Sewing Days

Now that the busyness of the holidays is over, Jude is back in school, and life has resumed a nice easy pace; I’ve been able to do some long overdo sewing.  My sister-in-law Alli is due at the end of this month, and it’s going to be a little boy!  Alli’s good friend Theresa hosted a small baby shower for her last night and I wanted to make sure this baby had small selection of baby basics.

Often I will hand dye onesies before I embellish them, but I know Alli, and she loves her babies in white.

I also made a few bibs.

This fabric right here; I am particularly pleased with.  It is an out of print Michael Miller called “Fly a Kite”.  I bought a half a yard of it on Etsy about a year ago.  I loved it!  I used every square inch of that half yard.  It was the perfect, and oh-so elusive, gender neutral fabric.  When I went to try to find more on Etsy there was none to be found (I found a little on Ebay but it was more than I wanted to pay).  Last week at our local fabric store I strolled past the sale table and saw a whole bolt of it for half off!  I promptly bought 2 yards, and stopped every person from the cutting counter to the check out counter and told them about my excellent find.

I like using buttons to fasten the bibs.  It’s a little more work to put the bib on, but once it’s on it stays on!

I added a few burp rags too.

I made Eliza another  Polka Dot & Summer Dress (from Fig Tree Co)

The dress went so much smoother the second time around and I was able to improve upon some of the techniques I used the first time around.

The box pleats tuned out much better.

This is some darling trim I found at the fabric store.  I have no idea what I’m going to with it; I just had to have it!

Justin bought me this book as a Christmas present.  I have followed Meg’s blog for a long time, and was itching to get her latest book.

Quite a few of her projects involve sewing with knit.  I want to expand my sewing skills and I thought this simple infant tee,

or this pull-over bib would be great beginner projects.  Now that I have my serger I’m feeling more confident about sewing with knit.  The bib and the envelope tee apeal to me becuase they don’t use a lot of fabric.  Which is nice, because knit fabric can be a little pricey and if I make a mistake I haven’t blown a whole yard.

These are some of the knit fabric I’ve been eyeing on Etsy.
Oliver + S, City Weekends {image source}
And these Spoonflower prints. {image source}

I know it’s been ages since I’ve done a real “Show & Tell Wednesday” and I’m hoping to remedy that soon.  I have a few ideas I’m kicking around and I think you’ll like them!


21 thoughts on “Sewing Days

  1. lifeisadance

    I am *loving* those onesies!! Just loving them! And the bibs… oh goodness, you make me want to whip out my sewing machine, but I have no cute fabric to cut out like that! But you are aware that *I’M* having a baby in April, right? Okay, just checking. :)

    I love the polka dot fabric you used on the dress. I picked that exact pattern/color up a while ago and used it for a project, and I just loved it!

    Your projects are always SO lovely!

  2. Richgem

    Quick question: did that pink and aqua trim happen to be at JoAnn’s? My daughter would LOooove that, so I thought I’d go get some and ship it over to her.

  3. inanorchard

    @Richgem - No, unfortunately is wasn’t!  I got it at Beverly’s which is a N. CA chain. Sorry!  I’ll try to find out the name of the manufacturer the next time I’m there.  You can probably find it online.

  4. Richgem

    Oh, that’s okay! The manufacturer info would be great, but I’ll also look online. Brianne has a bedroom to decorate and that trim is just her kind of thing; she’d figure out something clever for it. ( 8

  5. pettybunch

    Such cute things!  I love them all!  I really need to use some of my fabric before I buy more, but I can’t help myself.  And how long has it been since I’ve actually USED my fabric????  I’m embarrassed to say!  BUT…it’s on the agenda for this new year!  I promise!

    Can’t wait for your Show ‘n Tell Wednesdays.

  6. frathousecook

    your sewing and the way you put your fabrics together is just beautiful.

    Thank you for the button on bibs idea.  I need to make new bibs for my grandchildren to wear at my house and was not wanting to do tyes and velcro just gets full of lint after awhile.   The button way should be just great.  

  7. WildWomanOfTheWest

    Fly a Kite, oh it has such a vintage charm.  It’s all so darling, you are such an inspiration, I love coming here.  Sometimes, I just go back over and over the pics, soaking it all in.  *happy sigh*

    My NON-vintage machine came in, I’ve managed to pull it out of the box.  My daughter will be moving out within the month, (whimper) so I think I am going to take over her room for a massive sewing room. There are two desks in there that would make for great work spaces.  And there is a huge shelving unit I can stash my supplies. 

  8. purpleamethyst76

    Hi April!  I love this post.  I just bought a pack of white onesies for Sarah and I was just thinking this morning that I should embroider them.  If I do, I’ll post pics.

    Thanks for the eye candy!

  9. grace_to_be

    that trim IS adorable~ can’t wait to see what you use it for.
    if anything, it would make a super cute decoration! :)

    the name of that book- LOVE it! very creative. as are YOU.

    Feb. is getting closer.. woo hoo!!!!! :) :)

  10. ABAHM

    I always love to read over your creative posts.  I was trying to enjoy this post the other day with both my guys looking over my shoulder and talking.  I had to come back in solitude and enjoy   The appliques are soooo cute, and all the colors and material just yummy.  I guess that is why I like quilts and flowers…all the color!


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