Finished & Future Projects

I promise that one day soon you will get a proper “Show & Tell Wednesday” but for now all I have to show is little snippets of sewing projects.

I’m always so thrilled when I actually start and finish a project.  I have dozens and dozens of planned sewing projects at any given moment and it feels so good to cross some of them off the list.

I made the kiddos pajamas.  Joanne’s fabric had all their flannel 50 percent off, so I picked up three different prints to make each one of them a new set of p.j.s.  It was fun to sew something for the boys and this was easy breezy sewing.

I used Dana’s tutorial (from Dana Made it), which you can find here.

These are G’s.  He was so sweet about his new pajamas.  I had him try them on so I could measure the hem line, he was so excited to wear them he didn’t want to take them off again.  He beamed and bounced around and then wore them for the next 36 hours.  Every time they are clean he wants to wear them, and if they’re not clean he’s fishing them out of the laundry basket :)   I think I need to go back to Joanne’s and get about 5 more yards of flannel.

These are Miss E’s.  I added the little polka dot boarder to hid the wobbly hem line.

And these are J’s.  He’s very sensitive about my making anything that might look “baby-ish” so I chose a simple baseball fabric for him.

I finished E’s cape too!  Love the way this came out.  I just wish she loved to wear it as much as I love to look at it…

This pattern came from my new Oliver + S pattern book “Little things to Sew”.  Such a great sewing book just chalked full of fun little projects. 

This is another pattern I made from the Oliver + S book.

A little lambs ear hat to keep small heads warm.  I’ve made three so far.  This one was my first attempt.  I made one for E with pink lining and polka-dot fabric for the inside of the ears.  She calls it her mouse hat.  I also made one for my nephew out of beautiful brown velvet with a soft cream lining, and red polka-dots lining for the ears.   This picture doesn’t really do the hat justice, it looks so darling on!

Last weekend while we were staying at the beach house, all of the ladies took an afternoon to run to Santa Cruz and do some fabric shopping at Hart’s Fabric.  Oh my!  I walked in and thought I was in heaven.  For the first 15 minutes I wandered around empty handed with my mouth hanging open.  My mouth stayed open the whole time, but I soon after had small stack of fabrics piled up on the cutting counter.

I spotted this Alexander Henry print right away.  I thought it would make a darling summer dress for E.

The trim section alone was amazing.  I bought some ribbon for making this tee shirt dress.

I bought this fabric thinking it would make a really sweet summer skirt for me.  Now I just have to work up the courage to sew something for me :)

And this sweet little piece will make some fun baby gifts for all my pregnant friends and family members. 

I was very good this week and got the house clean, the laundry washed and put away, and the grocery shopping done, so tomorrow I’m rewarding myself with a morning of sewing!

~ April

ps- you probably noticed that I have stopped using the children’s full names in my posts.  I hate referring to them as J, G, and E but I think it’s probably for the best.


24 thoughts on “Finished & Future Projects

  1. aSeriesofFortunateEvents

    So cute. I totally need a cape. Just ask @down_on_the_farm! She knows.

    Reading this I’ve come to the conclusion that my children are named after fabricpattern thingys. Alexander Henry, Oliver?  I have an Alexander and an Oliver Henry!

  2. fruitloops115

    so, you don’t sew for yourself ever? Skirts are pretty easy, that’s prly a good place to start. A few months ago I made a simple little dress for me ( no I never posted about it. Why, i have no idea), but I love the thing. Before my tummy stuck out so much, i wore it to church all the time.  Now I want to make a comfy little maternity dress sometime. I’ll admit though, adult clothes are so much trickier, getting the fit right and all.  I have another dress I made, that i just hate. Have yet to wear it.
    I love the fabric you got for a skirt. So, when you are just randomly shopping at a fabric store, and you don’t have a specific project in mind for the fabric you buy, how much do you get? Like, a yard?

  3. manuelmusings

    The picture of your children in their pajamas made me smile because that is the exact same combination I would have used for my boys: blue and baseballs for the oldest one and something green and goofy for the next one.  So, is it their nature or have we projected our own image upon our children? 

  4. bamsniko22407

    LOVE all your fabric selections!  Those PJ’s look wonderful!!!!

    I’m in love with  Dana’s site, too.  Hopefully I’ll get motivated to share some of my more recent creations soon, too.  I finally dusted off my sewing machine and made something for Aiden for V-day!

  5. redladybug18

    I just love the pj’s.  Wish I could get some in my size that were as cute as that!
    Growing up I had a cape for a few years and I only remember wearing it once…I wasn’t a cape girl either.
    I’m glad you love sewing because I love seeing your creations.  I’m afraid if I had to do sewing I wouldn’t be rewarding myself with it.  I always put it off until the last possible moment :)

  6. appalolly

    That skirt material you bought for yourself is super cute!

    And those pj’s.  You are almost making me wish I loved to sew, because I have a “thing” for kids PJ’s and your turned out SOO cute!

  7. ABAHM

    Love the jammers.  The story about how much G. liked his was so sweet.
    David has caught the crafting things bug.  Currently finishing journals he started for presents, and didn’t finish when sick.  Made a felt hair decoration for a present.  Now he wants to make a Calvin and Hobbes Tiger he saw a pattern for He will be Malachi’s favorite I am sure.

  8. ToLiveLoved

    I LOVE all that fabric! And the t-shirt dress? Yeah, I would seriously pay you to make me one or two of those! No kidding! I adore that!

    Alrighty….enjoyed your post as usual.

  9. inanorchard

    @fruitloops115 - I’ve made myself a few things, but not very much.  I’m kind of cowardly that way.  I have curves and curves are had to navigate, but I think a nice simple skirt would be doable ;)   What I’m buying fabric for me I buy a yard and a half.  When I’m buying for Eliza I buy around a yard.

  10. inanorchard

    @ABAHM - How neat that David has taken to making fun things!  I love it!  I’m also pleased to hear that he’s feeling well enough to do thing.  You will post pictures when you are through right?! 

    PS- We LOVE Calvin and Hobbes!!

  11. skittler335

    The kids’ jammies all look so wonderfully snuggly! What a great time of year to get a new set of jammies!  The fabric you have set aside for your skirt, is beautiful!

  12. kaylouann

    Brilliant! Cutting out part of the pants material to applique onto the shirt!!! Easy way to coordinate them! Love that! I’m just reading back on your blog… I promise I won’t comment on every post! :p

  13. lifeisadance

    Cute CUTE pajamas! I always get SO inspired when I see your projects. ;) I just wish I had instant access to all your patterns. :) Eliza’s pj’s are just darling, and I especially like the polka dot trim. You’ve got such a great eye!


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