Summer is in full swing.  It is here in all it’s nostalgic glory… ice cream cones, sunscreen, tan legs, dirty feet,  lemonade, comic books,  staying up late, sleeping in, county fair, fresh fruit, happy summer hum! 

Since all my friends are busy having summer babies I have been busy sewing baby things.  I do love sewing for babies!  So many tiny things all over the sewing room, more than I bothered to take pictures of but here are a few~

Our friends (who also happen to be family on my husband’s side) were expecting their first child this July.  They decide not to find out the baby’s gender, so I made some gender neutral onesies and burp clothes.  To be honest I’m not very good at making gender neutral things.  I’m constantly wondering if they are too feminine or too masculine. 

On a whim I made a little dress, just in case they had a little girl.  I used some vintage fabric my friend gave me for my birthday.  It was cream with a raised yellow swiss dot.  I added mint green baby buttons to the front.

Since the fabric was a bit sheer I did a double layer on the skirt, and added some sweet little trim.

Our friend ended up having a beautiful little girl!  So the dress will get some use after all :)


I’ve been working hard to keep the kiddos busy this summer (not too busy, but trying to fight off the summer madness that can set in).  We’ve made many trips to the library and I am happy to report, we have only incurred one 25 cent late fee!!  I know.  I can hardly believe it myself.

Our friend Simeon, took this picture of E.  It is my favorite picture of her to date.  It just captures who she is so well! 

Lots of pool swimming

Water coloring

And missed naps.  Our busy summertime schedule sometimes spills over into nap time.  She was so tired one afternoon that she climbed in my laundry basket and fell asleep.

This is my garage sale find!  I plan on painting it a fun color and making new cushions for it, but first I must wait until the dog grows out of his chewing stage.


We went away for 2 nights and 2 days for our anniversary.  Stayed in Carmel-by-the-Sea (yes that is the towns’ full name).   We slept in, eat amazingly good food, took hikes, sat on the beach, and window shopped.

He carved our name into the bench that overlooks Point Lobos.  Twelve years. 

“He is more myself than I am.  Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” ~ Emily Bronte

PS~  my camera is not working right now.  I have my best tech guy working on it, but I’m not sure I will be posting pictures anytime real soon.  Hopefully it can be brought back to life!

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  1. H0LDfast

    gid looks totally grown up in that pool picture. it also doesn’t look like a pond in that shot ; ) ps. jack asked after we left this morning if moms wear real pajamas like kids do? apparently yours did not fall into his ‘real’ category = )
    and that picture of eliza …. when i saw it on fb, i thought the same thing.

  2. redladybug18

    Love that picture of E taking her nap in the laundry basket :)  
    BTW congrats on 12 years :)
    Beautiful clothes and sounds like summer is going well and you’re having fun!

  3. baileyandme

    wow. your sewing stuff inspires me. and your sewing is so cute, neat and perfect! i love to sew too- but i do not crank out the pretties like you do. you should open an etsy shop!
    i love eliza’s hair- it is so french and darling.
    your posts always make my day- they are so full of GOOD PERTY LIFE.
    love ya, miss ya, jenny

  4. lifeisadance

    Oh WOW, i just love the stuff that you do! So much variation, so much creativity! So much beauty!
    And you do it with three kids. That is even more impressive. Now that I have three I have a whole new admiration for mothers who don’t just keep after the house but still do fun project stuff! I love when you post your inspirations and projects!
    Do you have some favorite etsy sites to buy fabric? I’ve bought some off of there for projects, but haven’t really found a good store that I go back to. I love the variation of your prints.

    I always love when you post! They’re so full of HAPPY.
    E sleeping in the laundry basket made me laugh out loud, and my kids came running to see. :)
    So happy you had a getaway for your anniversary! Those times can seem a bit hard to actually plan, but they are so worth it! We are still awaiting our anniversary trip (from celebrating 7 back in June… ) :)


  5. inanorchard

    @lifeisadance - Clarita, I don’t buy fabric from etsy much anymore.  I use or, sometimes  You are so sweet my friend!  Sewing with three children when your youngest is 3, is


    different than when your youngest is a newborn :)

  6. ABAHM

    Not much time these days to be on here with my David so sick, but I do love to pop in and see what you are doing and all your beautiful, happy, summertime fun.  It is uplifting!  Happy anniversary too, sounds perfect!

  7. inanorchard

    @ABAHM - Oh Jenny I’m so sorry to hear that David is not feeling well!  I haven’t been on my lately either, and the last I had heard he was starting to feel better.  I will be praying!

  8. fruitloops115

    it made my day to see an April post again Like everyone else, the pretties you sew just amaze me. I love the set of gender-neutral burp clothes that you did, i think you did a great job w/ the whole gender neutral thing.

    And your anniversary trip looks very very fun!

  9. bamsniko22407

    I LOVE the onesies and burp clothes!!!!  And the little dress is just too cute!  You are so creative!

    Looks like a wonderful place for an anniversary!  Happy anniversary and enjoy the rest of your lovely summer!

  10. down_onthefarm

    so much FUN looking at your projects! that lil dress is darling! love the layers and trim in the skirt. and the bike on that onsie would be just perfect for my new baby boy—IF i were having one. like maybe IF i were younger and all that.

    congrats on 12! and for making a getaway happen. carmel by anything sounds awesome. :) actually i think we drove through there…20 years ago. looks lovely.

    and your E. oh my. that is such a great pic! there is sparkly sunshine all over her. :)

    enjoy the rest of your summer! love and miss you.

  11. inanorchard

    @down_onthefarm - Love you and miss you too!!  I never thought this west coast girl would ever fall in love with a landlocked state but PA has a very special place in my heart (of course you and all my other sweet PA friends are the main attraction ).  

  12. grace_to_be

    that little yellow dress is so adorable!
    and i can’t help it, but it reminded me of that bikini song.
    although instead i’ll sing it…
    “she wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot.. DRESS” ;)

    happy anniversary to you and justin.
    sounds like a wonderful few days away.
    and sure hope you can get a new camera.
    i know the feeling. :)

    happy first of august my dear. xo

  13. specialxplaces

    That little dress is divine, I adore it! And your little girl sleeping in the laundry basket is the most precious moment I’ve seen in a long time! Your life looks beautiful from my perspective. 


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