The Fluff between my ears

Here’s the trouble with Pinterest (other than it being a huge, glorious time sucker, and all the fabulous fattening recipes), Pinterest makes me believe I can do/wear things that I would otherwise never think to do/wear.  All these stylish pin boards full of the latest, greatest fashions, all right at my fingertips.  I start pinning these photos to my own board.  It seems harmless.  I pin so many, so often, that I start confusing my fashion pinboard for my closet.  I walk into a store armed with images of what I think I now look like and I start shopping.  I load my cart up and head to the dressing room.  And here is were reality and fantasy have a head on collision.  Pinterest and the real world are not the same thing.

Example:  I love the layered look.  It looks so fun and carefree!  Like you just open up your closet and wear every darling thing you own all at once, and it magically looks amazing… every.time.

Image found on pinterest.

Image source
I’ve been reading Shannon’s blog for over a year now and I love her style.  She is the queen of cute preppy layering.

Here’s what happens when I try the “effortless, carefree layering”

Turns out it’s not so carefree.  It’s kind of stressful.  You can’t just throw any shirt with any sweater.  Width and color of belts make a big difference.  Shirts and sweaters must be the right length so they don’t look bulky or hit at unflattering places.  And layers add thickness.  I don’t want any additional thickness; thank you very much!  Then you have to struggle through the whole “do I tuck in?”, “leave tails out?” dilemma.  It’s a wonder I ever manage to get dressed.

One hour later I’m no closer to being dressed and this is what my room looks like~

My husband walks in the bedroom and sees the wreckage and knows that this is not a good sign.  He quietly and quickly exits.  He is baffled.

What men don’t understand about the statement, “I don’t have anything to wear” is that we are not having a wardrobe crisis… we are having and identity crisis.  Somewhere, somehow I woke up and had become “frump mom”.  Blue jeans, plain colored tee, flat-wearing… frump mom.  I didn’t mean to turn into “frump mom” but it happened.  I don’t want to be frump mom. I want to be one of these ladies…

I want to be girl in sundress walking down the beach,

or girl in cute jacket pedaling through the country, or bohemian girl in the Indi-rock band, and I’m pretty sure all I need is the appropriate wardrobe to make that happen. And this is the part of the post were I’m supposed to have an epiphany, or come up with some clever, heart-warming solution, but I’ve got nothing.  Some days you look good, some days you look weird, some days you give up and stay in your sweats… and I think that’s all pretty normal.

To continue with my fluffy, utter-lacking-in-substance post, my hair is getting long!

“Long” obviously being a relative term.  I’m still struggling to know what to do with it on a daily basis.  My entire adult life I’ve never had long hair.  There are times I storm into the bathroom with scissors in hand, ready to chop it all off… but I talk myself down from the ledge, remind myself that I promised to let it grow until it gets down to my back and I pull the whole unruly mop into a pony tail. 
ps~this was a good hair day so I took a picture to document the anomaly

So here’s to comfy sweat pants, pony tail holders, and those rare but wonderful “awesome outfit” days.



48 thoughts on “The Fluff between my ears

  1. buddy71

    actually, i dont think it looks too bad. but i think i would tuck in the shirt.

    i guess i should not complain as all i do is through on my cargo style pants and a shirt.  long sleeve if it is cold, short if it is warm.  lol

  2. JessiLeighB

    Haha! I totally agree layers are stressful!  I think you need a boyfriend cardi that is a bit longer in the perfect shade of… I don’t know. : ) Good luck, and if you figure it out, let me know so I can copy you when I get through this unfashionable prego stage! ; ) Love ya!

  3. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    fluff between your ears, BaHA!!! pinterest is rather inspiring tho….but, i also think that sometimes, too much information is Not worthwhile. just stressful, like you said. i love the picture of your bed; ours looks just like that when we are going out and i’m trying to put together something fabulous. ;O)
    and, your hair!! it looks so great! is it thick too? very pretty!

  4. Carsonsmom2

    I love Pinterest too, then I try things that just. don’t. work. for me.  I think your outfits would look cute with a longer sweater, but what do I know about fashion. ;)

  5. redladybug18

    I definitely understand about those days.  Some days I seem to surprise myself with what I came up with and then other days I wonder why nothing will look good. 
    Personally I think the sweaters look fine but the plaid shirt just does do them justice.  I think having your sweaters unbuttoned might look good too.
    Your hair looks so cute!  I love it!  I’ve had shoulder-length or longer hair for ages, I guess practically my whole life and I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t just put it in a pony-tail on those not so good looking days :)
    BTW your camera lens looks really interesting I’ve never seen one like that.

