You’re three now my love, and even though you think you are quite grown up, you are still very small.  I love the way you twirl around the house in your mix-matched clothes, and the way you make up silly little songs that never rhyme and rarely make much sense.  You are an intriguing mix of sweet femininity and fiery determination.  You are loud and you like to boss everyone around.  You wear your sparkly shoes when you play in the dirt.  You are my favorite little girl.

We celebrated by decking the kitchen out with lots of steamers, balloons, and fresh blossoms.

All the grandparents came for dinner.  We had pesto pasta with sweet tea, and lots of garlic bread (because you like garlic bread).

You wore you church shoes.  You said (and I quote), “I love my church shoes, they are so clicky.”  And I smiled because I remembered a time in my life when having “clicky shoes” made me impossibly happy :)

We all sang to you.  You liked being sang to, but you had a hard time blowing out your candles.  It took several good blows and your brother, may or may not have, helped a little with the last blow.

After all the presents were opened and you donned your new princess finery, the grownups were sitting around enjoying coffee and chatting.  Your brothers were busy playing with your new pink cash register.  We were all so busy we didn’t notice that the birthday girl was nowhere about, until Grandma W. noticed what was going on in the kitchen~

There you were, all dressed up, helping yourself to the last of the birthday cake.

Helping yourself to the last of the birthday frosting to be exact…

You share your mamma’s love of all things fluffy and frosted ;)

The next morning your daddy took you to get breakfast, just you two.  You had the strawberry waffles.  The strawberries and whipped cream were devored, but the waffle sat untouched despite your daddy’s best coaxing.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for sending you to us.  There was a time in my life when a house full of rowdy boys was all I wanted.  Then you showed up… my beautiful, funny, messy,  rowdy little girl!

Love you, Mamma

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  1. baileyandme

    the date with daddy- just precious! and i love the pictures of her with the cake/frosting.
    did you get polka dot blouse at gap? we were there drooling over the yellow and red ones the other week. i wanted one so bad- but they were kinda pricey. now i wish i would have gotten 2 yellow shirts for Easter outfits.
    your house looks dar as well. :)

  2. frathousecook

    such a sweet post about your lovely daughter!  I hope she can read it when she is a young woman,  just in case she ever doubts her specialness or family’s love for her.  

  3. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    oh my goodness April! she is just too precious for words! i love this sweet little post about/for her. and her party!!! it’s fantastic!! love how girly and special you made it for the little princess in your life and heart. she is blessed with such a special mommy!

  4. appalolly

    That cake is about making me drool. It looks soooo good! What a fun celebration. And what a sweet little girl. Loved how you took the time to write out this post!

  5. celebration_of_life

    :) this is just full of sweetness even if I do keep calling her by the wrong name…pretty sure that today wasn’t the first time I’ve done that! Sorry!

    Kate loves “clip-clops” when it comes to shoes!!!

    And as much as we love a good party around here there is something special about birthday dinners with the grandparents….

    Enjoy your 3 year old and happy birthday to her!!!

  6. YouToMe

    what an absolute doll. 

    i loved how you chose to celebrate her birthday.  
    i especially liked how she was dressed up in the other room eating cake.  haha what sweet memories, cute outfits,  wonderful pictures. thanks so much for sharing. 
    i miss clickity-clack church shoes. i recall a pair of black patent leathers which could double as tap shoes. lol. 

  7. Elizabethmarie_1

    Such a Doll!!!
    We have “clampy shoes” over here. and I used to LOVE them when I was little. (actually…I still do. ;)
    Happy Birthday to sweet Eliza.

    Love your decorating!
    Happy Tuesday to you April. =)

  8. willeywonderings

    it makes me smile to see your little girl! she is just precious…..  i have 2 older brothers and i think any little girl is blessed to be in that position, of course it came with piles of teasing and competing and all…..  but you always have 2 BIG brothers who would fight for you till the end.

  9. inanorchard

    @slmret - Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!

    @Pickwick12 - Thank you very much :)   She really did enjoy herself!

    @baileyandme - Yes, I got Eliza’s shirt at the Gap outlet.  I saw the yellow one and had the hardest time choosing, now I wish I would have gotten one of each.  It was $13.00 which seemed pretty reasonable for a nice shirt.  Matching yellow shirts would be darling!

    @frathousecook - You are so very kind!  I hope she always realizes how much she is loved :)

    @plantinthewindow - Thank you John :)   I’m pretty partial to that girl.  How’s your “little” girl doing?

  10. inanorchard

    @Esther_lynn - Thank you Esther!  It’s so nice to see you on Xanga again.  I have thought of you often and wondered how you were doing.

    @appalolly - It was a really good cake!  In fact she beat her mamma to the punch, I had planned on sneaking back into the kitchen to eat leftover cake (sans princess dress of course).

    @WakeUpLaughing - Thanks so much!  We had fun that night :)

    @mylittlepinkhouse - Aww, that’s so sweet of you to say!  I feel very blessed to be her mom :)

    @Elizabethmarie_1 - Clampy shoes… that’s so cute.  Aren’t little girls the best?  Of course those little boys will melt your heart too…

  11. inanorchard

    @grace_to_be - Thanks Amber! 

    @pettybunch - Thank you so much :)   She is precious but she’s also a real firecracker… sweet and spicy :)

    @willeywonderings - Oh Kristy I hope she always loves being the little sister of two brothers!  They are very close now and I hope they always are.

    @madisonsmom2 - Thank you Shannon!   Okay totally not related to this post at all, but can I just say all the food you’ve been pinning lately is KILLING me!  Ha!  They all look so good :)

    @nov_way - Thank you so much for the birthday blessings!

    @redladybug18 - Thanks Gabrielle!  Yes the cake was the highlight of the night.

    @Iloveaholiday - Thank you very much… she’s a sweet girl… most of the time ;)

  12. lifeisadance

    Oh, this is just precious! Eliza is absolutely gorgeous, and I love your description of her personality. She sounds just so fun and lively. :) The party you threw for her looks like it thrilled her to pieces. Three years old, what a wonderful age!

    [as you can tell, I'm far behind in blog-catchup! :) ]


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