Further Fashion Failures


Other titles considered for this post:  Pinterest Makes me Ugly,  Hobo Chic,  Why I love Pony Tail Holders
{but really you can’t beat a good alliteration}

I wish this was the type of blog that provided useful, easy fashion fixes, but I can only work with what I’ve got, and most of my fashion adventures are of the blooper variety.  As many of you know, for the last year or so I’ve been growing out my hair.  When you pair “awkward grow-out phases” with  my complete inexperience with long hair it all adds up to a lot of bad hair days.  Needless to say I’m always on the look for out for useful styling tips and easy/attractive hair solutions.  Pinterest if full of hair styling ideas and I’m a sucker for a good hair gimmick so I thought I would give it a go.

I settled on a method that was supposed to achieve “sexy, relaxed beach curls” in three easy steps.  Step one: divide damp hair into sections, step two: twist sections and pin to your head, step three: when dry remove bobby pins and gently run fingers through hair.  The result was a beautiful, natural looking, perfectly wavy hair.  Some bloggers suggested doing this right before bed and sleeping on it, while other bloggers said to just twist your hair in the early morning, and in a few hours the curls would be ready to go.  Since sleeping on a bunch of twisted bobby pins sounded totally unappealing I opted for the daytime method.   I carefully divided and pinned my hair and waited the prescribed two hours.  After two hours my hair was still very damp so I waited another hour.  When it became clear that my hair was never going to dry of it’s own accord, and that it was possible starting to mildew I decided to deviate from “three easy steps”.  I rummaged through the bottom of my bathroom cabinets and pulled out my never-been-used hair diffuser/ blow dyer attachment, and started blowing my hair dry.  After several minutes of blow drying it still wasn’t dry, so I left the pins in for another 40 minutes and tried blowing them dry again.  “Fast and easy” were quickly being crossed off the list, so I was now holding out for “looks fabulous”.

Before I do the big picture reveal; let me just recap for you the actually steps involved in this hair style-

Step one: it is best to start this process with an attitude of gullible optimism
Step two: divide damp hair into sections
Step three: twist and pin sections of hair to your head
Step four: wait two hours
Step five: wait another hour
Step six: assure your oldest son for the 10th time that you will not go into town looking like that
Step seven: find hair diffuser
Step eight: blow dry hair not once but twice
Step nine:  remove pins and gently run fingers through hair AND…..


Okay, so… it’s not really that sexy beach wave look.  It’s more like the “I’ve been living under a bridge” look. Or what I like to call the “Nick Nolte Mugshot” look.

Tucking behind the ears does not help.

I have no words…

I tried combing it out for a sleeker, softer appearance

Still not working

What is up with the look on my face?

I think the lessons we can all take away from this cautionary tale are: if it sounds to good to be true then it’s too good to be true, and... pony tail holders are your friend.

29 thoughts on “Further Fashion Failures

  1. ehrinn_l

    lol… i tried this offa pinterest, too!

    my hair has a bit of natural wave. sometimes it waves more than other times. so, i thought… great! this pinning thing will work perfectly on my hair! i pinned it up and slept on it.

    it didn’t work perfectly on my hair. it was okay… but i STILL ended up helping it with a curling iron.

    don’t try the salt spray thing, either. it simply makes your hair… stiff and white with salt!

  2. ABAHM

    LOL, your face over rules the hair…meaning you are pretty and funny too. I love the expression in pic #3.  Yup, a curling iron or a pony tail clip is a good thing. 

    I was thinking I need to try a few more styles with my hair.  I gave it a bit more poof in the front, kind of 40′s looking.   My son said, ” Why is your hair so bumpy on top today?”

  3. YouToMe

    hahhahaa i love your sense of humor! 


    It was fun reading this. reminded me of a lucy ricardo episode. yours sounds like my approach to hairstyling..dont want to suffer more than few minutes for it, and  sure don’t’ want to sleep on it or walk around with things in my hair. lol 

    you still look cute though! lol. i bet your husband had a good chuckle or two and thinks you look adorable and beautiful nonetheless. but i hear ya. not exactly how you envisioned it.

    i just heard about the beach wave look too — finally a style that’s right for me ;D

    but i guess not either. lol. i tend to look like i was riding a motor bike all day.


