Lately life has been full of the everyday things that define this stage of our life, a life with little ones in the house.

Occasionally I wake up to this sight~

A little girl who has crawled into our bed in the wee hours of the morning; wedged herself between me and her father and snores her baby snores.

Everywhere I look there are traces of them.  Sometimes it makes me pause and smile, other times… not so much so (is it that hard to get clothes in the dirty hamper?  really?)


A few weeks ago, on a perfect spring Sunday, we were on our way home from church when we spontaneously decided, a picnic in the foothills was the perfect way to spend our afternoon.  We stopped off at a grocery store and picked up all the makings for sandwiches and drove to Knights Ferry.

It’s a great place to let the kids roam.

Climbing rocks, running down paths, dipping their fingers in the cold river.

The poppies covered the entire hillside (it’s moments like this I wish I were a real photographer).

And here’s me, the girl behind the camera.

There is a covered bridge and several other historic buildings around Knights Ferry.

It really is the perfect place to visit on a warm spring day!

All in all March has been a very packed month so far, which has made me appreciate all the more my days at home with the kiddos.


So I bought these cookies at the store the other day.  They’re an off brand $1.99 a package, generic cookie.  I thought they’d be good enough for the children.  Oh if I had only known…

If I had only known how good they would be, how they would haunt my dreams… I would have never let them in the house. 


We made a trip to the library too.  There is just nothing like that “post-library-trip-quietness” that descends on the house.  Three children sitting mesmerized on the couch, pouring over every page of every book.  It’s almost worth the astronomic late fees we always manage to incur.


Today was the first day of spring.  We celebrated by taking a morning walk in our PJ’s to pick blossoms and daffodils to bring in the house.  The house needed some fresh springiness.  The windows were thrown open, every room got a good scrubbing, and there were flowers on the table…

We gathered up a small bunch of daffodils,

and put our blossoming branches in a large vase and suddenly the house seemed brand new again.

It was a good day, and now it is time to lay my weary head on my freshly washed pillow and tuck my tired feet into my clean sheets.

Good night friends,  April

32 thoughts on “Lately

  1. H0LDfast

    i waved & honked at you yesterday when we passed on the road …. but i don’t think you saw me. does it count that i think of you lots even though i never call ??? i bought you a birthday present and i’m sorry to say i’m keeping it so what would you like instead?

  2. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    i can just hear you saying these things, and it makes me so happy.
    i agree with you that putting some pretty spring like things around the clean house makes it feel so new. (happy sigh) now, to get to that clean house state of being is another thing!
    i think of you so often…saying prayers for you too!

  3. fruitloops115

    mmm….i wanna come sit at that pretty dining room table and eat a fudge cookie w/ you. The spring hike looks like fun too.  What I really love about this post is that i can hear your voice saying every word. Love that 
    And whaddya know, I have a little girl like that in my bed too…how does that happen

  4. baileyandme

    i loved the beauty of the whole post- but especially the last 2 pics. what is it with the refreshing-ness of random flowers in the house?! (your house looks really pretty, btw. more pics in future?)
    and your first 3 paragraphs- i related SO much to them. feels great to not feel alone.
    i luva ya blog! keep ‘em coming- you’re an inspiration. :)  

  5. mytoesareblue

    your daughter and the boys are getting soooo big now. i’m glad that she’s still doing cute little things like climbing into your bed and giving you some ‘baby snore’ love ;) spur of the moment trips are one of my fav things, and i love that you guys decided to have a picnic and just go. what a great time for the kiddos and for mom and dad! in my eyes you ARE a real photographer. You always capture such beauty!

    i ADORE those flowering branches in your dining room. fabulous. i think i might be able to sit at the table with a cup of tea and just drink in their amazingness ;)

    and late fees at the library, i hear you on that. I’m not sure that there ever was a library i didn’t have to pay a late fee on in my older years ;) but its still something that i adore. so much goodness in all those books that have to be explored. love that your kiddos love to read. that always warms my heart these days, with kids often preoccupied with more technological things.

  6. Carsonsmom2

    I thought we were the only ones who managed to get late fees with every trip to the library. :)

    LOVE that little foot sticking out of the blankets. So sweet.

    Gorgeous flowers and beautiful, clean room! Makes me want to clean and round up some forsythia!