  6. DiaryOfaPastorsWife

    Loved this post! And yes, I too, LOVE pinterest and despise it at the same time. I think if I could stay away from all the fattening recipes then perhaps I might be able to pull off the adorable layers and “care-free” cuteness that is captured in a split second pose. But, just being honest, YOU have such an awesome style that you capture in your photos that women DROOL over so don’t sell yourself too short! We never see what other people see but I am telling you, one of the first things that brought me to your blog was your style and the way you did NOT seem like “frump-mom”!! 

  7. JsSteph7

    LOL Yes! It’s almost worse than finding something on the rack and then trying it on and it  just DOES NOT WORK. I hate that! It’s all those expectations that come crashing down to the ground. Pinterest has inspired me to mix things up a bit, and I’m thankful for that. My hubby has even commented on it a few times. I guess you gotta take the good with the bad. lol. Oh, and that girl in the first picture, she’s EVERYWHERE on there. And she ALWAYS looks cute. I honestly studied her one time to make sure it wasn’t our Liz. You know how she’s always adorable… : )

  8. quiet_hearts

    You are very cute and I don’t mean that in a demeaning way at all.  You look cute and your writing is cute.  I am a plain Mennonite lady, so I won’t go into fashion comments in case someone laughs at me.  But I do like your first look.  I really like how you described the “I don’t have anything to wear” as an identity  crisis.  Truth right there.  And this:  “Some days you look good, some days you look weird, some days you give up and stay in your sweats.”  Don’t mean to gush, but I do love your header.

  9. aSeriesofFortunateEvents

    I thought your layering looked great! Then again, I’m terrible at fashion! Ha.
    I’m in the same place with my hair. Will I survive this ridiculous in-between? Or will I cave and cut it again?
    And remember, you coud look just like those models pedaling through the countryside, if you do what they did. Use a crew of professional wardrobe and makeup people and a photo editing team. Ha.

  10. purpleamethyst76

    You’re beautiful, but I’m hearing your heart.     I’m ready for a new pair of jeans but can’t even muster up the strength, or time to devote to trying on different pairs and styles to find something that makes me FEEL good, not to mention LOOK right! LOL

    BTW, A lot of the stores sell very thin (like *tissue tees*) layering pieces to avoid that bulky feeling. 

    Hugs, April, really you are stunning girlfriend! 

  11. lifeisadance

    Well, honey, I hear you and the dilemna at hand. However, I think in every picture of you that I’ve seen you look just lovely as can be, and have great style too! So, that’s just what I think about you. :)

    And your hair is so pretty!! I love how it looks grown out ~ it seems so healthy.

  12. smorales85

    I haven’t had the time to look at pinterest. I miss it. I’m far too busy with school, and work takes up my time. I’d like to follow you. I love your blog, it’s beautiful

  13. bamsniko22407

    You’ve nailed it on the head perfectly!  Clothing and Pinterest and advertising make it all the more difficult and complicated.  My sister amazes me with how easily she can throw together an outfit and look stunning whereas I struggle for an hour or more figuring out what could go with what and not get uncomfortable or silly, only to have it all thrown off by something like, shoes.

    You are certainly not alone!  I end up spending my days home wearing nothing more difficult than leggings and a t-shirt.  Comfort is key these days.

  14. singingrachel

    how comforting to know other ladies don’t achieve super-put-together looks every stinkin’ day. seriously refreshing to me. thanks. i still think you rocked the outfits.

    looking forward to meeting up with you soon.

  15. lovinbloggin

    oh you could totally pull this off! 

    ~on the first image, try the belt under the sweater and leave sweater unbuttoned. add scarf or several long necklaces….you know, the kind that the baby gets tangled in and the kind that get caught everywhere…but are super cute!! :)  or, try a loose, skinny belt over top of sweater and leave sweater open. ~on the second image, leave sweater unbuttoned.  add bangles and scarf or more tangly long necklaces. maybe tuck in shirt or tie in know to the side. (gasp. i know. it’s back “in”) :) i know. you didnt ask for my opinion…and we really dont know each other….hope you are ok w/ my chiming in. :) cant wait to meet you IRL. 

  16. the_rocking_of_socks

    I really like that first one of you, in the grey sweater and black belt.  You really pulled it off.

    My issue is that I’m broad-shouldered, long-waisted, and long-armed.  I have problems finding single pieces that even fit me, much less find things that go so well together.  And I’m with you on the hair.  Good hair days are a rarity.  I went so far as to shave mine off entirely.  

  17. inanorchard

    @buddy71 - Thanks so much :)   You are very kind to say so.  I’ve often thought of narrowing my wardrobe down to 3 outfits and just rotating them.  It would be so much simpler!

