So here we go…

I don’t know why this feels so unfamiliar and little rusty to me, but I have missed this place. I have missed you all.  So here I am dipping my feet back in the blogging waters.  You will have to bear with me as I fumble through this post :)

Our life has been quietly and steadily humming along; filled with dirty little feet, sloppy kisses, tooth fairy visits, loud happy voices around the dinner table, crocodile tears, spilled milk, dirty dishes… all the everyday things that some how add up to something quite extraordinary.

Here’s a few pictures I managed to snap over the last month~

The boys hard at work on our new sprinklers

It’s t-ball time!

He loved being back on the field

Sunday afternoon smoothies and popcorn on the back porch

I love her face

Fun field trips with J’s class.  This was a tour of a cabinetry shop which is owned by one of the student’s grandpa.  Each student got the a beautiful wooden plaque that said “Jesus loves _____”.  Such a thoughtful gift!

Afterward the children got to take a tour of a wild game exhibit. 

Such and amazing collection, the kids were beyond excited!

There was even a full sized giraffe

They also got to pet some friendly zebras

If I were to give this picture a title it would be, “My most favorite smile so far…”

This one I call “I dressed myself”

I love how the sit with their heads touching

Opps, I’ve been spotted

Miss E doing a little cleaning while I tried to do some of my own cleaning :)

I look forward to making the rounds and seeing what you are all up to these days.  We have a full weekend, starting tomorrow with a celebration.  My firstborn turns seven tomorrow.  Seven.  That can’t be right.


27 thoughts on “So here we go…

  1. georgene

    Xanga is special! It’s hard to start posting again once you stop.

    I enjoyed seeing all your sweeties at church and meeting your husband. I already felt like I knew them! You have a lovely family!

  2. Richgem

    April, put your blogging insecurities aside now! It’s all great! Your little missing tooth guy looks so much like how my daughter’s boyfriend looked when he was little…SO cute.  I’ve known him since he was born.  Your sweet little miss has the most beautiful eyelashes! What a beauty.  I love how your 2nd cherub is looking up at you! Well, have fun with your busy weekend! I’ve had too much going on and not enough umph to write about it all! I have a ton of photos to edit for people and that’s pretty high on my priority list. Have a WONderful Mother’s Day!

  3. baileyandme

    hello!! i have really really missed you.
    i love to see their little heads touching too. what a precious collection of pictures. and is the view at your house amazing or what? i noticed it especially on the “popcorn and smoothies” picture. i think i would like to be one of your kids. it looks fun at your house! :)

  4. redladybug18

    I was just thinking about you the other day and missing you on here.  Glad you’re back! 
    Sunday evenings are usually smoothie’s and popcorn for us too :)   So easy but yummy!
    have a great weekend celebrating the birthday boy! 

  5. down_onthefarm

    been missing you around here girl! thanks for sharing this photographic peek into your world.
    happy seventh birthday to your oldest…and his mother. :) my baby turned seven just three weeks ago. i didn’t remember that they were so close in age! and i’m saying the same thing—”Seven. That can’t be right.”

    happy mother’s day weekend!

  6. aSeriesofFortunateEvents

    Happy birthday to your oldest and to you! My oldest will be 12 in August, which is about right since I adopted him when I was 14. ;D

    I’m going to come visit, I love the view from your place and all that open space. I’ll bring my kids and we’ll go on field trips together and laugh and laugh. I hope you’re ready.

  7. purpleamethyst76

    I was just thinking yesterday, “I miss April’s blogs!” and here you are.  I hope you’re having a great day today celebrating your son’s birthday!  My Caleb will be 7 in July…….

  8. celebration_of_life

    Hey she’s just getting practice with mixing up the patterns;)
    And is that Andrew that Steph is holding? Such a little man…

    I love sprinkler systems:) and just in time for the hot weather~

    Happy Birthday…his is always my cue that I should get to the reality of Kate’s being right around the corner!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day~

  9. lifeisadance

    i have missed you here, april!! so happy to hear from you again and see a glimpse into your life! your home seems like such a happy, sweet place… ♥

  10. pettybunch

    So glad to see your post when I got on this evening!! I loved all the pics, but I’m partial to baseball!  My son (who just turned 29 – you think you can’t believe your son is turning 7!!) loves baseball so much, and played from age 4 through the present!! And OHHHHH how I love watching him play!  Enjoy every minute, Mom!!

  11. fruitloops115

    oh. soso good to hear something from your corner of the world again!  and your kids? they haven’t gotten any less cute  Little girls sleeping are the most precious thing ever.  And ditto what Jenny said about the view from your house–the mountains in the distance, so beautiful. 
    Have a great week my friend!

  12. MartinTreehouse

    Yes, I loved hearing from you… I’ve been letting Emma dress herself more lately and she really is proud of what she puts together. I love watching her become her own person! 

  13. appalolly

    Hey, April! Welcome back!! Happy to hear from you!  I love Eliza’s outfit that she put together herself. It looks strikingly similar to the stuff Nikki pulls off.   We are about to start Little League for the year. There is something kind of cool about going to the ball field.  Here’s to more posts, and soon, from you!

  14. thegrabertribe

    @appalolly - Audrey – are you sure April didn’t steal your little girl for these pics?  Wow…I can’t believe how much your 2 girls look the same!  Maybe it’s the hair more than anything, but they’re both cute as can be!

    Enjoyed the post, April!  I love photo updates….happy summer to you, friend!


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