  7. smilesbymiles

    Those first two pictures of E just MELT MY HEART!!!!! Oh, my goodness that is just cuteness!  I love sleeping cherubs. :)  Your house is so pretty and … restful!  It is all grey out, but I was planning to clean up anyway and I am definitely now also going out to find some Spring goodness to bring in. 

  8. Marica0701

    I LOVE those blossoms in the vase! So beautiful and the photo of them on the table looks like it’s from an interior design magazine lol. 

    You write the sweetest posts :)

  9. Richgem

    If I were to come and visit you, I’d want to go to Knights Ferry! I love your photos…you caught what I would catch, I think. And I love your shadow! You look tall! And I love the something ties around your waist. The beauty of a spring day with the scenery, the adorable children and the way you tell about it makes me want to hop on a plane and head over your way!

  10. threadsofgrace

    Oh, I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only one that ends up racking up a bill at the library in late fees..  currently – I’m avoiding the library!  I’m too afraid to see what I owe..  ahhh.. 

  11. zanyzeal

    Loved this post — I have forsythia branches in vase on my entertainment center — I got the spring bug last week and had to get a touch of green going on.  I even bought a couple new throw pillows for the couch.    The little touches just refresh me.  Love how you capture moments in your pictures.    Ohhh I miss the library (and even the fines)  We used to go once a week but when I started babysitting my niece, just a baby it was just too much to make it to story time.  

  12. willeywonderings

    now i HAVE to go find me some branches….. wonder if the neighborhood watchdogs (aka… old ladies) would gasp in horror if i scalped some off the dogwood? pretty sure it’s illegal but i could do it under the cover of darkness!

       spring time hikes are so fun…..  that is one (among many) things i love about the west. there is just more beauty and places to hike. someday, i still hope i can live out there somewhere :0

      it makes me smile when i see your profile pic and i still think “oh yah, i KNOW her now” :)

  13. jennieanne84

    oh, i LOVE that you took the kids on a walk in pj’s to celebrate spring!! the flowers are beautiful.

     the picnic sounds like so much fun! i like ‘spur of the moment’ ideas. :) they are the best.

    we have library fees here too. :(

  14. grace_to_be

    lovely post and peek there into your lives~ i like the snoring little girl shot at top. and the branches. so pretty. i agree that a bit of something fresh and alive just makes the whole house seem new!! i’ve got clean sheets here tonight too i’m looking forward to climbing into later~ and i always joke that they should build a library in my honor since i’m pretty sure all my late fees would cover the cost of a new one!!  :/

  15. redladybug18

    Your house is looking quite springy!  Love the fresh flowers, they’re just SO pretty!  I just love spring time and how everything puts it’s best show on and makes everything beautiful.  Oh, and it’s a good thing I didn’t go on your picnic and see those poppies, I’d have been there all day taking pictures of them, they’re just that pretty!

  16. lin789

    i read your last sentence about tucking tired feet into clean sheets and it made me want to go wash my sheets again. just for that feel. coupled with daffodils and blossoms in the house….you must have been a happy dreamer that night! and about astronomical late-fees? yes. sigh. yes. this last time i snuck by easy. only $3. i felt like i should tip. just because. and yes, LOVE the calm that descends when new books are poured over. lovely post!

  17. clearlyhis

    I love those spontaneous picnics…..they are often the best !   Looks like a great place to picnic too!

    Your blossoms are just heavenly!!!!!!  What I wouldn’t give to have some of those here in my house!

    I’m sorry I didn’t get to be around your during your trip here to OH!  I did get to see you a bit there at Rebecca’s and just remember how Beth G told me over dinner that night “you would love April!”  and I think she’s right.  =)  Maybe next time??

    I always enjoy your ispiring posts!

  18. down_onthefarm

    late fees—you too, huh?! i always write the word “donation” on the memo line of the check. just a delusional way to make myself feel better. and it works.

    your knight’s ferry outing pictures and pretty branches and words “Everywhere I look there are traces of them…” are a treat in my day.

  19. lifeisadance

    I have always loved when you posted, and now I love it even more because I can just hear your sweet voice talking!

    I love posts like this… the little sweet things of life. Children that slip into bed at night, sometimes quietly, and sometimes falling and poking in painful places in all their stealthiness… :) Spontaneous family times in beautiful places… I could just feel the specialness of it from your pictures. And the fresh flowers. OH, so beautiful! There is absolutely nothing to brighten a house like fresh blossoms. I wish for spring all year simply for that reason!
    Thinking of you often these days! Much love!


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