    @JessiLeighB - You look fantastic my dear!! Really.  I think you’re right about the longer sweater. Although that starts getting dangerously near my hips and I really don’t like anymore bulk there! 

    @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown - I agree Rachel.  Too much info is not helpful it is overwhelming!  And no, unfortunately I do not have thick hair which is why I am having a tough time with my longer hair.

    @aliyagator - I agree.  Summer is so much more fashion friendly!

    @Carsonsmom2 -  I think you’re right about the longer sweater, or maybe a shorter shirt?  See!  That’s the trouble with layering ;)

    @redladybug18 - That’s funny Gabrielle!  Leave it to you to notice my camera lens, always thinking like a photographer ;)   How long is your hair?  I envy you gorgeous hair!  Really!!

  18. inanorchard

    @celebration_of_life - Thanks Holly!  Every time I see your darling haircut I get the urge to cut it again :)

    @fwren - That’s so sweet of you to say!  It would do me some good to relax and not worry so much.

    @Cestovatelka - Thank you my dear!  I have a hard time getting my hair to hold curl.  It looks good for the first few hours but then the curl starts to fall out :(   I’ve contemplated a body perm but I worry about it damaging my hair.

    @JsSteph7 - I know what you mean!  Trying on clothes can be so frustrating.  Don’t you wish you could have Elizabeth as your personal shopper?!

  19. inanorchard

    @DiaryOfaPastorsWife - Thank you!  You have put a big smile on my face :)   I think you make a good point too.  It would do us all some good to see ourselves though another person’s eyes.  We woman can be pretty hard on ourselves.  I always think that other women look lovely!

    @quiet_hearts - You never come across as demeaning.  In my experience they are always kind and thoughtful!  Thank you:)

    @bethro78 - Beth you crack me up!  I love how you essentially say “You look great, but I have terrible taste”.  I guess I’ll take it as a compliment ;)   That “in between stage” is going to be the death of me!

    @purpleamethyst76 - Oh don’t even get me started on jean shopping!  Thanks for your encouragement Shanda!  I love the way you dress.  I might need to invest in some layering shirts, I think that would make a big difference.  XO my friend! 

  20. inanorchard

    @raised_bywolves - Exactly!  I feel tricked.  The truth is, the more layers you put on the more you risk looking ridiculous!  That’s my theory anyway ;)

    @lifeisadance - Coming from you Clarita that means so much!  You have such and excellent sense of style :)   I still think I need some fashion help ;)

    @smorales85 - Thank you so much!  I’m please you like my simple blog.  Thanks for stopping in and for the rec!

    @bamsniko22407 -  Yes! Comfort is becoming key for me too!  It is amazing how naturally fashion comes to some people.  Oh well :)   We all have our own strengths!

    @singingrachel - I am looking forward to meeting you too!!  I think we all have our “off days”.  In fact I’m pretty sure I have more off days than awesome days :)

  21. inanorchard

    @quilt_cats - Pinterest is much better in theory than practice :)

    @livingcracked - ”Frump is easier”  HA!  I love it.  That may just become my new motto :)

    @lovinbloggin - I don’t mind at all Becky!  Obviously I need the help :)   I thought about one of those long belts that you knot loosely.  So here’s my problem with tucking in… I LOVE the way it looks… on other people.  I’m really pear shaped and I feel like tucking my shirt in and using a belt just exaggerated that.  What do you think?  Any advise for a pear shaped, flat-chested girl ? 
    PS-  I’m so looking forward to meeting you too!

    @the_rocking_of_socks - I have the same problem!!  I have freakishly long arms and I can NEVER find shirts that fit.  And believe me, I’ve thought about buzzing my hair a time or two :)   Although I rarely have time to shave my legs let alone my head

    @Roadkill_Spatula -  I think your right.  Sweater unbuttoned.  Several other people mentioned that too :)

  22. plantinthewindow

    I like your longer hair very much, but you always look lovely.

    one thing I notice is that the layered look usually has the outer layers being longer than the under layers.  in your photos, I notice that the outer layers are shorter than the under layers.  just a thought. : )

    I’m a layered person, too, although I don’t usually have a wardrobe crisis.  : P

  23. lovinbloggin

    @inanorchard - i think leaving the sweater opened rather than buttoned would help create straight lines down the sides rather than accentuating a pear shape. ?? also, have you tried some of the longer cardigans? again, i think they kind of help to straighten out the side lines rather than hit just below the waist and therefore accentuating the hips. but i really dont think you are pear shaped. at least, you have curves. :) the other option is embracing the butt and thighs….it’s whatcha got if ya dont have boobs. :) i am in the same boat there…plus, i am on the short side. :( my hero is kim kardashian who has a large booty and totally loves it. :) ha. 

