently explained to G everything that would happen in Mrs. Boone’s class that day, and then said, “You’re going to do great!”.
~ And when it was time for G to leave my side and go with his class; I will always remember how suddenly nervous he looked, but he kept his chin up and did what he needed to do.  That’s my boy!

Life is good…

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  1. appalolly

    I can almost feel the excitement from here! I always loved the first day of school too…as a kid…but my boys don’t seem quite as excited as I used to be!  Now you’ll be getting a lot of quality time with Little Miss E, won’t you?

  2. mrs_mkz

    I always loved the first day of school too! New stationary, new books… but the excitement of being back in school usually died within the first two weeks once the homework, assignment and tests started coming in lol

  3. twofus_1

    Sweet.  Sweet. Sweet. That classroom has an inviting, homey, educational atmosphere.  I can feel it and I’m not even there. Wow, you must feel great sending your kids to that school. :)   Your little ones are just adorable. 

  4. lifeisadance

    Wow, are you kidding me? School in a little log cabin?? How FUN would that be. Can I start school too please?
    Your little kiddos are so precious. Love the shots from year to year. Isn’t it just astounding how much they can grow in such a short time?!


  5. grace_to_be

    loved this post~ i want to go to school in that little house!! =) your kiddos are just ADORABLE. like they need to be gap models or something – - consider that if funds ever run low. ;) )

    happy monday there sweet april!

  6. skittler335

    What a wonderful post! Glad that both of your boys are doing well! What kind of school do they attend? Is it private or public? I’ve just never seen little cabins like that before, how FUN! :) It’s hard to believe they are old enough to be going.

    I hope you are well! I’ve missed you and your photos of your beautiful children and sewing projects that make me wish I sewed! 


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