  4. lovinbloggin

    you are so cute! :) seriously…you have a very cute, girly look….i think it’s your sparkly eyes!! 

    seriously….people, we HAVE to remember that photography, however amazing and beautiful, CAN be deceiving. (btw i am a photographer.)  and pinterest can have such a “magazine” deliverance. i mean, seriously, take your eyes off the picture and think for TWO seconds…that piece you cut off from the bottom of a tshirt and slit strips into that was suppossed to make a cute, upcycled scarf??? ya. adorbs in an image on a cute, smiling chick surrounded by gorgeous, natural light and soft focus.  but lets face it, try wearing it to the grocery store or to the office under stark, flourescent lighting….it’s just gonna scream, “i-tried-to-be-crafty-thrifty-creative-upcycley-green-cute-vintage-and-now-i-just-feel-like-i-am-mom-wearing-the-first-grader’s-art-project-out-of-charity”!!  

  5. purpleamethyst76

    Oh my word, this reminded me that I used to curl my hair like that every night when I was a teenager……I had long long hair back then and I loved curling it.  This whole post made me laugh, especially when you mentioned that you looked as though you just came out from under a bridge.  Really, it’s not THAT bad!  You are so pretty!! 

  6. H0LDfast

    i don’t have pinterest, but i watched some online clip on this the week before mothers day & thought perfect i’m doing it sunday. i even suffered through the bad nights sleep … in the morning it wasn’t dry, or sexy or wavy beachy. it was damp & stringy – hello pony : ) as proof you can look back to my mothers day post!
    this was funny, i laughed. so did rex.
    you’re beautiful & your hair is getting long!

  7. pettybunch

    I slept on pin curls most of my childhood – definitely not going there again!  My hair has become thin in my older age, so many of the styles I see just look terrible when I try them.  I have achieved the “wavy beach look” simply by using mousse and my diffuser, scrunching the whole time.  My hair has very little-to-no natural wave, but this works fairly well.  My daughter just tried one of those 3-barrell curling irons that are supposed to do the same thing, and she had good success with that.

    I have the feeling that you’d be adorable no matter how you fix your hair, though!!

  8. MattsMami

    I have a really good tip for you! My hair does the same thing. The trick that the tutorial left out is after you’ve removed all the bobby pins, put some sort of light weight oil (I like argan oil and I also use Bed Heads now discontinued *cry* shine junkie) on your hands. Make sure to start with just a little bit and add small amounts as you need to, rub your hands together so it’s spread out all over your hands and distributes evenly,  THEN run your fingers through your hair. You’ll have the pretty, smooth beachy waves without all the frizz :)

  9. appalolly

    Ok, maybe this just say something about my lack of hair and fashion sense, but I honestly don’t think that those pictures of your hair (especially before you combed through it) look that bad. I would certainly not think “lives under a bridge” if I saw you at the store with hair like that.  I would maybe think “windy day” but your pretty smile and sparkly eyes would totally make up for any lack in the hair dept.  That said, I can SO relate to stuff NOT turning out like it is supposed to. I have thought about doing a whole post of failed experiments, yet I continue to try new things. Maybe one day I will learn!

  10. bamsniko22407

    Lately, I’ve been in LOVE with this “octopus” clip that holds all of my hair at once in a neat bun.  Its awesome for cleaning or crafting since it gets all my hair up and off of me.  My hair tends to be too thin for ponytail holders sometimes…  it always loosens and falls too soon.  Annndddd, I used to do that when I was little!  I wonder if I could find some bobby pins around here somewhere and give it another go…

    You look cute and this was a great post!!  You’re hair is getting so long!

  11. down_onthefarm

    hahaha i’m reading this laughing so hard…as i’m wearing a hat. hats are the short haired girl’s “ponytail” solution.  you have such pretty skin and even features—so lovely. i’m thinking what some of the others said here, you’d look great no matter what.

  12. aSeriesofFortunateEvents

    Oh April. You had me rolling with this. When i was anticipating the picture, I was really hoping for something, well, bigger. Lol
    Your hair, facial expressions, and captions are hilarious.
    This reminds me of my pinterest experiment with eye shadow pigmented nail polish. Total disaster.

  13. seekinHISwisdom

    This is totally funny and would be so me trying something new and having a even worse kinky mess. My hair, is a serious situation of itself. It is one part of my life (along with a whole truck load) that still needs some help. ;)

    It is good to have you back in blog land!

  14. lifeisadance

      April, I love how you can laugh at yourself. And how you let other people laugh with you.  It just makes you adorable as can be, no matter how your hair turns out! What a bummer that those awesome tutorials turn out to be such rip-offs though! :)

  15. grace_to_be

    you’re just too cute! i love your hair. your personality. mainly, your heart! you’re beautiful from the INSIDE OUT girly. just so presh!!! ;) okay.. after our conversation on ffe today i couldn’t help myself. but i AM feeling a bit paranoid i’m saying some of the most hated things… ;) regardless. you are lovely. truly!


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