27 thoughts on “How the days go by

  1. pettybunch

    Such sweetness!  Your babies are adorable.  I love the baby chicks – we used to raise them for 4-H, and my Dannye Reigh had laying hens for years.  Soft spot in my heart for them!

  2. fruitloops115

    goodness. could Liza BE any cuter?? that pic w/ the chicks is just too sweet. Everytime I see her and her little pixie cut, I am sooo tempted to chop Abbi’s hair off–no more hair drama Unfortunately I don’t think Abbi could quite rock it like Liza. 

  3. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    such a sweet post April. it made me smile from beginning to end. the Woody, the chicks, the pacifiers with the laundry, the table with lovely vintage cloth…so much of how your days go by sounds like mine.
    thinking of you, praying for you so often…

  4. purpleamethyst76

    Beautiful!  I love it all….but have to mention the tablecloth (love it!) and your flowers on the table.  I am always torn about picking my garden flowers but I think I’ll pick a bunch today, I know they’ll make me happy to see them on my table. 

    And the silverware in the tin?  so cool.

    Thanks for sharing your springtime happenings with us.

  5. Iloveaholiday

    I can see these photos being made into a little picture book for your children titled A Day in the Life of _______.  No words needed!!  Have a great day April!!

  6. ABAHM

    Looks like SWEET life to me!  Love kids smiles, flowers, linen, chicks, and toys! 

    Oh, BTW, the most recent post of mine had some sewing and vintage linens in the middle Thought you would want to know!!

  7. Richgem

    Now, I think I am all caught up…I have just read the second part of your Back East story and am SO glad you had the privilege to go! And you met Cindy! She IS wonderful, isn’t she?! When you talk, she really listens and makes you feel important and cared for. I love how you described the different girls. This post is adorable! All the photos and oh , the chickies! And your table has a bit of a Pinterest look to it! Yay, you!

  8. down_onthefarm

    this is just sweet and smiley for me.
    you captured so much normal. love it. through a lens that reveals again how precious it really is.

    missing you girl…sending hugs and prayers and love.


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