Potato Digging Party

If you have never been to a potato digging party I can say with all confidence that you have lived a deprived life.  Every year our friends David and Beth plant a big lovely vegetable garden.   This year they planted a large crop of yellow and red potatoes that all needed to be harvested at one time.  That’s when Beth came up with the brilliant idea for a potato digging party. 

We arrived Friday evening with our work clothes on and plenty of shovels.  First we feasted on hotdogs, fresh corn from the garden, grilled and seasoned squash, water melon, and some amazing Nutella Rice Krispy treats!  After we had eaten our fill, laughed at all the children’s jokes, had seconds on the nutella rice krispy treats; we gathered our shovels and headed down to the garden.

The kids were eager to help.  My kiddos had never seen what potatoes look like outside of a super market, and they were anxious to start digging.

The weather could not have been nicer; cool with just a slight breeze.  The company was excellent and many hands made light work.

Beth’s sisters also came to help!  Some of you might recognize Mary and Sharon from our Pioneer Women Adventures :)  

We harvested buckets and buckets of potatoes!!  The red potatoes looked so pretty when we pulled them out of the dark brown earth.

She was covered in dirt.  Every time I looked up I saw her laying down in the dirt!

The little girls working hard and keeping each other company.

We dug and we dug until we had no sunlight left to see by.  The children were having a little contest to see who could find the biggest potatoes.  These two always seemed to dig up the biggest potatoes!

That night we got home late, with smiles on our faces and a car full of fresh potatoes, canned goodness, sweet corn, summer squash, red onions, and good memories!

Good night my friends!  More summer fun to come….

19 thoughts on “Potato Digging Party

  1. fwren

    What a wonderful time!  I should know your friends, I think, but they live in a different part of the country.  Would you be willing to message me with their names? 

  2. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    i have definitely lived a deprived life. and, now i know why! ;O)
    this looks like such a great time, and what a lot of potatoes!! awesome!
    your little girlie..she has changed so much! growing right up, she is!
    good to see a posting from you April!

  3. lifeisadance

     Whoever knew that potato digging could be fun? Apparently no one else before you, but I will take a bet that there will be all kinds of potato digging parties now! It sounds like a complete party! And your little ones are growing up so fast… Their EYES are just gorgeous!! They get them from their beautiful mommy, that’s what. :) Love to you, sweet April!

  4. SpazzyMommy

    I would feel deprived…but I’ve been to a Lima Bean picking party. I told them calling it a “party” was false advertising. LOL. ;) Potatoes look as if they would make a much better party than Lima Beans.

    Your itty-bitty is so precious laying in the dirt like that. :)  

  5. down_onthefarm

    so i’ve lived a deprived life…eh? :) you all make this look waaaay fun! and someday, when i am as privileged, teehee, i will be laying in the dirt, just like your daughter!

    been thinking about you lots.


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