  24. plantinthewindow

    @inanorchard - well, it’s kind of like an umbrella effect.  the if it were raining, the outer layers would shed the water from the inner layers.  something like that.  : )  but I like the colors you always use.  they are pretty, and calming.

    I think this is my artsy side coming out – I’ve always paid attention to clothes and textiles, colors and patters in clothing.

  25. lin789

    you said it well when you said that having nothing to wear basically boils down to an identity crisis! i am sort’ve in the midst of one myself…could it have anything to do with wanting to spiff it up a bit for a certain group of ladies that i get to see in Feb…?:) i actually think you look really good in that first pic with the belt.  and i have such a problem with pinterest induced inspiration. i never pull it off. never. so what started out as sheer happy dreams ends in dismal nightmare. looking forward to meeting you.

  26. appalolly! This post was SOO fun!  I love fashion stuff. And doubly like when people post pictures of their outfits! 

    I know what you mean about certain things looking better on other people than on yourself. But…I also know that sometimes a different/new style than you are used to just takes some getting used to and after a while it IS “you”.  Being completely honest here…you TOTALLY rocked out the layered look. Esp. the one with the darker grey sweater and the black belt. Hot!  And I thought the tan one looked super cute too.  I’m just sayin’. It was NOT a flop! 

    I think part of my problem sometimes is that those magazine and Pinterest images always seem to showcase people who are about 6″ taller than me and about 6 lbs. lighter.  You know?  Let’s get some real shaped Mothah’s taking their pictures and then we’ll see if I can make the transition from them wearing it to me wearing it!

  27. inanorchard

    @appalolly - Real mothahs… that’s what I’m talkin’ about!!  Thanks Audrey :)   Getting your stamp of approval makes me feel much more confident.  You, Cindy and Elizabeth know what you’re talking about when it comes to fashion!

  28. SpazzyMommy

    I’m a frump. A comfy, cozy and totally embracing the whole Frump M.O.  :)  

    However, today I have an appointment for a new hairstyle and highlights!! Yay!!! :) I bet I dress nice tomorrow! :D

  29. down_onthefarm

    everytime i see your pinterest board, “what i look like in my head,” i crack up. just because the name is funny. and YOU are.   but not because i agree…those things actually look like you! like you could and would pull them off…and look great! snappy!

    all that said…i think that i understand what you’re getting at. just because i lovelove something, doesn’t make it me. that’s for sure. i’m still learning that! :)

    fun post and comments!

  30. grace_to_be

    christy stole my line. ;)
    and can i say i think you look like a brunette meg ryan.
    so super cute and almost whimsical.

    since the holidays i’ve put on weight and i hate HATE how my clothes are feeling.
    thing is. i gripe about it. then sit watching american idol with my made just to eat all by itself buttercream frosting. :(
    i thought ffe would motivate me a bit more – but so far. NO!!

    anyway. i so FEEL where your’e coming from.
    we are so bombarded w/ all these images of beauty from EVERYWHERE and i think as women we get discouraged feeling we can’t keep up~

    i know there’s a balance in it all. to look nice and be healthy and fit..
    but to also not put too much emphasis on it.
    i’m learning that one big time now w/ my 14 yr old as i see all her insecurities w/ how she looks, etc.

    one of my favorite things about this post was how you put the pics of yourself up anyway..
    even if you weren’t feeling the greatest about them. to me. that just says so much about who you are as a woman.

    and i like you even better!


  31. grace_to_be

    and an after thought.

    have you ever tried to curl your hair all over w/ one of those little barrel curling irons. like little ringlets all over! i think that would look awesome~

  32. inanorchard

    @grace_to_be - Amber you really touched on some things that I’ve been thinking lately.  On the surface this was  a lighthearted post, but I think that we women have bought into some really unhealthy thinking (I’m including myself in that).  It becomes the thing that “so easily entangles us” and keeps us from running a good race.

    Thank for you sweet compliment :)   I love spiral curls so much!  Trouble is, my hair doesn’t hold curl really well.

  33. fourkidsonemom

    Ha! Loved this post. I love that you have pictures of yourself in different layered looks. The other morning before church (hint. . .not a good time to try on different outfits:)) I tried a layered look. I came out of the bathroom and my daughter said “Mom, you have too many clothes on” ha! So I went back and put on my usual church attire ;) My hair is super long and thick and I must say – I wear it up 99% of the time. I couldn’t have a short hair-do my hair grows too fast and I’m so bad about making a hair appt. Plus – my husband might have a heartattack! Love the post, love your pinterest boards and like Cindy – it makes me chuckle every time.


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